Introducing the All-New Banish Speed K

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Unseen. Unheard. Unmatched.

Unseen. Unheard. Unmatched.

Introducing the future of suppression technology – the BANISH Speed K. Crafted with direct input from our law enforcement partners looking for a silencer designed to meet their needs. The BANISH Speed K is NOW available to the civilian market. Its advanced technology ensures a low-back-pressure shooting experience using controlled flow technology while maintaining peak performance and unrivaled maneuverability.

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Built For the Most Challenging Missions

The BANISH Speed K in Action

Quick. Durable. Maneuverable.

Designed and optimized in partnership with Federal Premium Ammunition for demanding environments when every moment counts the BANISH Speed K is the suppressor that our heroes in uniform have been waiting for, and it’s ready to redefine how they operate.

  • 100% Inconel construction delivers reliability and durability
  • Controlled flow technology mitigates back pressure without giving up sound suppression
  • Linear baffle system aids in rotational gas restriction and additional chambering for increased sound suppression
  • Straight venting allows for ease of cleaning

Meet the Speed K

Length 4″
Diameter 2″
Weight 14.1 oz
Caliber 5.56
Material 100% Inconel
Thread Pitch 1.375-24 Universal Mount
Mount Style Industry Standard Hub
Decibel Reduction Tested with 10.5″ Barrel and 55-grain FMJ
Muzzle 142.3 dB
Ear 138.5 dB

Your Tactical Advantage

Revolutionary Suppression Engineering

Experience revolutionary sound suppression with the BANISH Speed K, featuring a unique baffle design and a finned blast chamber that minimizes blowback to less than 6% more than unsuppressed shooting, ensuring a hearing-safe experience.


The 100% Inconel design allows for unmatched durability. The BANISH Speed K has passed 7 rounds of SOCOM testing meaning it won’t fail when it matters most. The Speed K is fit to handle the most rugged and challenging missions.

Precision and Maneuverability

At 4 inches in length, the Speed K is the perfect choice when maneuverability and speed are vital to a successful mission. The compact design allows you to make quick and precise movements in tight spaces.

How to Buy the BANISH Speed K

To purchase for personal use buy online or call one of our sales specialist. If purchasing on behalf of a federal agency or law enforcement branch please call our sales specialist so we can right size your order to fit your units direct needs.



One of the newest additions to the BANISH line of suppressors is the BANISH Speed K, a silencer designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition for those in uniform. The Speed K is a 4-inch 5.56 suppressor built from 100% Inconel, allowing it to be durable, maneuverable, and precise.

  • Only 4 inches long
  • Controlled flow technology
  • Industry-standard hub
Payment Options

Silencer Central has made your silencer purchase even EZer! Simply a 25% down payment with 3 additional payments made every 30 days for the next 90 days. We submit your paperwork to the ATF as soon as your first payment is processed. More details

Military and Law Enforcement Discount

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