4 Essential Deer Hunting Accessories for The Upcoming Season

4 Essential Deer Hunting Accessories for The Upcoming Season

4 Essential Deer Hunting Accessories for The Upcoming Season

Have you started to get the itch for deer hunting season? No matter what the season is, it’s hard for a hunter not to think about deer hunting. Hunters are always looking for a way to better their chances come the fall — whether it’s through a new strategy, more shooting practice or upgrading their deer hunting equipment.

Read on to learn about our choices for must-have deer hunting accessories for the upcoming year!

1. Hunting Rifle Suppressor

A hunting rifle suppressor (also known as a silencer) is a great tool for anyone who is heading out on a deer hunt this fall.

Having a suppressor provides you with all sorts of benefits on your hunt, such as:

  • Protects your hearing
  • Protects the hearing of others
  • Maintain awareness of your surroundings
  • Avoid disturbing game or varmints
  • Reduce noise complaints

Read this article to learn more about the logistics of suppressed hunting!

Why It’s Essential

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider hunting with a suppressor, but perhaps the main reason you should consider it is because a suppressor can be used as a form of hunting insurance. In fact, it can be used as insurance in a few different ways.

Insurance for Your Ears

A hunter relies on their senses in order to navigate the field successfully. By now, it’s common knowledge that shooting firearms can do permanent damage to your hearing. The more you’re firing a gun without proper protection for your ears, the more damage you’re doing to your ears — damage that could potentially be long-term (and even permanent). When you hunt with a suppressor, you can eliminate that damage and keep your ears in great condition for years to come.

Insurance for Your Hunt

Not only do silencers help protect your ears, but they also can provide you with more opportunities on your hunt? How so? Silencers help preserve the peace in nature. Once a loud gunshot goes off, all the animals in the area know that danger is afoot. This will set their paranoia off and make it harder for you to get another shot off (provided that you miss). If you miss while using a silencer, you may still have a chance for another shot.

Plus, when hunting with a silencer, you preserve the peace for other hunters in your nearby area. A sporadic gunshot can be heard from miles away, and this could ruin a hunt for others around you. Using a silencer allows you to get your shot off while not disturbing the hunt of others.

Ready to get your “hunting insurance” and get the perfect silencer? Shop Silencer Central’s selection of suppressors and silencers today!

Rifle Silencers

2. Deer Calls

Are you sick of having to stalk and sneak up on every deer you find? Wouldn’t it be easier if the deer were to come to you? Well, if you have the right deer call, that fantasy can become a reality! Deer calls are great for attracting deer right to where you’re sitting — especially during the rut.

Why It’s Essential

When hunting, you want to make a deer as comfortable as possible. Deer are notoriously timid creatures, and any hint of a threat will have their tails flared and them running away. You want to create an environment that distracts them and has them focused on something other than potential threats, and that’s where a deer call can come in handy.

When using a deer call, you can trick a deer into thinking that other deer are in your area. During the rut, this will attract any deer that are looking to mate, which can be a major distraction for them. Any distracted deer will have their guard down, which leaves more room for you to get a clean and easy shot.

There are different types of deer calls, from rattling antlers to grunts and more. Take some time to do some research on what call works best for each time of the season and prepare to draw in more deer than ever before!

3. Scents

Many hunters know that while deer have poor eyesight, they more than make up with it with their sense of smell. Deer have a powerful sense of smell, and if you aren’t prepared as a hunter, they can sniff you out and avoid you before you even get the chance to see them. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you can manufacture a scent that will lure deer in, not scare them away.

Why It’s Essential

If you’re hunting, you’re in a battle with nature — specifically, the wind. If you don’t have the correct scent on, you constantly have to stay downwind of any deer, which can cause problems for your stalk or your strategy. Instead, try opting for a deer scent spray, which will not only keep deer from avoiding you but may actually attract more deer to you (depending on the season).

If you prefer to find a spot to sit when you hunt, you can also get deer scent tags, which you can hang around the area to attract deer towards you. No matter what your hunting method is, eliminating human odors and replacing them with deer odors is essential, especially during the heat of the rut.

4. Rangefinder

If you’re out hunting in the field, you know that you may only get one shot at a deer, and you better make it count. In order to get the best possible shot, you want to get as much information as possible before you shoot — including how far of a shot you’re taking. Our eyes can be deceiving when judging distance, which is why a rangefinder is a great tool to have at your disposal.

Why It’s Essential

A rangefinder is a deer hunting essential because it can be used to calculate the best shot possible. Just line up your target in the finder and use that information to make adjustments to your shot. Many people have hunted without a rangefinder, but with a plethora of affordable options available today, this tool has become less of a luxury. Once you’ve tried hunting with a rangefinder and used one to successfully take down a deer, we assure you that you’ll never go back.

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