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The 6 Best AR Suppressors on The Market

The 6 Best AR Suppressors on The Market

The 6 Best AR Suppressors on The Market

There are many factors that go into choosing an AR-15 suppressor. Although they would seem to be similar on the surface, the true answers are mostly user-driven. There is a difference between what a varmint hunter needs on an AR-15 for a prairie dog hunt and what a SWAT officer needs on a CQB rifle.

For most hunters, weight and length are critical factors, especially if they are covering long distances on foot. For a CQB-type suppressor, length and durability are more critical. Someone who has an assortment of rifles that can share a suppressor may have to evaluate whether it is easier to go with a quick-detach or direct thread method for mounting. Some shooters want the quietest suppressor they can find while others just want enough of the edge taken off so that they can shoot without hearing protection or be able to communicate with their team members.

It is important to evaluate your needs and goals before you go into this and to even consider future needs and goals, as these do tend to change over time. You may have only one AR-15 in 5.56 for which you will need a suppressor at this time. That may change in six months or even 3 years from now should you add a .308 caliber rifle to your collection or maybe an SBR or braced AR-15 pistol.

Grading Criteria for AR Suppressors

Each suppressor is unique, as are the needs of the person shooting it. However, there are some common criteria that we’ve seen among almost every buyer in the 15+ years that we’ve been selling suppressors. Let’s take a look at the grading criteria for how we put this list together based on previous customer input.

Sound Suppression

This one kind of goes without saying, right? If a suppressor doesn’t adequately suppress the sound of the gunshot, then what’s the point? Not all suppressors are created equal, and some do a better job at sound suppression than others, even when rated for the same caliber.

Build Materials

Because of the time that goes into getting a suppressor (gee thanks, Uncle Sam), you want to make sure that it’s going to last a very long time. Suppressors are made from a wide variety of materials and they all have their merits, but some are geared toward more specific purposes than others. For example, a suppressor made of lightweight titanium may not be a high priority for someone only doing bench rest shooting.

Caliber Compatibility

Sure, you can buy a suppressor that is designed specifically for .223/5.56 – the main caliber for the AR platform – but there’s a wide variety of calibers in which you can get ARs these days. Some of the other calibers include .300 Blackout and even .308 Winchester (don’t forget the AR-10s). When you get a suppressor with a slightly bigger bore diameter, you can use it with multiple calibers, ARs, and even different firearms altogether.


Suppressors aren’t inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend an absolute fortune on a top-of-the-line “new for this year” suppressor in order to have one of the best cans on the market. When you consider all of the criteria listed above, you look at the cost and see where all of those intersect to come up with a suppressor that provides the best value for you.

6 Best AR Suppressors

SpecsYHM TURBO T2 5.56TBAC ULTRA 7 Gen2BANISH 223Dead Air Sandman-SSilencerCo Omega 300BANISH 30 Gold
Weight12.8 oz8 oz9 oz17.7 oz14.8 oz13 oz
Length6.5" W/ QD Adapter7"7"6.8"7.08"8.2"
MaterialsInconel & Stainless SteelTitaniumTitaniumStainless Steel & StelliteCobalt, Inconel, Stainless Steel & TitaniumTitanium

Yankee Hill Machine TURBO T2 5.56

Having an average sound pressure level of 134dB on a 14.5” AR shooting 55-grain ammo, the TURBO T2 5.56 is well within the hearing-safe threshold of 140 dB.

Why we like it:

With an MSRP of $576 (which includes a Q.D. Muzzle Brake, Phantom Q.D. Adapter, and 2 suppressor wrenches) the Turbo was created to supply the modern suppressor community with a full-featured suppressor at an affordable price.

The Turbo T2 utilizes a tubeless design made from heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel along with a heat-treated 718 Inconel blast baffle. The combination of these materials allows the suppressor to be fully-auto-rated and designed for rigorous use.

YHM TURBO T2 5.56 Specifications:

  • Weight: 12.8 oz
  • Length: 6.5″ with QD Adapter
  • Materials: Inconel & Stainless Steel
  • Price: $576


The ULTRA 7 Gen2 is approximately 20% lighter than the previous version.

Why we like it:

The ULTRA 7 Gen2 is TBAC’s highly efficient compact precision rifle suppressor when compared to their longer ULTRA 9 Gen2. It is best for applications where a compact form factor is important but excellent suppression is still required.

When compared to the Gen1 version, the TBAC ULTRA 7 Gen2 is 2 decibels quieter at the muzzle and the ear and is 1.7 ounces lighter. It may not sound like much, but after an extended period of use, that little less weight and a few more reduced decibels add up and makes a big difference.


  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Length: 7″
  • Materials: Titanium
  • Price: $1,045


Like all BANISH suppressors, the BANISH 223 is completely user-serviceable.

Why we like it:

It may seem as if we are playing favorites, but we think the BANISH 223 is the best overall suppressor for use on an AR-15. It uses a direct thread mounting system and will attach to any rifle with a ½ x28 thread pitch.

With a lightweight rifle like the AR-15, you want to keep the length and weight down on the suppressor. The BANISH 223 accomplishes both of these with its 7” length and 9-ounce weight. This is a good one for shorter-length AR-15 carbines and braced pistols.


  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Length:  7″
  • Materials: Titanium
  • Price: $849

Dead Air Sandman-S

The Sandman-S is the shorter version suppressor in Dead Air’s notorious Sandman silencer line.

Why we like it:

The Sandman-S provides shooters a compact and maneuverable addition to their host firearm, with an impressive performance on .300 Blackout, 5.56/.223, and 7.62. The Sandman-S, shorter than its Sandman-L sibling, features the same stainless steel and stellite construction with a fully welded baffle stack to maintain its optimized durability.

Dead Air Sandman-S Specifications:

  • Weight: 17.7 oz
  • Length:  6.8″
  • Materials: Stainless Steel & Stellite
  • Price: $999

SilencerCo Omega 300

This fully welded silencer offers adaptability and reduced recoil that has catapulted SilencerCo’s Omega to become a popular rifle silencer option.

Why we like it:

The SilencerCo Omega 300 is a full-auto and magnum-rated silencer ideal for rifle owners and avid outdoorsmen. With a 14.2-ounce weight and 7-inch length, the Omega 300 is constructed of titanium, stainless steel, and stellite, which provides optimal durability and versatility.

SilencerCo Omega 300 Specifications:

  • Weight: 14.8 oz
  • Length:  7.08″
  • Materials: Cobalt, Inconel, Stainless Steel & Titanium
  • Price: $915

BANISH 30 Gold

The BANISH 30 Gold brings a user-serviceable, quick-detach suppressor design that is lighter weight, shorter, and quieter than anything we have ever tested. You won’t find a lighter and quieter can anywhere!

Why we like it:

The BANISH 30 Gold is an 8.2-inch quick detach suppressor holding 11 baffles and comes with two 100% titanium muzzle brakes: 1/2×28 (perfect for your AR) and 5/8×24. Completely user-serviceable, you can disassemble the suppressor for cleaning in a tumbler, ultrasonic cleaner, or by hand. When you’re ready to put it back together, the baffles are keyed and indexed for a hassle-free reassembly.

Like all BANISH suppressors, the BANISH 30 Gold is made from a strong titanium alloy that results in unmatched durability at an extremely lightweight of just 13 ounces.

BANISH 30 Gold Specifications:

  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Length:  8.2″
  • Materials: Titanium
  • Price: $1,699

Find the Right Suppressor for You

Suppressors are a significant investment both in terms of money and time. There’s nothing worse than shelling out your hard-earned cash and waiting for months to get your silencer only to discover it’s not as great as you thought it was going to be.

At Silencer Central, we will make sure that never happens to you. We’ve been selling silencers all day, every day for more than 15 years. In that amount of time, we’ve sold countless silencers to people for their AR platform firearms. Our staff has shot dozens of different models and they know what works best for these pistols. If you’re unsure which one to pick, give us a call and we can help select the right silencer for your AR.