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A Review of the Best 30 Cal Suppressors in 2022

A Review of the Best 30 Cal Suppressors in 2022

A Review of the Best 30 Cal Suppressors in 2022

The thirty caliber rifle round has been a staple for American sport shooters and military since the 1890’s. No matter if you are shooting the classic .30-30, or some high powered magnum, it is impossible to deny that thirty caliber will be with us forever. Which leaves one asking what is the best 30 cal suppressor? What makes the best 30 cal suppressor? And why are all 30 cal suppressors not created equal?

Let’s dive right in and start looking at the wonderful and sometimes confusing world of 30 cal suppressors.

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Qualities to Look for in a .30 Cal Suppressor

No two people will want the same things out of a .30 cal suppressor. Some want a user-serviceable suppressor no matter the cost. Others want the best .308 suppressor and don’t plan to use it as a multi-caliber suppressor. Even the idea of the best .30 cal suppressor for the money is sometimes hard to pin down.

We know from nearly two decades of silencer sales what sells best for us and our customers. For instance, there is one .30 cal suppressor we simply cannot keep in inventory because it is so popular. There is another that is widely sold because of a somewhat low price point that hits a combination of price and performance for budget-minded shoppers. And we’ve got a user-serviceable .30 cal suppressor that is also the industry leader for multi-caliber suppressors.

All of these 30 cal suppressors are “the best” for our customers for many different reasons from price to performance. So we’ve approached the idea of choosing the 30 cal suppressor that is right for you based on a few different design and price features.

Our best overall .30 cal suppressor is based on sales numbers, features, and adaptability. We use similar objective criteria focused on consumer demand and published specs to determine the leading .30 cal suppressor in other categories as well. So let’s go ahead and start digging into this so you can decide what the best .30 cal suppressor is for you and your rifle!

CategoryNameCaliberWeightLengthSound ReductionPrice
Best Overall .30 Cal SuppressorBANISH .30 & BANISH .30 GOLD.17 to .300 RUM10-13 ounces depending on model and configuration7-9" depending on model and configuration34 dB$949 BANISH 30
$1699 BANISH 30 GOLD
Best User-Serviceable .30 Cal SuppressorBANISH .30 .17 to .300 RUM10-13 ounces depending on model and configuration7-9" depending on model and configuration34 dB$949
Best .30 Cal Suppressor for Your MoneyCoastal Guns 30 Cal LRT7.6228 ounces8.25”30 dB$550
Best .308 Suppressor SilencerCo Omega 3005.56-.300 Winchester Magnum 14.7-16.3 ounces6.2-7.82”32 dB$1130
Best 7.62 SuppressorDead Air Sandman.17 Hornet to 300 Winchester Magnum17.7 ounces6.8”variable based on gun and caliber$1049
Best .30 Cal Suppressor for HuntingAAC 762-SD7.62/.30823 ounces9"30 dB$699


Best Overall .30 Cal Suppressor: BANISH 30 and BANISH 30 GOLD

We are quite proud of our BANISH 30 and BANISH Gold .30 caliber suppressors. Now you might think it’s cheating to put our own product here, but since we literally designed them to be the best overall .30 cal suppressor, we feel confident putting them where our engineers intended.

Designed to be a user-serviceable .30 cal suppressor that is also a multi-caliber suppressor, BANISH suppressors come in two popular configurations. The BANISH 30 is our ever-popular, all-titanium best .30 cal suppressor for hunting or any other end-use.

The BANISH Gold .30 is more for the tactical rifle crowd. It features all the great advantages of the standard BANISH .30 while adding a quick detach feature and built for people with tactical and semi-auto hunting rifles.

Both of the BANISH 30 suppressors offer the same incredible 34 dB sound reduction, making them hearing safe on a huge number of common rifle cartridges, and both are rated for .17 rimfire to .300 Remington Ultra Mag. Plus they are user-serviceable, all titanium, and multi-caliber. This makes the BANISH .30 line our best overall .30 cal suppressor, hands down.


  • True multi-caliber suppressor.
  • Lightweight titanium construction.
  • 34 dB sound reduction on .308.


  • May be too expensive for some shooters.
  • User serviceable, multi-caliber design adds complexity some may not want.
  • May not fully safely suppress the most powerful .30 magnum rounds, still requiring ear protection.


  • Caliber: .17 to .300 RUM
  • Weight: 10-13 ounces depending on model and configuration
  • Length: 7-9” depending on model and configuration
  • Sound reduction: 34 dB
  • Price: $979 (BANISH 30) or $1699 (BANISH 30 Gold)

Best User-Serviceable .30 Cal Suppressor: BANISH 30

The idea of a user-serviceable suppressor is half consumer choice, half practicality, and just a dash of mythology.

The truth is most any rifle suppressor generates enough pressure to be mostly self-cleaning. That means any carbon, carbon, or copper fouling generally gets blasted out with each shot before it can build up. That means even a .30 cal suppressor that isn’t user-serviceable could be cleaned with a bath in solvent and a brush.

What this means to most shooters is a user-serviceable .30 cal suppressor isn’t really needed. But people like to take their suppressors apart and clean them and a lot of .30 cal suppressors are sealed and welded units. So what is the best user-serviceable .30 cal suppressor? Well again, we are really fond of the BANISH .30 because most of the other .30 cal suppressors we sell are all sealed units or not really user-serviceable.


  • Lightweight.
  • Multi-caliber.
  • Fully user-serviceable.


  • Higher cost compared to some sealed stainless steel competitors.


  • Caliber: .17 to .300 RUM
  • Weight: 10-13 ounces depending on model and configuration
  • Length: 7-9” depending on model and configuration
  • Sound reduction: 34 dB
  • Price: $979 (BANISH 30) or $1699 (BANISH 30 Gold)

Best .30 Cal Suppressor for Your Money: Coastal Guns 30 Cal LRT

If cost is your bottom line for choosing a suppressor, the good news is you do not have to sacrifice quality for price. There are many suppressors built for the budget-friendly market. Of course, when you choose price as your primary concern, there are things that have to give. You’ll get a heavier suppressor, it may not be as quiet as other .30 cal suppressors, and it probably isn’t something you want to use on a rapid-fire competition course where it can quickly overheat. But for most people who want a .30 cal suppressor for hunting, range use or the like, then we are pleased to offer the Coastal Guns 30 Cal LRT.

Priced at just $550, the LRT is a simple, basic .30 cal suppressor that gets the job done without any price-increasing bells, whistles or bleeding edge engineering. Is it the quietest .30 cal suppressor? No. Nor is it the lightest or most configurable. But it does make shooting your favorite .308 rifle hearing safe, and in the end, that’s all a lot of folks want.


  • Most inexpensive .30 cal suppressor we sell.
  • Makes most common hunting rounds hearing-safe.
  • Completely redesigned by Coastal Guns


  • Heavy compared to other .30 cal suppressors.
  • Only 30 dB sound reduction – may not make all .30 cal rounds hearing safe.
  • Difficult to adapt for multi-caliber use


  • Caliber: 7.62
  • Weight: 28 ounces
  • Length: 8.25”
  • Sound reduction: 30 dB
  • Price: $550

Best .308 Suppressor: SilencerCo Omega 300

For the most part, the terms and cartridges .308 (Winchester) and 7.62 (NATO) are interchangeable. Common use has blurred what few real differences exist between the two rounds and has also made .308 and 7.62 synonymous with two specific rounds. However, since we are looking at .30 cal suppressors, .308 and 7.62mm properly speaking do cover pretty much all .30 caliber cartridges. But we are going to stick with .308 Winchester here, as that is the common gold standard by which most .30 cal suppressors are built and judged.

All of our .30 cal suppressors will work just fine with .308, but as you’ve already seen, not all suppressors are made equally. But what makes the best .308 suppressor? Well, that’s kinda tough because that covers a lot of territory. But sticking with the traditional roots of the .308 Winchester as a bolt action hunting cartridge, we opted for a suppressor that is less tactical and more just out-in-the-woods practical.

Meet the SilencerCo Omega 300. One of our most popular .30 cal suppressors, the Omega 300 is popular for .308 rifles as well as .300 Blackout and most any other round from 5.56 through .300 Winchester Magnum. That makes it one of the best multi caliber suppressors for .30 cal and certainly one of the best .308 suppressors you can get for any prince.


  • Multi caliber design.
  • Built with a mix of Stellite, titanium, and stainless steel for maximum reliability.
  • Magnum rated.


  • Not user-configurable.
  • Costs more than other more feature-rich suppressors.
  • 32 dB sound reduction (less than BANISH 30)


  • Caliber: 5.56-.300 Winchester Magnum
  • Weight: 14.7-16.3 ounces
  • Length: 6.2-7.82”
  • Sound reduction: 32 dB
  • Price: $1130

Best 7.62 Suppressor: Dead Air Sandman

Usually, as we mentioned, when people say 7.62, they are referring to a 7.62 NATO round. Based on the .308 Winchester, 7.62 NATO is one of the most common rifle rounds on the planet and is used in many tactical and competition rifles.

Because it is a common tactical and military cartridge, we expect most 7.62 shooters to have some sort of semi-auto rifle, sometimes with an NFA short barrel. With that in mind, we looked for a suppressor designed for those kinds of gun owners.

The Dead Air Sandman is so wildly popular we literally cannot even keep it in stock. If you want one, drop us a line so we can secure you one as more inventory comes available. Designed for tactical rifles yet rated for pounding magnum cartridges, the Dead Air Sandman is suitable for use on anything from 5.56mm to .300 Winchester Magnum rifles. With desirable features like quick detach mounting and a removable cap to reveal an integrated flash hider, it is no wonder we can’t keep this 7.62 suppressor in stock!


  • Designed first around 7.62 cartridges.
  • Magnum rated.
  • Built with both hunters and tactical shooters in mind.


  • Requires a special mount to attach to your gun.
  • Not fully modular like some multi-caliber suppressors.
  • Manufacturers and retailers constantly sell out, making it hard to acquire at times.


  • Caliber: .17 Hornet to 300 Winchester Magnum
  • Weight: 17.7 ounces
  • Length: 6.8”
  • Sound reduction: variable based on gun and caliber
  • Price: $1049

Best .30 Cal Suppressor for Hunting: AAC 762-SD

Choosing the best .30 cal suppressor for hunting is somewhat redundant at this point. In fact, outside of some designs specifically optimized for the intensity of competition or tactical shooting, the same thing that makes a “best” rating for our other categories applies here. Hunters generally are not firing many rounds through their suppressor, and are concerned with weight and noise reduction more than anything else.

Both of those considerations are fully achieved with the BANISH 30 line of suppressors, but since we know folks love consumer choice, we’ve selected another of our best-selling .30 cal suppressors, the AAC 762-SD.

Made by Advanced Armaments, the AAC 762-SD hits a sweet spot compromise in price, performance, and weight between the stripped-down Coastal LRT and our best-selling BANISH 30 Line.

Priced under $700, the AAC 762-SD features a quick detach mounting, 30 dB sound reduction, and a reasonable range of multi-caliber compatibility. All in all, if you want something more than bare-bones but without going for higher-end products, this is probably the best .30 cal suppressor for hunting.


  • Competitively priced.
  • 30 dB sound reduction.
  • Suitable for most any end-use you may have for it.


  • Not user-configurable.
  • Heavier than all-titanium suppressors.
  • Requires special mount.


  • Caliber: 7.62/.308
  • Weight: 23 ounces
  • Length: 9”
  • Sound reduction: 30 dB
  • Price: $699

Want to Know More About Buying a Silencer?

As you can see there are a lot of very good .30 cal suppressors on the market, but only one true industry leader – the all-titanium, multi-caliber, user-serviceable and configurable BANISH 30 line. But there are plenty of other very good .30 cal suppressors that consumers are clamoring for as well, and we are happy to sell you whichever one you want.

Right now, suppressors are the single most popular NFA item as they are legal in 42 US states and legal for hunting in 40 of those 42. A new generation of Americans is discovering what their great grandparents once knew about the old Maxim Suppressor. Namely, a suppressor makes shooting quieter, safer, and more relaxing for yourself and those around you. These common-sense gun safety tools are in greater demand than ever before, and as the nation’s largest silencer dealer, we can get you whichever suppressor you want at very competitive prices.

Check out our large selection and find out how you can purchase your silencer entirely by mail without ever stepping foot in a gun show or retail location. Plus, check out our totally free NFA gun trust, a $250 value included free with your silencer purchase if you want it!

We’ve sold nothing but silencers for nearly two decades and are here to answer all your questions. Let’s get you started on your silencer purchase today!