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Our Picks for the Best Glock Suppressors on the Market

Our Picks for the Best Glock Suppressors on the Market

Our Picks for the Best Glock Suppressors on the Market

Without a doubt, GLOCK dominates the handgun market worldwide. Love them or hate them, these pistols are literally everywhere and they’re available in every pistol caliber imaginable.

Suppressors have come to be equally omnipresent on the market, and they’re also available for every pistol caliber imaginable. Therefore, it makes it a no-brainer to pair a GLOCK pistol with a suppressor.

Understanding GLOCKs

Begun by Gaston Glock in the late-80s, the GLOCK pistols took the world by storm. While some were hesitant to embrace the so-called “plastic pistol with no safety,” people eventually came around and their dominance is almost worldwide as we close out the first quarter of the 21st century. (And for the record, they’re not plastic and they do have a safety – multiple, actually.)

GLOCK Calibers

Ranging from .22 Long Rifle up to 10mm, there’s a GLOCK for pretty much every handgun caliber on the market. There are also suppressors that work perfectly with each one of those calibers, which makes it really easy to suppress a GLOCK so matter what cartridge you choose to shoot.

A word of caution, though: GLOCK models don’t match calibers. For example, the GLOCK 45 shoots 9mm, not .45 ACP.

Benefits of Using a Suppressor with a GLOCK

There are a number of benefits to using a suppressor with GLOCK pistols, but these are some of the biggest ones:

  • Noise Reduction
    • Obviously, the biggest benefit of a suppressor is the decibel reduction. Being able to shoot quieter is awesome, and it’s something that you can’t duplicate without a suppressor.
  • Recoil Mitigation
    • Because of the way suppressors dissipate escaping gases, it means that you’ll also experience less felt recoil when shooting suppressed.
  • Improved Shooter Comfort
    • Even though GLOCK handguns aren’t known for being super loud or having punishing recoil, they can still benefit from being suppressed. Less noise and less recoil makes for a more comfortable shooting experience which means that your range time is more enjoyable and you’ll want to shoot more often.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Suppressor

The majority of the suppressors that you’ll find for GLOCK pistols are also perfectly suited to a variety of other similarly-sized calibers and even other brand pistols (as well as rifles and PCCs). This is a good thing because you’ll more than likely end up with a can that is capable of use on a number of different firearm hosts that you own.

Make sure, too, that you consider your host gun when buying a suppressor. Look at the host gun’s weight, overall length, and what you’ll be using it for. A suppressor of one weight and length might be fine for bench shooting, but might be a bit much on a smaller rimfire gun.

Once you’ve got a ballpark weight and length in mind, then you can consider other things like mounting options, accessory compatibility, and, of course, price.

Best OverallBANISH 45.459.6 oz or 11 oz6.7" or 8.6" $949
Most VersatileSilencerCo Omega 36MUp to .338 Lapua13.6 oz or 16.3 oz5.75" or 7.6"$1,187
Most AffordableCoastal Ultima 45.4510.4 oz9.5"$550
Best Multi-CaliberBANISH 46Up to .45-7016.3 oz or 20.4 oz7.9" or 10"$1,249
Best Rimfire BANISH 22.224.4. oz5.375"$549

Top Suppressor Models for GLOCKs

Without further ado, here is a detailed look at our top picks for the best GLOCK suppressors on the market today.

Best Overall: BANISH 45

The BANISH 45 motto is “one suppressor, one tax stamp, many guns” and it definitely lives up to it. As the name would suggest, the BANISH 45 is designed for .45-caliber cartridges, but it isn’t limited to them.

Standard .45 ACP is, by its very nature, subsonic. This makes it a breeze to suppress and a popular choice if you want a quiet yet beefy cartridge. Of course, not everyone shoots .45 ACP. Some people prefer 9mm or even 10mm. The BANISH 45 handles both of those cartridges with ease, and they’re some of GLOCK’s most popular pistols

With the rise of .300 Blackout as an incredibly popular caliber for AR-style pistols, we figured that the “many guns” part of the motto ought to extend to that caliber as well. As such, the BANISH 45 is capable of handling subsonic .300 Blackout rounds as well. Even though GLOCK doesn’t make a pistol for it, it’s still nice to know that this suppressor can handle it.

Whether you’re shooting the small GLOCK 44 in .22LR, stepping up your game to the GLOCK 20 in 10mm, or anything in between, the BANISH 45 can accommodate it. Obviously, barrels on a .22 are considerably smaller than those of a 10mm, so you can choose from seven pistons with different thread options so that you can fit your BANISH 45 onto the gun barrel of your choice. (We also recommend a dedicated rimfire can, such as the BANISH 22, but you can use the BANISH 45 if you can’t swing two suppressors right now.)

Made of lightweight titanium and aluminum and able to change between two sizes means that this modular suppressor can be an incredibly compact can, while sacrificing very, very little. In fact, when shortened to 6.7” it weighs just 9.6 ounces, making it the lightest suppressor in its class.


  • Self-serviceable
  • Lightest in its class in the short configuration
  • Full auto rated


  • Price may put it out of reach for some people

BANISH 45 Specs

Caliber: .45
Weight: 9.6 oz or 11 oz
Length: 6.7” or 8.6”
Price: $949

Most Versatile: SilencerCo Omega 36M

SilencerCo’s Omega 36M really has the whole modular (and thus, versatile) concept down to a science. Made of highly durable stainless steel, you can safely use it on magnum rifles, 9mm pistols, and even sub guns. This suppressor was designed to accommodate your caliber needs up to .338 Lapua, so that makes the Omega 36M unique and highly versatile – and usable on every GLOCK except those in .45 ACP.

The versatility of being able to change sizes from long to short is a big plus, too. The short configuration is under six inches and the long configuration is just over seven and a half inches, so that means that you can configure this suppressor to fit your specific application without having to sacrifice sound or space.

Versatility also carries over to the Omega 36M’s mounting options. Featuring a durable lock-ring, this suppressor is compatible with the Charlie mounting systems, including the ASR, direct thread, 3-lug, and piston housings.


  • Perfect for almost every GLOCK handgun
  • Rated for full auto and magnum calibers
  • Lots of barrel mounting options


  • If you’re only going to use it on GLOCK pistols, there are cheaper options out there

SilencerCo Omega 36M Specs

Caliber: Up to .338 Lapua
Weight: 16.3 oz or 13.6 oz
Length: 7.6” or 5.75”
Price: $1,187

Most Affordable: Coastal Ultima 45

The Ultima 45 ACP is a high-quality pistol suppressor constructed of aircraft-grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

This suppressor utilizes a piston system called the Recoil Attenuation Device (R.A.D.). The R.A.D. is a Nielson Device designed so the Ultima will function on semi-auto pistols.

The finish is anodized matte black. The Ultima sound suppressor can be shot wet or dry and has a very high reduction with first-round pop. This unit is not sealed so the user may disassemble it for cleaning. It is primarily intended for use on pistols chambered in 45 ACP, 40 S&W and 9mm – all of which GLOCK makes multiple models from which you can choose.


  • The Ultima 45 disassembles easily for cleaning and maintenance
  • It is one of the lower-priced pistol suppressors on the market while maintaining a high degree of quality


  • This pistol suppressor is slightly heavier and thicker than most pistol cans

Coastal Ultima 45 Specs:

  • Caliber: .45
  • Weight: 10.4 oz
  • Length: 9.5”
  • Price: $550

Best Multi-Caliber: BANISH 46

You might be wondering why we’re putting the BANISH 46 on here along with the BANISH 45. And you’re probably also wondering how “most versatile” and “best multi-caliber” are two different categories. Well, there’s good reason for this.

While the Omega 36M is what we consider to be the most versatile in terms of overall calibers (not just those that GLOCK offers), the BANISH 46 is the best multi-caliber because it covers every caliber that GLOCK offers a handgun in and more.

The BANISH 46 is a modular silencer designed for use with a wide assortment of rifle calibers including .338 Lapua up to the mighty .45-70 Government as well as pistol calibers including 10mm and .45ACP. This means it is a great suppressor option for your GLOCK pistols and plenty of other guns, too!

Made of titanium and Inconel, the Banish 46 provides the ultimate combination of durability and weight reduction. The BANISH 46 weighs only 16.3 oz in the short configuration of 7.9”, and 20.4 oz in its 10” configuration.

The BANISH 46 is available with a variety of mounting options, including direct thread, a quick-detach muzzle brake attachment, or a Nielsen Device.


  • Best caliber compatibility on the list – use it on any GLOCK
  • Modular design fits pistols of all sizes
  • Durable titanium construction


  • It’s a lot of suppressor for use only on GLOCKs and other pistol caliber guns

BANISH 46 Specs

  • Caliber:
  • Weight: 16.3 oz or 20.4 oz
  • Length: 7.9″ or 10″
  • Price: $1,249

Best Rimfire: BANISH 22

The GLOCK 44 in .22 LR is the perfect first pistol to introduce new shooters to the hobby, and it can be easily adapted to fit a suppressor like the BANISH 22.

Using 1/2×28 threads for direct attachment, the BANISH 22 is made of lightweight titanium, weighs just 4.1oz, is 1” in diameter, and only 5 ⅜” long. This means you’ll barely even notice that the BANISH 22 is on the end of your GLOCK 44 – except when it comes to sound reduction.

The BANISH 22 was designed specifically to maximize your time shooting and minimize your time cleaning. Inside the tube are eight baffles that are engineered for a precise fit to keep lead debris and carbon buildup at an absolute minimum. This prevents the debris and buildup from reaching the tube, which causes components to fuse together.

If you’re looking for the perfect first-time silencer purchase, the BANISH 22 is a great option. It’s ideal for varmint shooting, small game hunting, target practice, and more.

BANISH 22 Specs:

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Length: 5.375”
  • Price: $549

Find Your Glock Strength in “Silence” –Invest in a Suppressor Today!

Whether you were quick to hop on the GLOCK bandwagon or you only recently realized how great they are, you know that they have tremendous potential and are a ton of fun. Really, the only way to improve upon a GLOCK pistol is to quiet it down.

If you’re ready to suppress your GLOCK, let us know. We’ve been in this business for more than 15 years and our top-notch staff can help you pick the right can for your needs. We’ll walk you through the super-easy ordering process of any of the picks on this list – or a different one altogether if that’s what you want – and even set you up on an interest-free payment plan. Even if you don’t see the suppressor you want on our site, we’ll help you get it. Plus, once your stamp is approved, we’ll mail your new suppressor right to your door!

Let us help you get started today!