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Silencer Central – Variance Approval for Completing NFA Paperwork Digitally

07/20/2018 – Variance Approval for Completing NFA Paperwork Digitally

Silencer Central is pleased to announce we have been granted formal approval for a variance by BATFE to complete all silencer paperwork digitally for our customers purchases’. Electronic completion and e-signatures for the required ATF paperwork makes the process more convenient for our customers. This will speed up the approval process and allow Silencer Central to send the required paperwork electronically, so customers can complete via their phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Our primary goal is for Silencer Central to be the easiest place to buy a silencer in America! We work constantly with government agencies to ensure we follow federal and state firearms laws.

This BATFE approval meets our goal of being the Industry Expert since 2005 and making purchasing from Silencer Central even simpler!

The approval process took about eighteen months of working closely with US Department of Justice to gain their stamp of approval on our proposed digital process.

Silencer Central Variance Approved for digital form 4s