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Debunking Video Game Suppressors Myths!

Debunking Video Game Suppressors Myths!

Debunking Video Game Suppressors Myths!

A lot of people get their information about firearms and suppressors from movies and video games. This is partly why the “Hollywood quiet” myth about suppressors is still so prevalent today, despite everyone in this industry shouting it from the rooftops that it simply isn’t true.

With such a huge surge of new, first-time gun owners over the last two years, it’s important for gun owners of all kinds, new and old, to understand that not everything you see in movies or video games is real. In fact, it’s pretty much all false.

We want all of the millions of new gun owners to have all of the real and factual information that’s out there before deciding on their next gun-related purchase – and we hope it’s going to be a suppressor. As a result, we’re dedicated to making sure that you know the real truth about suppressors and how they work in the real world, and not in video games.

For our purposes today, let’s take a look at an issue with video games that simply doesn’t hold up in real life: suppressors and their impact on so-called damage.

Do Suppressors Reduce Damage?

In video game terms, “damage” refers to the effectiveness of the firearm when equipped with a suppressor. In various iterations of different video games, the results of using suppressors have changed over time. In some versions, they have a greater reduction of damage than in other versions.

Since so many people are “learning” things from video games, let’s take a look at some myths that have their roots in video games and dispel them with some actual facts as they pertain to real life and not video games.

Myth: Silencers Reduce Damage to Targets

As we mentioned, some gamers have noticed that different versions of games result in the damage per shot being less in some versions than others. This means that you would have to put more shots on your target to eliminate the threat. This isn’t an ideal situation, and so it could lead to you not wanting to shoot suppressed in the game for maximum impact.

Fact: Suppressors Don’t Negatively Impact Real-World Performance

In real life, this is patently false. There is no proven data to back up any such claim that a suppressor makes the effectiveness of a firearm any less lethal.

When doing a shooting comparison between suppressed and unsuppressed guns of the same make and model, you won’t notice any difference in performance. If you run tests with high-tech equipment, you would actually see that suppressors improve performance when it comes to things such as increased velocity.

If this myth was true, then you wouldn’t see hunters using suppressors for ethical harvesting of game or military snipers using them to take out high-value targets from long distances.

The only “damage” a suppressor reduces in real life is the potential damage to your hearing. A suppressor helps protect your ears – not damage them.

Myth: Silencers Reduce Accuracy

Okay, so this one is a little different. The short answer is yes, suppressors do affect a firearm’s accuracy, and sometimes it can make your gun less accurate in the short term, but it’s not a permanent thing, so we’re still calling this one a myth.


Fact: Silencers Can Improve Accuracy

You may not be able to see it, but even the smallest amount of added weight from a suppressor changes how your barrel sits at rest and how it moves when being fired. As a result, there will be some changes to your barrel’s harmonics, or performance.

Upon firing your first few shots, you may notice that your point of impact has changed. Sometimes it’s a little off; sometimes it’s actually better!

If you’ve got everything squared away and your gun-and-suppressor combo is properly set up, you’ll actually find that your accuracy will most likely improve. Part of this is due to the lower recoil you feel from the suppressor doing an extra job besides lowering decibels.

Myth: Silencers are Dangerous to the User

Since silencers are strictly regulated by the federal government, some people think that silencers are actually dangerous to the people using them. For example, the government regulates certain industries and products because they can be dangerous. The government is looking out for people in these situations and is trying to be helpful.

Fact: Silencers are Very Safe for the User

When it comes to silencers, however, this is not the case. Government regulation of silencers has nothing to do with them being dangerous and everything to do with now-antiquated crime statistics and a lack of understanding both in terms of how they are used and who uses them.

In fact, silencers are actually very safe for users. It helps protect your hearing and the hearing of those shooting around you. So really, you could actually say that silencers are healthy for you, and they have no business being as heavily regulated as they currently are.

Shooting Down 7 Common Suppressor Myths

Suppressors Actually Improve Gun Performance

Video games can be a lot of fun so long as you remember that they aren’t real. If you separate the game’s fiction from real-life scenarios, then you’ll actually see that there are a ton of benefits to using a suppressor and very few drawbacks.

The simple fact is this: in the real world, a suppressor does not reduce damage. On the contrary, suppressors can actually improve a gun’s performance and be beneficial to your health and the health of those shooting around you.

So now that you know suppressors are a good thing in real life and they pose no issues when using them, let’s get you started on the journey toward suppressor ownership! At Silencer Central, we make the process super easy. You can complete the entire purchase from the comfort of your own home and then we’ll mail the silencer right to your house once it’s been approved!

Once you complete your purchase and begin the waiting process, we have a suggestion for how you can pass some of that time: video games, of course!


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