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End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020

End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020

End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020

Right now, it feels like our right to keep and bear arms has been under constant attack. From using the Coronavirus emergency as an excuse to suspend the sale of firearms, to horrible legislation that would end gun ownership as we know it in this country, it feels like gun owners are a popular target for coastal elites and the media to attack and destroy.

However, after strong pushback from people like the Firearms Policy Coalition and even President Trump, most of these emergency abuses are being put back into the garbage bin of history where they belong.

There is other good news on the legislative front that many have missed or ignored. And that is a bill that would force some sanity and rational behavior into the ATF. Shocking huh? H.R. 6126 would place an upper limit of 90 days for the ATF to process silencer registration paperwork after which they must approve the purchase.

Also known as the End the Normalized Delay of Suppressor Act of 2020, this bill is full of good things for would-be silencer owners.

What’s in the H.R. 6126 bill?

H.R. 6126 is pretty straightforward and to the point. In fact it is one of the cleanest, simplest pieces of legislation we’ve seen in a long time.

This bill simply gives the ATF 90 days to do their job and approve the transfer of a silencer, and if they fail to do their job at the end of those 90 days, then the transfer is allowed to proceed. Much like a delay on a 4473, only for NFA items.

The bill also requires the Attorney General to prepare an annual report about the timely nature of completed firearms background checks, which would provide valuable information about how long checks are taking.

Why is the H.R. 6126 Important?

NFA wait times are the stuff of legend – and infamy. With wait times of a year or more the general rule to process a suppressor purchase, thousands of Americans each year have the free exercise of their rights delayed simply because the ATF is seemingly unwilling or incapable of performing a background check in a timely fashion.

This is even more infuriating when you realize an electronic filing of an ATF Form 1 usually takes about two months to come back approved. So it is pretty clear that the Feds are capable of running a background check for NFA items in a fairly short time. The only question is why aren’t they doing it?

Unfortunately, we have little real information on that. It is likely because they have no incentive to speed up their work, and are using many outmoded and obsolete systems and methods to conduct background checks and approve applications. We think they probably spend most of their time looking for punch cards and new vacuum tubes for the state of the art computer they installed in 1958 or something.

Support HR 6126 – End the Normalized Delay of Suppressor Act of 2020

So far H.R. 6126 hasn’t made it to committee hearing. This may because the Coronavirus emergency has Congress busy, or more likely because the political will isn’t there to push this bill. We have to wonder where legislation like this was when the GOP held both branches of Congress plus the White House. Now it’s sadly likely going to be dead on arrival, which is a real shame as this is a clean, simple bill that promotes government efficiency. Something you’d think all Americans could agree on.

Click here to find and contact your Congressional Representative and demand that they support HR 6126. With enough pressure, it’s possible we can get some legislative good news for gun owners this year.

Remember, the ATF has already proven they can process an NFA related application in 60 days or even less. There is literally no reason whatsoever that these checks should be taking a year or more.

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