Essential Small Game Hunting Gear for Your Next Hunt

Essential Small Game Hunting Gear for Your Next Hunt

Essential Small Game Hunting Gear for Your Next Hunt

Hunting big game is fun, but the amount of work required and the hassle of getting the necessary permits and tags are not for everyone. Fortunately, small game hunting is an alternative that can be just as satisfying for people who hunt for sport or sustenance.

What do I need to hunt small game? If you are new to hunting small animals, here are the small game hunting gear you need to get started and why and where you should buy them.

Rifle Suppressor

A rifle suppressor is a great addition to every small game hunter’s tool kit. Besides rifles, you can get suppressors for hunting pistols and other firearms. However, note that a suppressor will not completely eliminate the sound of your gunshot. In many cases, though, it will eliminate the need for ear protection.

Why It’s Essential

Hunting small game with a suppressor can help you in several ways. For instance, suppressors reduce the recoil when you fire a gun. The reduced recoil will improve your aim and increase the chances of taking down your target with your first shot. Also, since suppressors muffle gunshots, you won’t automatically scare off potential nearby prey every time you fire your weapon.

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Hunting License

Every state has its own laws that cover small game hunting. For instance, most states have hunting seasons when you can hunt specific small animals. These states also require getting a license and permits before hunting small animals on private or public land. However, in states like California, you can hunt rabbits and other small animals on your own property without a license.

Why It’s Essential

Hunting small animals without a license is illegal in most states. Depending on the state, breaking the law can attract a fine or even jail time.

Before hunting in any state, verify the state’s hunting laws and get the required licenses and permits. You can do this by visiting the Department of Wildlife or the Department of Fish and Game of the state you plan to hunt.

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Animal Calls

An animal call is an essential small game hunting tool that pro hunters highly recommend. With a call, you can imitate the sound of the animal you are hunting and lure out your quarry for a clean shot. Calls are available for various small animals, including rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, and coyotes.

Why It’s Essential

Instead of spending hours searching for prey, you can conceal yourself and lure prey to your position with animal calls. You can use this hunting strategy to increase your chances of having a successful hunt. You can find various small animal calls on Amazon or download mobile apps that imitate your preferred animal.

The Right Ammo

When hunting small animals, you need the right ammo size. For small, lightweight animals, like squirrels or rabbits, experienced hunters recommend using a .22 rifle or a 12- or 16-gauge shotgun loaded with No. 5 or 6 shots. The shots are large enough to cleanly take down small mammals and game birds without damaging the meat.

Also, if you intend on eating what you hunt, avoid hunting with lead bullets. Animals killed with lead bullets will have lead particles stuck in the meat. Ingesting such meat can expose you to potentially harmful levels of lead.

Why It’s Essential

Hunting with the right ammo can increase your chances of killing your quarry quickly without damaging the meat. You can shop for hunting ammo at your local Walmart or any online or offline ammo retailer.


A scope is a firearm accessory that allows you to see far-off prey and shoot with greater accuracy. You can find various types of scope attachments for hunting rifles and pistols.

Why It’s Essential

Compared to large game, small animals are smaller targets that are easier to miss. With a scope, you can aim better and increase your chances of getting a clean shot. Having perfect aim when hunting small prey is crucial because if you shoot the wrong part of the animal, the meat could become inedible. Also, if your shot does not immediately kill the animal, it could scurry into hiding, and you will never find it.

You can buy hunting scopes at your local Walmart or any online or offline ammo retailer.



Your hunting backpack is an essential small game hunting gear for carrying other hunting equipment. The best hunting backpacks are waterproof, secure, and large enough to contain the items you need during your hunt. We also recommend taking a separate hunting bag for carrying your kills.

Why It’s Essential

Your backpack will provide convenient and secure storage for food and water during your outdoor adventure. The bag will keep your hands free and ensure that your load does not impede your mobility while tracking and hunting your quarry.

Besides food and water, other essential items you should carry in your backpack include maps, ammo, bug spray, sunscreen, flashlights, compass, GPS, binoculars, knife, and first aid kit. You can buy hunting backpacks at sporting goods stores or online stores like Amazon.

Proper Clothing

Camouflage clothing made with silent fabric is the preferred hunting apparel for staying hidden from prey. Besides masking your presence, your hunting clothing should keep you comfortable.

If hunting during dusk or cold weather, you should wear warm clothing. During warm weather, wear breathable clothing that can keep you cool and comfortable while you hunt. If you have to pass through thickets to reach your prey, wear thick clothing that can protect you from branches and thorns.

Lastly, even if your state does not require wearing an orange vest, you should wear one. The vest will make you visible to other hunters and reduce the chances of your colleagues mistaking you for prey.

Why It’s Essential

Wearing the right clothing during a hunt will protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable, allowing you to focus on catching your quarry. Also, camouflage clothing can help you blend into the foliage and prevent your quarry from spotting and avoiding you.

You can shop for hunting clothing online or at your local sporting goods stores or Walmart.

Get the Advantage of Silence on Your Next Hunt

Hunting silently will enable you to move through hunting grounds without alerting prey to your presence. If your prey is unaware of your presence, you can sneak in closer to get the most accurate shot. For your next hunt, add a silencer to your small game hunting gear to muffle your gunshots when you fire at prey. Find the best silencers for your favorite hunting firearms here.

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