Essential Tactical Gear for Women

Essential Tactical Gear for Women

Essential Tactical Gear for Women

Are you in law enforcement, security, or the armed forces, or are you a lady that enjoys spending time hunting or at the gun range? If so, you should consider investing in tactical gear that can help improve your combat readiness, survival preparedness, and overall performance in the field.

To help you properly equip yourself, we’ve compiled the top tactical gear for women and why they should be in your arsenal.

Our List of Must-Have Women’s Tactical Equipment

Tactical equipment made for men may be too bulky and uncomfortable for women. For instance, unlike men’s pants, tactical pants for women have a mid-rise waist with a waistband that will not interfere with your holster or drawing a weapon.

If you’ve had no choice but to rely on male equipment until now, it’s time to get better fitting gear. Here are our top picks for essential tactical gear for women:

Tactical Clothing

Various types of tactical shirts are available for women. Depending on your weather, environment, or style preferences, you can opt for a tactical polo, long sleeve shirt, or a buttoned shirt. The best tactical shirts for women are close-fitting but stretchy to ensure unrestricted movement during physically demanding activities.

Tactical shirts also feature durable, quick-drying, snag-resistant, and breathable fabrics that help you stay comfortable in various weather conditions. Snag resistance prevents ripping or getting stuck on obstacles during the heat of action. If you want a long-sleeve shirt, go for one with reinforced elbows that offer protection when you need to crawl.

You will also need tactical pants with reinforced knees and crotch. These pants feature highly durable, rip-resistant fabrics that offer protection in rugged and fast-paced environments. You can find tactical pants for women with several pockets that offer convenient places to store weapons, ammo, and other gear. The reinforcement on these pockets will prevent tearing when carrying heavy items.

Other tactical clothing you can invest in include jackets, hats, and gloves. If shopping for tactical clothing for hunting or other covert activities, we recommend buying clothing made with a quiet fabric that does not rustle during movement. Also, the color of the clothing should match your environment to provide camouflage.

Tactical Belt

A tactical belt doesn’t just hold up your pants. It also provides places for storing essential tactical gear, such as a knife, flashlight, multi-tool, and even a gun or ammo holster. Hanging these items around your waist will allow you to access them faster and easier than if they were in your pocket.

A tactical belt can bear the weight of other gear because it features a sturdy material, such as tactical nylon, and a resilient buckle. Besides being tough and rugged, the belt should be lightweight for comfort.

Tactical Footwear

Your favorite sneakers may not be your best option for outdoor combat, survival, or hunting exercises. For such outings, you need comfortable and rugged footwear that can carry you through any terrain. We recommend opting for tactical boots with a durable waterproof body and slip-resistant soles.

The shoes should also be puncture and tear-resistant for optimal protection and moisture-wicking on the inside to minimize sweaty feet. Lastly, tactical footwear should not be too heavy. Too much weight on your feet will reduce your agility and speed. If stealth is a priority, you can find tactical footwear that muffles footsteps to help you sneak up on prey or enemies.


A silencer attaches to the muzzle of your gun in order to reduce the amount of noise produced by gunshots. Besides allowing you to shoot without rupturing your eardrums, silencers help minimize the recoil when you fire your gun. A lower recoil means you can have better aim, which is essential whether you are target practicing, hunting, or looking for a better shooting experience.

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Taser or Stun Gun

Tasers or stun guns are an excellent alternative if you want something that can take down assailants faster and easier than an extendable baton. Both devices administer a high voltage that can incapacitate an assailant quickly. You need to be within arm’s reach to use a taser on an attacker, but you can fire a stun gun from several feet away to incapacitate an attacker.

Owning a taser or stun gun is legal in the U.S., but some states require a permit to carry one. Both weapons are ideal for women who want to defend themselves and quickly take down an assailant without resorting to deadly force.

Pepper Spray

Another tactical weapon women can use for offense or defense is pepper spray. Pepper spray comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can. The can contains a powerful chemical that can painfully irritate an assailant’s eyes, nose, and throat, rendering the individual temporarily incapable of attacking.

You can legally purchase and carry pepper spray in the U.S., but some states regulate the maximum allowed strength of pepper spray. Also, you don’t need any special training to use pepper spray. Just point the nozzle of the can towards an aggressor’s face and spray.


While knives are excellent for self-defense, there are other reasons why we consider them essential tactical gear for women. For example, during hunting or other outdoor activities, you can cut, whittle, pry, and skin food and other things with a knife.

Several tactical knives are available, but if you want something convenient and reliable, we recommend getting a foldable knife that you can carry in your pocket. The best tactical knives also feature ergonomic and anti-slip grips and carbon steel or stainless steel blades.

First Aid Kit

If you or a friend gets injured during tactical training, combat, or a hunting outing, you may be too far away to get immediate medical assistance. While waiting to receive professional medical care, you can prevent the injury from worsening by applying first aid.

Stay prepared by owning a first aid kit that is portable enough to take on outings. The kit should contain at least:

  • Tape
  • Shears
  • Emergency blanket
  • Bandages
  • Cold pack
  • Dressings
  • Splits
  • Tweezers
  • Emergency whistle

You can also find tactical first aid kits that contain manuals that explain how to treat specific injuries with the items in the kit.


Last but not least of must-have tactical gear for women is a backpack. With a tactical backpack, you have a convenient way to carry all your gear, ammo, food, and water while heading out. It beats carrying multiple items in your pockets and making your pants bulky and uncomfortable.

The best tactical backpacks are waterproof, durable, and easy to wear. If heading to work or other civilian activities, you can replace your backpack with a tactical handbag like the GTM Gun Tote’n Mama Handbag.

The handbag has a small compartment for holstering and concealing a handgun. Thanks to the convenient positioning of the holster, you can quickly draw your weapon to protect yourself if necessary.

Stay Tactically Ready with the Right Gear

A tactically ready woman is a woman equipped to rapidly respond to challenges that typically arise in combat or survival situations. You can achieve such a level of readiness by buying and getting used to using the tactical gear for women that made our list.

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