Firearms Vendors See Increased Sales at Gun Show in Brookings

Firearms Vendors See Increased Sales at Gun Show in Brookings

Firearms Vendors See Increased Sales at Gun Show in Brookings

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The President announced he wants to take executive action on several proposals to stop mass shootings and gun violence in America. His announcement has sent gun enthusiasts reeling.

The President has specifically targeted gun shows, taking action to narrow what many call the gun show loop hole, by expanding background checks. People gunning for a new firearm packed into the Swiftel Center to check out what vendors had to offer.

“We’re just looking around. We’ve come here every year for about 5 years now,” Brookings resident, Carla Starling said. The President’s announcement didn’t curb anyone’s enthusiasm, in fact, vendors say the speech likely contributed to their increase in sales.

“It was nonstop. I mean our pens were running out of ink taking orders over the phone, processing orders online, you know we’re having hundred thousand dollar days which is you know ten times over normally see you,” Owner of Silencer Central, Brandon Maddox said. Maddox says he doesn’t think the President’s plan to close the gun show loop hole by requiring background checks is really going to change anything.

“He is trying to go after people that are selling private sales, so there’s not that many people here that don’t already have a license. Pretty much every vendor you see here already has a Federal Firearms License and already doing background checks,” Maddox explained. Residents attending the event think, tightening restrictions at gun shows, targets the wrong people.

“I think most of people that come out to events like these are people that you don’t need to be concerned about anyway. So I don’t think it’s going to, you know, getting into the hands of people that are going to hurt other citizens of America,” Brookings resident, Trey Meyer said. Others say, they’re disappointed with the way guns are now being portrayed in the media. “Guns aren’t just for violence and I feel like that over the news is it’s more about violence. I saw that it is about what it’s supposed to be like this tree and on about hunting and about really teaching your family had a have a shoot,” Starling said.