Gun Cases Approved by the TSA

Gun Cases Approved by the TSA

Gun Cases Approved by the TSA

Are you planning some out-of-state or abroad travel with your gun? If so, you will be happy to know that you can fly to your destination with your gun and bypass all of the other slower modes of transportation.

However, flying with a firearm legally requires that you follow both airline and TSA rules in the United States, and airline, TSA, and international laws when traveling abroad. The most important rules are unloading your gun and storing the weapon and its ammunition in a TSA-approved gun case. You must check in the TSA-approved gun case and its contents before boarding your flight.

Failure to comply with these rules, either on purpose or by accident, could lead to losing your firearm, paying a hefty fine, or even serving jail time. Fortunately, several TSA-approved gun cases are available for various budgets and needs. To help you find the perfect gun case for your next firearm flight, we’ve put together a list of some of the top TSA-approved gun cases you can buy.

So What Gun Cases Are TSA-Approved and Where Can I Find Them?

According to the TSA, you can only check in guns and ammunition stored in a hard-sided case. The case should be lockable and capable of completely securing its contents. The lock must not be easy to force open, and only the case owner must have the combination or key to open it.

While there are such locks being advertised specifically as “TSA-approved gun case locks,” it’s likely that you already own one or more of these approved locks. You can secure your gun case with a number of different types of key locks or combination padlocks. While one padlock is enough to secure most cases, you may need multiple locks to secure a large case on all sides, such as a large rifle case.

Using multiple padlocks to secure a case on all sides will prevent unwanted parties from prying the container open to access your stored weapons or ammo.

A lot of guns come from the company in their own hard cases, such as Glock, so you might be wondering if you can fly with the Glock case that came with the gun. Some TSA agents may allow you to check in a Glock stored in its original case, but only if the gun case has a hard shell and provisions for locking it with a key or combination lock. This is where most hard cases that come with guns fall short. Most aren’t designed to be long-term or heavy-duty travel cases. If you want a better quality gun case that will not raise any issues with the TSA, here are your best options:

1. D-Tap 2 Airtight Handgun Case

In this day and age, it’s always a good thing if you can buy American-made products, and the D-Tap 2 is an airproof and waterproof gun case made by an American company: UWK. The high-impact hardshell case weighs less than two pounds when empty and has an internal size of 11.5″x8.9″x by 3.1″. The dimensions make it perfect for transporting up to two full-size handguns and their magazines.

If you own only one gun, the D-Tap 2 is still an excellent choice because you can modify its foam padding to hold one or two firearms, or a combination of one gun and two mags, etc. Most importantly, the D-Tap 2 handgun case is TSA-compliant with in-built latches and four padlock holes for ultimate secure storage.

The D-Tap 2 runs around $99.99

2. D-Tap 8 Hard Case

If you’re going to be transporting a number of guns because you’re going to a competition or you’re just heading to a fun range day across the country, then you’re going to need a TSA-approved gun case that can hold several pistols and magazines. If this sounds like you and your situation, then you cannot go wrong with the D-Tap 8, which is also from UWK. The case is 17.8″x12.8″x6.8″ internally, making it large enough to hold up to eight handguns and 16 magazines vertically.

The D-Tap 8 weighs about eight pounds and features a comfortable yet sturdy grip for lugging it around. Like the D-Tap 2, the D-Tap 8 is TSA-compliant thanks to its high-impact ABS shell, built-in latches, and four padlock holes.

The foam padding inside the case will secure your guns and ammo and prevent them from sliding around. The case also has a silicone gasket that prevents water, air, and dust from reaching your stored firearms.


The running price will set you back around $234.99

3. Cedar Mill DS3TeK Handgun Case

Cedar Mill is one of the most popular TSA-approved gun cases manufacturers. The brand offers everything from guitar-shaped gun cases to military-grade pistol cases. It’s also a very affordable handgun case that you can get for about $30. Don’t let the price fool you; this case is no slouch.

The case is 12″x8″x3.5″ inside, making it large enough to carry one handgun and two magazines. The DS3TeK also features an impact, water, and dust-resistant outer shell and foam padding on the inside that will protect your gun during transportation. The case has a dual-latch system and spots for two padlocks to keep your guns safe and secure.

4. Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case with Iron Clasps

If you want one of the most reliable TSA-approved rifle cases, the Cedar Mill Iron Clasp case comes highly recommended. It has stainless steel clasps and two locking points where you can install padlocks of your choice. It also features impact protection and a water and dustproof seal that ensures optimal protection for your rifle.

The interior of this rifle case is 48″x9″x4″, making it large enough to hold an AR-15 or a similar-sized rifle with ease.

On Amazon, you can get this case for just about $149.99

5. Cedar Mill Double 2 Tactical DS3TeK Rifle Case

Do you need to transport more than one long gun? If so, you don’t need to buy multiple TSA-approved long gun cases. The Double 2 Tactical DS3TeK case from Cedar Mill is large enough to carry two shotguns or rifles. The case is 44″x14″x5″ internally and has two layers of pick and pluck foam that will prevent your guns from coming into contact with one another.

Four plastic clasps on the side keep the container closed. The Double 2 Tactical case also has four padlock holes that bring the case up to TSA standards. Lastly, walking around with the large case is hassle-free since it has comfortable handles and wheels.

The Double 2 Tactical case sells for $249.

6. Pelican 1170 Protector Case

Everyone is familiar with the Pelican brand when it comes to sturdy gun cases. Pelican is an American brand that makes some of the most impressive TSA-approved gun cases. The 1170 Protector case is lightweight yet strong, measuring 10.5″x6″x3.2″ internally. It is large enough to carry one handgun and a magazine, and you can get it in various interesting colors to fit your style.

The case has two easy-to-open throw latches and two padlock holes for security. It is impact and air-resistant and has a purge valve that automatically equalizes air pressure within the case.

The Pelican 1170 sells for $54.95.

7. Pelican V730 Vault Tactical Rifle Case

The V730 Vault Tactical Rifle case comes highly recommended if you are the type of person who needs to fly with one or two rifles or shotguns – or any other combination that requires multiple guns and accessories in the same case. The case has premium protective features that deliver weather resistance and superior security.

On the inside, it measures 44″x16″x6.3″, which is enough to carry your rifle, scope, silencer, and ammo. You will also get five layers of protective foam for keeping your guns and ammo from sliding around within the case.

The heavy-duty, ergonomic handles and wheels will help you move the case with ease.

The Pelican V730 costs around $209.

8. Lockdown Handgun Vault

The Lockdown Handgun Vault is a heavy-duty all-steel TSA-approved gun case. Unlike the other cases we’ve mentioned, the Lockdown Vault relies on a built-in combination lock for security. That means you don’t have to worry about buying separate locks and carrying keys to secure the case.

Inside measurements of 8.3″x5.6″x1.8″ make it large enough to carry a compact handgun and two or three magazines. The interior foam will protect your firearm from damage if you accidentally drop the case – or if the airline employee is careless.

The Lockdown Handgun Vault is among the most affordable TSA-approved gun cases for sale, priced at just $28.

9. Eylar Tactical Hard Gun Case

The Eylar Tactical case is 11.81″x8.87″x5.18″ inside – just large enough to carry two handguns and some accessories. The deep gun box is waterproof and features a pressure equalization valve for preventing vacuum lock problems. The upper and bottom padding inside the case shield stored guns and magazines from scuffing. Also, to meet TSA standards, the Eylar Tactical case has two quarter-inch padlock slots that you can use to secure the case.

This case from Eylar runs about $44.

10. First Alert Electronic Lock Gun Safe (5200DF)

The final option here isn’t a case in and of itself, but it’s another way to travel with a gun while abiding by TSA rules and regulations. The First Alert Electronic Lock Gun Safe features a durable, built-in electronic keypad for locking the box and securing its contents. It’s designed to be locked and secured in your luggage.

Trying to smash open the First Alert safe to reach its contents is near impossible since it has an 18-gauge steel body. If you forget your passcode, the case comes with emergency override keys for bypassing the keypad.

The padded interior of the case measures 10″x12″x3″ – large enough for a couple of guns and magazines.

This portable gun safe costs $110.

Now You Can Bring Your Gun Case Through TSA With No Troubles

Now that you know the top TSA-approved gun cases, you only need to pick the best one for your needs. The perfect case will fit your budget and come with features that protect your firearms, satisfy TSA requirements, and most importantly, put your mind at ease.

The case should also be large enough to contain your guns and magazines. An undersized case may be difficult to close after putting in your firearms, and forcing the case closed may damage your guns. If none of the cases on our list meet your requirements, several other TSA-approved gun cases are available from other brands.

If you want to get a suppressor to put in your new case, contact us to learn about the easiest way to buy a suppressor. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.