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How Many Suppressors Can Be Purchased With One Tax Stamp?

How Many Suppressors Can Be Purchased With One Tax Stamp?

We completely understand if you want more than one suppressor. You could want one for your shotgun and another for your rifle. Or, you could want silencers in different colors to match your different firearms.

Regardless of your reason, you will need a $200 tax stamp to buy a suppressor. If a tax stamp costs that much, you might ask how many suppressors per tax stamp. Sadly, the answer is one.

One Stamp Per NFA Item

A suppressor is an NFA item, meaning the National Firearms Act (NFA) regulates its possession, transfer, and manufacture. You cannot legally own an NFA item without undergoing a background check, paying a tax stamp, and applying to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) for approval.

Besides generating revenue for Uncle Sam, a tax stamp allows the government to document and monitor owners of NFA items, such as suppressors. For this to work, each legally purchased suppressor requires a tax stamp that indicates the owner. So, if you want five suppressors, you will need five tax stamps. There’s no way around it unless you want to break the law, which we do not recommend.

Getting a Suppressor Tax Stamp

Purchasing a suppressor tax stamp is straightforward, especially when you work with us at Silencer Central. We will add the cost of the $200 federal tax stamp to your suppressor invoice so you can pay for everything at once.

Once you’ve paid for the tax stamp, you can proceed to fill and submit your Form 4 to get the ATF’s approval to own a suppressor. You cannot submit an ATF Form 4 if you do not pay the federal tax stamp. The ATF needs the tax payment to start your background check and suppressor registration process.

Registering Your Suppressor

You must complete the suppressor registration process before you can collect your purchased suppressor. The process involves paying the tax stamp, which you can do at your silencer store. As we’ve mentioned, you will need a tax stamp for each suppressor you buy, and the tax is non-refundable.

After paying the tax, you can proceed to complete and submit the ATF Form 4. You must also submit your fingerprints and passport-style photographs to the ATF. After submitting all the necessary documentation, you only need to wait for the ATF to approve your application. Once you receive approval, you can take possession of your purchased suppressor.

Registration Options

You can complete the registration process by filing a paper ATF Form 4 or an eForm 4. The eForm 4 allows you to complete the registration process online. Besides being more convenient, applying with the eForm 4 has a shorter waiting time than if you submit a paper Form 4 to the ATF.

Our Silencer Central team makes the entire registration process as hassle-free as possible by handling the filing process on your behalf. We typically use eForm 4 because it’s faster, but we can also complete your registration with the paper ATF Form 4 if you prefer.

Tax Stamp Wait Times

Paying for a federal tax stamp is quick and easy. When you buy a suppressor at Silencer Central, we add the tax stamp cost to your invoice so you can get it with your suppressor. You can even purchase multiple tax stamps at once. The only waiting time you need to worry about is how long the ATF will take to process and approve your Form 4.

ATF eForm 4 applications can take 250 to 370 days (nine months to a year) to clear, while paper Form 4 application forms typically take longer. Mistakes, such as providing inaccurate information in your Form 4, can make the application process take even longer. That’s why we recommend letting us fill and submit Form 4 on your behalf. Our expertise ensures that your form gets filled and submitted in a manner that ensures the fastest processing time.

How to Buy a Suppressor: Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have an answer to how many suppressors per tax stamp, you only need to learn how to buy a suppressor legally. It’s super simple when you shop at Silencer Central, and below are the steps.

Confirm it is Legal to Own a Suppressor in Your State

At the moment, 42 states in the U.S. permit the purchase and ownership of suppressors. So, before attempting to purchase a suppressor, confirm that it is legal in your state. We cannot ship you a suppressor if it is illegal in your state.

Also, if you leave your anti-suppressor state to purchase one in a pro-suppressor state, you could get into trouble if you return to your state with the suppressor. For example, possessing a silencer is a felony in California, and offenders could pay fines and face up to three years in state prison.

Pick & Buy Your Suppressor

If silencers are legal in your state, head to our online store to browse silencers and pick the best one for your firearm and shooting needs. You can get suppressors for various pistol, rifle, and shotgun calibers. If you need help picking the perfect suppressor, you can call or email us to speak with an expert who will provide all the information you need to make the best decision.

Buy Your Tax Stamp

After choosing a suppressor, you can pay for your ATF tax stamp. Remember that if you buy multiple suppressors, you will need a tax stamp for each one. The tax stamp costs $200, and the price is non-negotiable because the government set it. We will add the cost of the tax stamp to your invoice so you can pay for it alongside your selected suppressor.

Do the Paperwork – Better Yet, Let Us Do It

You can now proceed to complete and submit your ATF paperwork to legalize your suppressor purchase. The required paperwork includes your fingerprints, a passport-style photograph, and the ATF Form 4.

You don’t need to visit a police station to get your fingerprints. Instead, order a complete fingerprint kit from us. Our fingerprint kit includes fingerprint cards, an ink pad, and instructions. After filling out the card, mail it to the ATF alongside your filled Form 4.

Alternatively, avoid hassles and mistakes by letting us complete and submit your paperwork. You can mail us your passport photograph and filled fingerprint form. We will digitize the information and send it to the ATF alongside a completed eForm 4. Electronically filing your paperwork will lead to faster processing on the ATF’s end, reducing how long you will wait to take your suppressor home.

Use eZ-Pay While You Wait

You can pay for your suppressor and tax stamp upfront or take it easy with our eZ-Pay option. Our eZ-Pay program allows you to spread the payment for your suppressor and tax stamp over three months – No extra charges or fees. Also, you can start your paperwork and pay with eZ-Pay while waiting for the ATF to approve your application. It’s all-round convenience.

Have Your Silencer Delivered Right to Your Door

Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t have to pick up a suppressor from an FFL dealer. If you buy a suppressor online at Silencer Central, we will ship it to your doorstep once we receive your approved form. However, we can only ship your purchased suppressor to you if you live in one of the 42 states that permit silencer ownership and use.

Get Ahead of the Paperwork… Start Your Suppressor Buying Process Today!

Are you ready to buy a suppressor? Don’t let the paperwork cause unnecessary delays. Get your tax stamp and suppressor from Silencer Central, and let us handle your paperwork. After over a decade in the firearm industry, we have the expertise to submit your ATF paperwork and get you approved without complications.

Our eZ-Pay option also eases paying for your suppressor and tax stamp while waiting for ATF approval. Call or email us today to get started with your suppressor purchase, and look forward to receiving your suppressor at home.