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How Much Does a Suppressor Cost?

How Much Does a Suppressor Cost?

How Much Does a Suppressor Cost?

You want a suppressor. Great! We can help. You want to know how much does a suppressor cost? Generally speaking, here’s how much you can expect to pay for a suppressor:

  • The suppressor itself: $350 – $1,500+
  • A suppressor tax stamp: $200, no matter what kind of suppressor you buy
  • An NFA gun trust: free – $500+
  • Barrel threading: $60 – $150
  • Accessories: the sky’s the limit

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of those costs to better understand them.

What Factors Influence the Price of a Suppressor?

“A suppressor is just a metal tube with some baffles in it, so why do they cost so much?” That’s a common question people ask, and the answer is that suppressors aren’t “just” a tube and baffles. There’s a lot more that goes into pricing any given suppressor. Want to see a breakdown of these factors? Good, because we’re including them below. Since we sell all the major brands of suppressors, you can be quite confident that this information applies to all silencers, not just our BANISH brand.

Construction Material

Before you look at any other aspects of price, you have to consider the cost of the raw materials. Different metals have different costs, and depending on what metal materials are used to construct a suppressor, it may be more or less expensive than another suppressor. For example, a suppressor made with titanium, Inconel, and/or cobalt is going to cost more than a suppressor made of aluminum and/or stainless steel. We are very proud of how our BANISH suppressors are made.

These suppressors are made for the .50 BMG cartridge.

Caliber Compatibility

Some suppressors are able to be used with multiple different calibers. This compatibility is a huge benefit to the owner because they don’t have to have multiple suppressors for multiple different calibers. Still, that compatibility comes at a price. A multi-caliber suppressor costs more to develop and make, so it costs more to buy – but it’s still less expensive than buying multiple suppressors.

Brand Reputation

Some brands are more well-known and trusted than others. This can be because they’ve been around a long time, have a history of creating solid products, and are trusted in their given market to deliver an exceptional product. For example, let’s look at car brands Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Both make automobiles that transport people from place to place, but Mercedes-Benz has a brand reputation of luxury that Ford does not. As a result, the former costs more than the latter.

Innovation and Design Complexity

Long before a product makes its way to the store for a consumer to purchase, a company has spent countless tens of thousands of dollars in product engineering and innovation development. The complexity of the design also impacts the cost, with more complex designs taking longer to perfect. All of this translates into more money. If you want the best, the latest, and the greatest of something, expect to pay more.


When it comes to purchasing your suppressor, it’s important to remember that there’s more to factor into the total cost than just the suppressor itself. You’ll also need to consider the cost of the tax stamp, gun trust, barrel threading, shipping, and accessories into your final price.

This might seem like a lot to process, but don’t let it discourage you from making your purchase. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know and give you ballpark figures for everything. Plus, we offer an eZ Pay Plan that allows you to bundle all of your costs together and pay 25% down and then the balance in installments over the following three months.

And with that, let’s explore the costs involved in buying a silencer.

The Banish 30 is a popular choice.


Like any other purchase, the price depends on the item. A Toyota Camry will cost less than a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Generally speaking, rimfire suppressors are the most affordable. They run anywhere from $350 to $600, on average. Our Banish 22 is $499. Pistol, rifle, and shotgun suppressors for common calibers are next on the list. They can be anywhere from $599 to $2,000, on average. Shotgun suppressors are around $1,000. Our Banish 223 is $849; the Banish 45 is $949; the Banish 30 Gold Package is $1,699. Big bore options, like ones suited for the .50 BMG, come in around the $2,000 mark and above.



Tax stamps cost $200 each, no matter what kind of suppressor you buy or how much it costs. The price of the stamp was set by the Federal government under the National Firearms Act of 1934 and it hasn’t changed since it was introduced back when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President. You’ll need a stamp for each suppressor you buy, so if you buy two, you’re spending $400 in stamps, etc.


At Silencer Central, we provide you with a free NFA Gun Trust with any suppressor you buy from us. We don’t want things to be any more complicated or costly than they already are. Because legal documents can be complicated, some places charge up to $500 depending on the kind of trust you set up. When you buy from us, you get that $500 value for free. We’ve done more than 15,000 of them for people over the years, and now the ATF is telling us that our paperwork and process is making it easier for them to get through the approval process.


Unless you buy a firearm that already has a threaded barrel, you’re going to need to have this done on your chosen gun before you can attach your suppressor. Generally speaking, gunsmiths charge anywhere from $50 to $150 to perform this service. Of course, the cost – and quality – can vary from place to place.

That’s why Silencer Central offers barrel threading as one of our many services. We use a single-point threading on a HAAS II commercial lathe (CNC), concentric to the bore.

The 360 Mailing Program is our easiest and most popular option for sending us your barrel(s). 360 mailing makes it simple to get your barrels threaded and shipped back to you. We ship a 4″x 8″x 48″ box and soft case(s) for your barrels along with a prepaid return shipping label directly to your front door. One box can hold up to two barrels.

The mailing program costs $39.99 and barrel threading is just $124.99, and comes with a free thread protector (a $20 value).


At Silencer Central, we’ve got dealers set up in all 42 suppressor-legal states, which makes the shipping process really easy. We can mail your suppressor directly to your door in any of the 42 states where it’s legal to own a suppressor. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Other companies offer shipping, too, but not with the level of ease and service that we do.

Generally speaking, most companies will ship your suppressor to the approved local dealer of your choice free of charge. Of course, not everyone lives close to their dealer. For some, heading into town just to pick up their suppressor could be a several-hour journey roundtrip. Our shipping process eliminates any need to travel to a dealer or gun shop and instead have your suppressor sent right to your house.


The only thing gun owners like more than their guns are their accessories! While optional, there are a few that we’d recommend to any suppressor owner. The first is a thread protector. If your barrel threads get messed up, then you can’t use your suppressor. Something as simple as a $20 thread protector will keep you from experiencing this heartache. As a bonus, if you get your barrel threaded by us, we’ll give you a thread protector for free!

The next accessory we’d recommend is a suppressor pouch for transport, storage, or both. It’ll help keep your suppressor safe and secure, just like a gun case or sleeve. Our pouch is $45.

The final accessory is one you might not think of: a suppressor cover. This is different from a pouch, which is designed for off-the-range use. A cover is designed for on-the-range use. Because your suppressor is coming into contact with all the hot gases that come out of the barrel, it’s going to heat up with use. The heat coming off of it can cause a mirage right in your line of sight, preventing you from getting a good sight picture. The cover mitigates the heat and prevents you from seeing the mirage. Plus, it allows you to both install and remove your suppressor even when it’s hot, preventing you from getting burned. Our covers cost $69.99 each and are available in different lengths and colors.

How to Buy a Suppressor in 6 Easy Steps

We’ve got an entire blog post that explains in great detail how to buy a suppressor, but here’s a rundown of the process in just six easy steps:

Pick Out a Suppressor

Congratulations! You’ve picked out the right suppressor for your needs. Now that you know what you want to get, it’s time to make it yours.

Buy the Suppressor

Buying from Silencer Central can be done online through our webstore or you can complete the transaction over the phone with one of our sales members. It’s up to you.

Buy the Federal Tax Stamp

When you buy your suppressor, you’ll also buy a $200 federal tax stamp. This is required by law and you need one for every suppressor you buy.

Submit the Necessary Paperwork

The staff at Silencer Central will work with you to gather all of the necessary information needed to eFile all of the paperwork with the ATF to get your approval process started.

Pay While You Wait

Suppressors can be expensive, so we offer a no-interest payment plan that lets you pay while you wait for approval with just a 25% down payment.

Get Your Suppressor Delivered to Your Door

Upon approval, one of our dealers in your state will mail your new suppressor right to your door.

A Suppressor is an Investment You Won’t Regret

Yes, the costs add up – but they’re “one-and-done” costs for almost every suppressor owner. You’ve probably heard the phrase “buy once, cry once.” If you buy quality products, you won’t need to replace them. The amount of enjoyment you’ll get out of shooting with your new suppressor will almost surely outweigh any of the costs associated with owning it.

Think of all the new memories you’ll make, whether it’s at the range with friends and family, introducing a new shooter to the world of firearms, winning a shooting match, or going on a hunt of a lifetime. Not to mention that for hunters, investing in a suppressor is also an investment in your hearing.

Plus, Silencer Central is here to make your buying process as easy and cost-effective as possible. It’s hard to go wrong with free gun trusts, free thread protectors with barrel threading, and an e-Z Pay Plan.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re the nation’s largest silencer dealer. We’re also the only one licensed in all 42 suppressor-legal states that can sell, process, and ship your new suppressor directly to your door. Our experts are ready to help you by phone or email.