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How Suppressor Accessories Can Improve Your Shooting Experience

How Suppressor Accessories Can Improve Your Shooting Experience

How Suppressor Accessories Can Improve Your Shooting Experience

After you bought your silencer, you might think that’s all there is to it and you’re good to go. While technically this is true, there are accessories that make owning a silencer more enjoyable and maintenance easier.

Just as you shouldn’t buy a gun without having the basic tools, you shouldn’t buy a silencer without briefing yourself on silencer accessories. Here are a few of the things that can make owning a silencer even more enjoyable.

Suppressor Covers and Pouches

While they may just look like a bit of cloth to wrap around your suppressor, suppressor covers and pouches do far more than just look cool and protect your suppressor from scratches. They’re designed to virtually eliminate optical mirage that can negatively impact your aim.

Banish suppressor cover

Suppressor Heat Cover

When barrels and suppressors heat up, visible heatwaves rise from their surface. When seen through a scope – especially high powered hunting scopes – the mirage effect can obscure the sight picture until your gun cools down. Suppressors are especially prone to creating optical mirages, as they trap and contain hot gas within the suppressor body, which causes it to rapidly heat up. By using a good suppressor wrap, the shooter eliminates this problem and can keep shooting.

Remember, a gun with an unwrapped suppressor may suddenly be hard to shoot after a few rounds. The cost of a suppressor wrap is nominal and is a modest investment in accurate and long-term shooting.

Banish suppressor pouch army camo

Suppressor Pouch

A suppressor pouch is ideal for storing and transporting your suppressor. Lined with a proprietary fire-resistant material rated to 1800°F there’s no need to wait for your suppressor to cool off. With the BANISH Suppressor Pouch just slide it over your hot can, unscrew it and close the pouch without worrying about melting your gear. Constructed of reinforced, cordura nylon shell, the BANISH Suppressor Pouch is both water and fire resistant. So simple – an easy on-the-go pouch that protects your valuable suppressor and keeps it ready whenever you need it.

Banish Baffle Removal Tool

Silencer Baffle Removal Tool

User-serviceable silencers like the BANISH Suppressor and Varminter (and all other user-serviceable brands) need a baffle removal tool to safely and easily take the baffle stack apart if you plan on cleaning your suppressor.

Once silencer baffles develop a carbon buildup, they stick together and are hard to take apart for cleaning. Our professionally-designed baffle removal tool is the easiest and best way to take your user-serviceable silencer apart for cleaning.

Our tool minimizes baffle wear and prevents damage when taking a baffle stack apart. Why use cheap or improvised tools on your valuable silencer, when for just a few bucks you can get a professional-grade tool that will last several lifetimes?

Thread Adapter

Barrel Thread Adapters

Not all rifles have the same threads on them, and there are several common thread pitches for silencers. If your rifle isn’t threaded for the silencer you like best, not to worry. We sell adapters for different common threads to allow you to fit the silencer of your choice to your rifle. And if your barrel isn’t threaded at all? You can take advantage of our precise CNC barrel threading service.

Because suppressors like the multi-caliber BANISH Suppressor can be used on smaller calibers as well, we offer an adapter to allow the use of these advanced .30 caliber suppressors on common .223 rifles like the AR-15. These adapters are precision machined by a machine shop skilled in working with Class 3 firearms. Cheaper adapters often cause baffle strikes due to misaligned threads. Our adapter is quite likely the best made anywhere in the world and built to extreme precision tolerances normally not used in competing models.

P22 Adapter

Can a Walther P-22 Use a Thread Adaptor?

We also offer a thread adapter for the Walther P-22, which allows the use of common 1/28” threaded silencers. These are the kinds of silencers commonly used on AR-15’s, and if you already own a .223 silencer, it only makes sense to also put it on your favorite .22’s. This adapter is a money-saving must-have that lets you get more (silenced) bang for your buck out of your favorite suppressor.

Barrel Thread Protector

Thread Protector

At some point, you probably want to take your silencer off your gun or remove another muzzle device you have on there. Maybe you’re going to a state that treats a simple muzzle device as a terrifying tool of mayhem, and you are afraid that state-of-the-art muzzle brake will cause an anti-gunner to have heartburn, or you aren’t shooting with your suppressor. Whatever the reason, exposed threads are unhappy threads and can easily get damaged or knocked out of shape if left uncovered.

We offer stylish barrel thread protectors for common calibers and thread pitches in both stainless and black steel finishes. These easy-to-install protectors are an inexpensive way to protect the threading on your rifle and a must-have for anyone who owns a rifle with a threaded muzzle.

Silencer Central T-shirt

Silencer Central T-Shirts

Free with any silencer purchase, our annual t-shirt design is always popular with hunters. For 2019, we pay tribute to our elk hunting friends and customers who take their Silencer Central-equipped rifles into the autumn woods in search of their next big trophy. Available in sizes to fit most any person, Silencer Central shirts look good and help keep you hyped for the hunt!

Silencers Made Simple

Silencer Central has focused on “silencers made simple” since 2005. We know how intimidating it can be to deal with ATF paperwork while buying such a heavily-regulated product. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you. We have expert staff on hand to guide you through every step of the process. Your happiness is our success. We want to make sure that from your first to your next silencer, you get the service and satisfaction you deserve. See our selection of silencer accessories or contact us today!