Minnesota’s (MN) Newest and Biggest Silencer Dealer

Minnesota’s (MN) Newest and Biggest Silencer Dealer

For over ten years, Silencer Central has been providing law-abiding citizens with a way to legally purchase suppressors for their firearms. Now, they are excited to add Minnesota to their market since suppressor ownership is finally legal in the state.

Silencer Central’s owner Brandon Maddox is excited to show MN why Silencer Central has become the market leader in the states where they currently conduct business.

Brandon has eagerly welcomed the arrival of his expanded market with MN based representatives already appearing at local gun shows and trade conventions. Maddox has high hopes for the market that will finally get a taste of what it means to be able to bear silencers with one less infringement on their rights.

Dawn of a New Day

This exciting period could not have occurred without the hard work of Representative Tony Cornish as well as the lobbying groups of the NRA and the American Suppressor Association. Together, they added provisions to the public safety omnibus bill SF 878 in order to help expand the 2nd Amendment rights of Minnesota citizens.

Governor Mark Dayton threatened to veto the bill the second it crossed his desk, but he evidently had a change of heart once the language of the bill was loosened to provide more oversight. Like other class 3 NFA-regulated weapons, suppressor sales must be approved at the discretion of local Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) before the paperwork can be sent for approval to the ATF. A revised version of the bill ensured that CLEOs would have the discretion to deny suppressor applications for people they deemed unsuitable to own one.

Legal possession can begin on July 1, 2015, but excited owners can begin completing the paperwork now in order to secure their own suppressor as quickly as possible.

Silencer Central Leading the Way to Minnesota Sales

Few are as excited about the new law as Silencer Central owner Brandon Maddox. Silencer Central wasted no time setting up their presence in Minnesota once they heard that the bill would pass. They work closely with the ATF to ensure that all sales and transfers are done by-the-book so that owners can enjoy their products safely and legally.

Maddox believes that Silencer Central will present the perfect opportunity for firearm owners to expand their collection to include suppressors. “We only do Class 3 items,” assures Maddox, who emphasizes that “99% silencers is our business.”

Another advantage Silencer Central has is their working relationship with the ATF. As one of the leading suppressor dealers in the country, they have enabled thousands of transactions. Maddox points out that “our competitors are not going to know how the process works or how the paperwork needs to be submitted to ATF correctly. We have been doing this for almost ten years; we are experts in ensuring our customers’ paperwork is done correctly with ATF.”

Silencer Centrals already has a presence in Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota and their home state of South Dakota. They intend to enter the Minnesota market on a local level in order to provide the highest level of service possible to firearm owners. “We have plans to open many new stores throughout the state of MN within the next few months,” states Maddox. “Our hiring team will be in action very soon to recruit key professionals that will represent us in Minnesota.”

Anyone who is eager to begin the process of applying for a suppressor can peruse our selection of top-selling silencer products. Rest assured that in a few months the one you have your eye on can be yours to call your very own.  These silencers are often kept a life time, let us help you select the right one the first time!