Our Top Recommendations for Women’s Concealed Carry Guns

Our Top Recommendations for Women’s Concealed Carry Guns

Our Top Recommendations for Women’s Concealed Carry Guns

Women carry, too. More so than you may think.

In fact, a recent study by the Crime Prevention Research Center found that concealed carry permits for women and minorities continue to increase at a much faster rate than for other groups.

Self-defense is increasingly important for women, as it should be. If it’s important to you, too, you might find yourself confused about all the noise out there. From the crazy number of guns on the market to the varying licensing requirements, it can be tough to know what to buy or do first.

We hope this simple guide all about concealed carry for women will help you. We’ll discuss licensing requirements, the best small frame and double-action pistols, and how to carry your weapon.

Concealed Carry for Women: Start With Your License

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your concealed carry license (or permit). It’s important to note that the licensing requirements differ depending on the state you live in (check out these requirements by visiting the USCCA). The process is similar across the board, however.

  1. Do your research: You should start by reading up on state requirements and figuring out what you must do to fulfill them. For example, you might need some fingerprinting or a background check.
  2. Take a concealed carry course: Safety is key, ladies. You’ll need to know how to properly handle your weapon to avoid serious injury and other consequences. Plus, some states require you to take a class before licensing. Simply type “concealed carry classes near me” in Google to find some close.
  3. Fill out your application: You’ll need to find your state’s application, complete it, and file it with the necessary documentation. Most states allow you to fill out an application online which is super convenient.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for your state to determine your eligibility and accept or deny your application. In the meantime, you can start shopping for your first pistol. Or if you are lucky to live in a state with constitutional carry, it will take no time at all.


Best Guns to Choose From

We recommend selecting a small frame, double-action concealed carry pistol. Small frame pistols are easier to conceal, no matter what you’re wearing (yes, even your work blazer or date night attire). Plus, they’re often lighter and fit better in the hand.

Double-action refers to a pistol with a trigger that cocks and releases the hammer. This action enables a faster shot which may be crucial when it comes to defense. Plus, double-action pistols may also be safer as they help prevent accidental discharges. This is due to the long trigger pull being stiffer than single-action pistols.

There are many small frame, double-action pistols on the market. Yet, there are a few we recommend simply based on size, weight, action, and quality.

Small Frame, Double-Action Pistols

Glock 26
It’s recommended that pistols weighing 20-25 ounces are the best for concealed carry. After all, they’re more comfortable for all-day wear. The Glock 26, also known as the “baby Glock” comes in at 19.40 ounces without the magazine and 25.75 with a full magazine. It’s a sub-compact pistol designed for concealed carry.

The Glock 26 fires the 9mm Luger cartridge with minimum recoil. Although the frame is wider than other options, the magazine capacity is 10 rounds, which might be worth the little bit of extra bulk.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0
The S&W M&P Shield M2.0 includes all the features of full-sized M&P pistols only in a lighter and more compact pistol. It fires a 9mm Luger and weighs 18.3 ounces, perfect for concealed carry. The Shield M2.0 comes with two magazines, one 7-round magazine and an extended grip 8-round magazine. It’s also thin, perfect for all-day carry.

Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 2 3.3”
The Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 2 3.3” is hailed as an “optics-ready, deep-cover defensive pistol that goes anywhere.” It weighs 21.5 ounces with a flush magazine and 22.5 ounces with an extended magazine. Plus, this pistol is relatively budget-friendly, coming in at under $450.

All of these pistols are designed to be easy to carry, no matter your carry style. Women come in all shapes and sizes. This means the way you carry will be different than the way others do. It’s important to choose a carry method that fits you.

Body Placement & Required Accessories

Body placement will be unique to each individual. Luckily, there are accessories out there that can help you carry anywhere, no matter what you’re wearing or doing. These methods can help you conceal your weapon, whether you’re at the office or playing taxi driver for your family.

Inside Waistband

This is perhaps one of the most common body placements for all who conceal and carry. Using this method, you can carry your holster and pistol inside of your pants, on your waist. For women, it’s best to situate the gun behind your hip, which is often more comfortable (because we all have curves).

To make this work, you’ll need a gun belt. These come in various styles and types you can choose from.

Outside Waistband

You can also carry your pistol on the outside of your waistband using a gun belt. This is especially useful if you’re carrying while at home or when you’re outside and you need to wear outerwear. Of course, this isn’t suitable when you’re only wearing a single layer as it’s not concealed. For these moments, wear your pistol inside your waistband or try one of the methods below.


For that date night dress, you’ll want to try another method. Using a thigh holster, you can wear your gun on your thigh, which is a great way to conceal when you’re not able to wear a gun belt. There are all kinds of thigh holsters out there in various sizes to fit your needs.


What if you’re wearing pants without belt loops or need to carry while enjoying your morning run in your favorite workout gear? You can also wear your pistol around your stomach using a belly holster (also known as a belly band). These bands wrap around your waist and allow your pistol to fit snugly against your body.

A good trick is to have several different carrying options on hand so you always have a way to carry no matter what the day holds. After all, you’re busy doing all the things and your gun should follow.


Final Thoughts

The best firearm is the one that fits you best! Do some experimenting with different firearms and holsters and find what works best for you. Should you choose to learn more about local laws or what the best set up is for you or anything about the firearm world, contact Silencer Central. We are major advocates in the right to concealed carry, but only when it is done so with the respect of the weapon and a full understanding of the gravity of the firearm world. Learn more about us today!

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