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A Roundup of The Quietest Suppressors on The Market 2024

A Roundup of The Quietest Suppressors on The Market 2024

A Roundup of The Quietest Suppressors on The Market 2024

Like firearm owners, suppressor owners are also often guilty of falling victim to brand loyalty. This can make it hard to get a definitive answer on “the best” of something. That’s why we decided to do our own test of 27 different suppressors and let the results speak for themselves.

We’ll explain how we did the testing below, but since you’re probably anxious to see what suppressors placed where on the list, we’ll give you a look at our chart of the top eight quietest suppressors on the market. Be sure to read to the very end, as there’s a few bonus suppressors on the list, too.

Here’s what we came up with:

Quietest Suppressors by Decibels

BrandSuppressorAvg Decibel Level (.308)
Yankee Hill MachineResonator133.55
Silencer CentralBANISH 30135.16
Thunder Beast Arms CorpUltra 9135.41
Mack BrosMB762L135.74
SilencerCoHybrid 46136.31
Rugged Surge762136.39
SilencerCoChimera 300136.44
LaneScorpion Magnum SST136.71

To get real feedback, we shot real world guns outdoors where they are most likely to be used. This allowed us to measure sound reduction in exactly the kind of setting our customers would be using their guns. We chose a pair of popular bolt action hunting rifles as suppressor platforms. The Remington Model 700 in .308, and a Tika T3 .223 varmint rifle. For ammo, we chose bulk Winchester brand ammo from Walmart in order to test with what is most commonly used in these suppressed hunting platforms.

We fired ten rounds through each suppressor to get an accurate average of the sound from each gun. This allowed for variables like slight differences in manufacturing on the rounds, the effects of the gun and silencer heating up when fired multiple times, and reflects real world sport shooting and hunting rates of fire.

Brüel & Kjær are a Danish firm that specializes in building only high precision sound measuring and testing instruments. We did not hesitate to equip our lab with their tools for this test. We used a B&K sound meter, microphone, pistonphone, pre-amplifier, and barometer.

Yankee Hill Machine Resonator

In creating the Resonator, Yankee Hill Machine has given their popular Turbo 5.56mm model an older brother in the competitive 7.62mm classification. Since it came in first place with .308 and fourth place with .223, it’s definitely a great suppressor and has earned its place at the top of the list.

Silencer Central BANISH 30

The BANISH 30 comes as a 9-inch suppressor holding eight baffles, but if you’ll be shooting suppressed in tighter, confined spaces or hunting blinds, it can easily break down and assemble into a 7-inch configuration with six baffles. Made of a titanium alloy, it also weighs considerably less than most suppressors of similar size.

Thunder Beast Arms Corp ULTRA-9

Available in multiple configurations, the TBAC ULTRA-9 is a titanium, fully-welded tubeless suppressor. This means that it is not designed to be taken apart and the baffles are joined directly to one another instead of being stacked in a separate tube. Simply put, this is a solid suppressor that is lightweight, rugged, and quiet. You can’t go wrong with the TBAC ULTRA-9.

Mack Bros MB762L

A mix of titanium and stainless steel ensure that the MB762L from Mack Bros is built tough yet light. CNC fusion welding on the baffle stack and a unique locking interface system ensure that your suppressor won’t ever shoot loose under any circumstances while maintaining ultimate strength, durability, and, most importantly, decibel reduction.

SilencerCo Hybrid 46

The Hybrid 46 from SilencerCo allows for the hybrid use of both rifle and pistol calibers with the convenience of just one can and one tax stamp. We’re talking 9mm, .45ACP, .300 Blackout, .338 Lapua, .458 SOCOM, .45-70 Government, and more. That’s right: run 9mm and .45-70 Government through the same can!

Rugged Surge762

Made of stainless steel and Stellite, Rugged’s Surge762 is a modular suppressor with no barrel length restrictions and it’s even rated for use with belt-fed full-autos. That means you’ll be able to keep the decibels to a minimum while sending maximum lead downrange. A special taper locking system ensures that it won’t come loose when you don’t want it to and won’t carbon lock when you do want it to come loose.

SilencerCo Chimera 300

With a fully welded stainless steel tube and mixture of Cobalt-6 and Inconel baffles, SilencerCo’s Chimera 300 gives you all the stregth you need without adding any unnecessary weight. With no barrel length restrictions, a full-auto rating, and plenty of caliber vesatility, the Chimera is a fantastic suppressor choice.

Lane Scorpion Magnum SST

You may be unfamiliar with Lane as a brand, but they’re very familiar with making quality, hearing-safe suppressors. Sporting a stainless steel core and cap with a titanium tube (hence the “SST” designation), the Lane Scorpion Magnum SST is a user-serviceable suppressor that does a great job and bringing down the decibels.

Quietest Suppressor For a 5.56

There’s a good reason why a lot of people recommend TBAC suppressors. In our tests, the TBAC ULTRA-9 brought the sound level of a 5.56 down to 132 decibels. Simply put, this is a solid suppressor that is lightweight, rugged, and quiet.

Quietest Suppressor For a 9mm

The BANISH 45 is a modular silencer specifically designed for handguns and pistol caliber carbines in calibers ranging from .45 ACP down to rimfire. Testing shows that it suppresses a 9mm pistol down to just 122 decibels. Made with titanium, the BANISH 45 is the lightest in its class at a mere 9.6 oz in the short configuration of 6.7”.

Quietest Suppressor For a 22

The Dead Air Mask-HD brings the sound of .22 rimfire rounds down to just 113 decibels. It’s not the cheapest rimfire suppressor on the market, but you definitely get what you pay for with the MASK-HD. Dead Air is known for making great suppressors, and this one is no different. You won’t be disappointed.

Save Those Ears And Buy a Suppressor

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