Silencer Central now Licensed in all 42 States where Silencers are Legal

Silencer Central now Licensed in all 42 States where Silencers are Legal

Silencer Central now Licensed in all 42 States where Silencers are Legal

Silencer Central the only silencer dealer that can deliver silencers direct to the customer.

Sioux Falls, SD (April 2020) – Silencer dealer, Silencer Central, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, announced it is now officially licensed by the ATF in all 42 states where silencer use is legal. Silencer Central, unlike other dealers, sells silencers direct to the consumer, utilizing a unique digital/online business model that allows them to ship through captive business entities in all these 42 states. This means Silencer Central customers get their silencers shipped directly to their door!

Silencer Central founder, Brandon Maddox, says, We very much appreciate ATF’s forward thinking and working with us to create the new guidelines that allow the application of today’s digital technology for the sale of silencers. This only serves to make the entire process far simpler for the consumer while maintaining the integrity of the system.

Silencer Central attends hundreds of consumer shows around the country where shooting enthusiasts and hunters can see product and literally buy their silencer of choice on the spot. That silencer, once approved, ultimately is shipped to the customer’s door. Consumers can also shop and buy online at Once again, this is possible thanks to digital technologies such as DocuSign.

Historically, buying a silencer was a very cumbersome and confusing process. The digital ordering and delivery process pioneered by Silencer Central makes the buying process simple, painless and fully compliant with state and federal regulations. There still is a waiting period, which can take from 6 to 10 months, but Silencer Central, through their exclusive eZ-Pay Layaway Plan, allows customers to “pay for it while they wait for it.”

Silencer Central also offers a free NFA Gun Trust. Valued at $249, the trust makes NFA purchases faster and easier and allows their customer to add unlimited co-trustees. This means others (co-trustees) can also legally shoot using their silencer. It also ensures next generation inheritance of the silencer. Silencer Central, since their inception in 2005, has done over 25,000 NFA gun trust silencer transfers individualized and based on the customer’s state of residence. Their process ensures the gun trust paperwork is properly submitted and not rejected by the ATF.

Silencer use is growing at approximately 20% annually, a number that may, in fact, accelerate once more consumers know just how easy Silencer Central’s exclusive digital buying process really is. Gone is the confusion and the frustration previously associated with buying a silencer. Silencer Central’s customer service staff, a big part of their 75+ employees, is highly trained and always available to help. And, Silencer Central will keep a private record of your purchase making future purchases or trust changes even easier.


To learn more or to buy a silencer for your firearm, please visit or contact customer service at 888.781.8778.

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About Silencer Central:
Silencer Central was founded in 2005 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with the goal of reaching the underserved hunting and sport shooting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. For over 15 years, Silencer Central has grown their presence by attending major gun shows across the Midwest and now nation-wide. Silencer Central makes it simple to purchase a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer and shipping directly to their front door, once approved.