Silencer Laws


Life has a way of taking you in unexpected directions at unexpected times. One of those unexpected directions might be moving to a new house (or state) after acquiring a new suppressor. Or maybe you haven’t gotten the suppressor yet, but you’ve already submitted the Form 4 paperwork to the ATF. Whatever the case may be, when you change locations, it means your silencer has changed locations as well. In some circumstances, this means you’ve got some work to do. In others, none at all. Here’s how to know what you need to do for your specific situation.

There are two moving scenarios. One is that you move after you’ve submitted your paperwork but before you’ve received your silencer, and the other is that you move after you’ve received your silencer.


While your paperwork is at the ATF, it goes into a stack with other forms (either physically or digitally with an eForm 4) while it’s waiting to be approved. It’d be very difficult to fish it out of the stack (or the digital pile), get it sent back to us as your dealer, updated by you the applicant, and sent back in. It would likely have to go to the back of the line if that were the chain of events that had to be followed. Luckily, this doesn’t need to happen. You don’t have to alert the ATF of your move. In fact, you don’t need to do anything at all as far as the government is concerned before or after your move. That said, you certainly can notify the ATF of your change of address – if you so choose. (More on that in a little bit.) You do, however, need to alert us as your dealer so that we know where to mail your suppressor once it’s been approved.

One important distinction to make in this scenario is the location of your new residence. If you are just moving within the state you purchased your silencer, then the aforementioned directions are fine. Just contact us – no ATF involvement needed. However, if you are moving out of state, be sure to contact us before you move once you know your new address. We’ll need to contact the ATF NFA Branch to get everything in line with your change of state residency.

The other important distinction is what state, specifically, you’re moving to. Suppressors are only legal in 42 of the 50 states. If you find yourself moving to one of the eight prohibited states, contact us immediately so we can discuss your options.


If you already have your silencer in your possession, then there isn’t anything you need to do whether you’re just moving within one state or from one state to another. ATF’s Form 5320.20, which covers interstate transport and moving of NFA items, does not apply to silencers. It is only applicable to machine guns, destructive devices, AOWs, SBRs, and SBSs. Therefore, you don’t need to notify the ATF about your move if all you own is a silencer. Why give the government information that you don’t have to? If you really want to let the ATF know of your new address, you certainly can, but don’t expect to get any kind of reply or confirmation from them.

Again, this moving scenario assumes that you’re moving between two of the 42 freedom-loving states where suppressor ownership is permitted. If you’re moving to a state where silencers are prohibited, then you’ll need to dispose of your silencer before moving.


If you’re looking for the TL;DR version, here it is:

  • Moving in the same state before you get your silencer: no ATF notification needed, but contact us as your dealer for shipping address changes.
  • Moving in the same state after you get your silencer: no ATF or dealer notification needed.
  • Moving to a new state before you get your silencer: contact us as your dealer and we’ll make the changes necessary with the ATF.
  • Moving to a new state after you get your silencer: no ATF or dealer notification needed.


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