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Silencer Shop vs. Capitol Armory vs. Silencer Central

Silencer Shop vs. Capitol Armory vs. Silencer Central

Silencer Shop vs. Capitol Armory vs. Silencer Central

If you’re in the market for a new silencer, the forms, background check, and other basic requirements can be a pain to deal with. Fortunately, a few industry leaders have developed their own ways of improving the process involved in purchasing a silencer.

Three of those companies, Silencer Shop, Capitol Armory, and Silencer Central have taken concrete steps to help you navigate the world of suppressors — but are all silencer companies created equal? Let’s take a look.

Comparing Silencer Shop vs. Capitol Armory vs. Silencer Central

When you’re searching for a reliable firearm silencer dealer, there are a number of things you should take into account before pulling the trigger. For a simple breakdown of what you can expect when working with Silencer Shop, Capitol Armory, or Silencer Central, take a look at the following table:

Silencer CentralSilencer ShopCapital Armory
Where are you licensed?42 U.S. statesTexasTX, AL, CO, GA, LA, MI, NC, OH, SC, VA, FL
Are you a dealer, manufacturer or wholesaler?We are all three!WholesalerWholesaler
Who handles the paperwork?We handle all of the paperwork for youThey handle some of the paperwork for youThey handle the paperwork for you
How do I receive notifications on my ATF approval status?You’ll hear from Silencer Central’s team at each step along the wayYou’ll be notified by your chosen dealer, not Silencer ShopYou’ll hear from Capitol Armory’s team upon ATF approval
Do you offer payment plans?Yes, you can put just 25% down when you order with zero interest Yes, there’s financing available for approved applicantsYes, a $200 down payment plus 4 equal payments of the remainder and a 19% service fee on the balance
Can you ship the silencer to my home?Yes, we ship direct to your door!No, they ship to a registered Class 3 dealer in your areaShips to door in 12 States. Otherwise, they ship it to your local shop, which often costs additional money
Do you set up an NFA Gun Trust for me?Yes, we do this for FREE with every silencer purchase
Yes, for a $129.95 feeThey offer a DIY gun trust for $79.95
Do you provide barrel threading services?Yes, we do it in-house!No.Yes.
Do you have good customer reviews?4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot5.0 Google Review rating
What’s your refund policy?Full refund within 30 days, less a 25% processing fee and $250 for the NFA Gun TrustStore credit on price of silencer within 90 days of Form 4 approvalRefunds are coordinated between you and the dealer
How long have you been in business?Since 2005Since 2010Since 2008

How Do Silencer Shop, Capitol Armory, and Silencer Central’s Order Processes Compare?

With the many nuances in the world of silencer sales, knowing more about a seller’s background will help you better assess your needs as a shopper. First, let’s examine the wholesale-focused companies, Silencer Shop and Capitol Armory.

Founded in 2010, Texas-based Silencer Shop specializes in wholesale silencer sales. With their unique kiosks that are stationed at approved dealers throughout the country, they’ve developed an approach that makes it easier to submit essential information to the government via a third party. After you do some preliminary work, like gathering paperwork and purchasing a tax stamp, visit a kiosk to file documents and record demographics. Once you’ve signed off and waited for the ATF to approve your application, you can pick up your silencer at the approved dealer.

Another popular wholesaler is Capitol Armory, also based in Texas. This company specializes in the sale of SilencerCo and Dead Air firearm products, among other common brands. Once you make a purchase through their website, they will transfer your order to your preferred dealer. You work with this dealer to undergo the Form 3 and Form 4 process, pay necessary fees and handle pick up. If you’d like, Capitol Armory does offer free preparation of Form 4 paperwork on behalf of your local dealer.

Of course, the world of silencer sales goes beyond just wholesalers and includes both manufacturers and dealers as well. At Silencer Central, we check all three of those boxes. With our comprehensive approach to Class 3 sales, we take care of everything except picking out your new product (though we can help with that as well). With our EZ-Pay system, you simply make a 25% down payment and we get started with all of the paperwork. While we’re hard at work completing the ATF process, you simply pay off the remaining balance in chunks, sit back and wait for the delivery of your silencer.

Is it as Easy to Buy from Capitol Armory as it is from Silencer Central?

In our opinion, no. We take care of the work for you, meaning you don’t have to deal with a middleman in the form of a local gun shop to file ATF paperwork. From start to finish, we’ve made it as simple as possible to purchase a Class 3 firearm.

How Silencer Central Provides the Most Pain-Free Experience

When you choose a silencer from our store, there’s no dealing with kiosks or other third parties— and best of all — no painstaking paperwork to deal with. As soon as you are approved and paid up, have your silencer delivered to your doorstep or pick it up at our store in South Dakota.

Don’t waste time dealing with confusing logistics and boring paperwork. Work with Silencer Central and enjoy more time at the range with the newest addition to your arsenal.

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