Soon to Be Minnesota’s (MN) Foremost Class 3 Dealer

Soon to Be Minnesota’s (MN) Foremost Class 3 Dealer

Soon to Be Minnesota’s (MN) Foremost Class 3 Dealer

Silencer Central has had over a decade of experience legally selling Midwestern citizens class 3 firearms. This tightly-regulated market is often difficult to navigate because of the extensive legal requirements and lengthy amounts of paperwork needed in order to possess a class 3 weapon.

Fortunately, Silencer Central has the knowledge and experience to simplify this process. We make it much easier to own a class 3 firearm in a way that is legal and easy to manage.

Let our expertise guide your decision to buy a suppressor or other class 3 weapon so that you can enjoy a day out on the range or in the field. We can provide a full-service experience from recommending products to helping you apply for them to ensuring that they make their way safely into your hands.

What Are Class 3 Firearms?

On June 26, 1934, the U.S. congress passed a law regulating the use of certain firearms under the National Firearms Act (NFA). This act classified certain firearms as weapons that must be tightly controlled in order to promote public safety.

Much of the legislation was a response to the “gangster” days of the era, where criminals with Thompson submachine guns would wreak havoc on hapless citizens. Since fully automatic weapons, short-barrel weapons and silencers posed the most vivid-looking threats, congress severely limited their ability to be owned by citizens, even those that had never committed a crime in their life.

Class 3 firearms include:

  • Suppressors
  • Short barrel rifles
  • Short barrel shotguns
  • Explosive devices like grenades
  • “Machine Guns” with receivers that enable fully automatic fire or rapid burst fire
  • Any Other Weapon (AOW) a catch-all category for small, concealable weapons or devices like the pump-action “Super Shorty” shotgun

Creating a gun trust can help loosen the regulations required to possess class 3 weapons like silencers, shortening the time needed to process applications and requiring less personal information overall.

How Silencer Central Can Help You Legally Own a Class 3 Weapon in Minnesota

With the recent passing of SF 878, Minnesota residents can now legally own some class 3 weapons, including suppressors. Silencer Central can help you during the process of securing a suppressor of your very own to use when hunting or at an approved firing range.

We can assist you with:

  • Recommending the perfect silencer to go with your firearm
  • Locating inventory on the suppressor of your choice
  • Helping with MN gun trust so that your purchase process can be made significantly easier
  • Providing our customers with a free Minnesota Gun Trust
  • Helping you complete and submit your paperwork to the ATF so that you can have your suppressor as soon as possible

With all the red tape out of the way, all you will have to do is wait for ATF approval and then you can receive the suppressor you had your eyes on. Let Silencer Central be your guide to the new and exciting market of Minnesota suppressor dealers. We promise that no one else can match our level of expertise and experience.

Visit our FAQ page or our article on how to buy a suppressor to learn more about the buying process and how we make it easier.