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Sturgis 2020: Silencer Central Attends the Nations’ Largest Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis 2020: Silencer Central Attends the Nations’ Largest Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis 2020: Silencer Central Attends the Nations’ Largest Motorcycle Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally hardly needs an introduction. It is perhaps one of the most American of festivals that celebrates the freedom of the open road, along with the tradition and culture of motorcycle riders. No matter if you are a weekend warrior or live the biker life 24/7, Sturgis has something to offer.

In fact, Sturgis is a subculture in its own right and creates a sense of identity beyond simply having a motorcycle. Each year around half a million or more people attend, creating a small city of bikers all out to enjoy themselves in the heat of the South Dakota Summer.

It is no wonder then that Silencer Central hit the road too and ran not one, but three booths at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

A Fantastic Outreach Opportunity

Naturally, we were interested in making sales at Sturgis. After all, what business wouldn’t be? However, our primary goal was education and outreach, because the world of silencer ownership is shrouded in mystery, confusion, and legal hassle. And what better place to reach a true cross-section of American gun owners from around the nation than Sturgis?

We have always focused on the needs of first-time silencer owners and were excited to have the chance to bring our message to Sturgis. We also brought the only mail order silencer purchasing opportunity available in the country – but more on that in a minute.

When you are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Americans who value their freedom, and you sell silencers, what are you going to do? Well, you are going to talk a lot!

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The Big News About Silencers

Even in 2020, not everyone understands that silencers are legal or how they can get one of their own. The good news is that 42 out of 50 US states legalize silencer ownership, and you can hunt with a silencer in 40 states!

Silencers are one of the biggest industries of growth in firearms ownership today because they are increasingly affordable and more Americans are discovering what their great grandparents knew about their mail-order Maxim Silencers – they make hunting and shooting more enjoyable.

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Myth Busting Silencers

Sturgis has its own mythology, and we didn’t want to detract from that with some of the crazy myths about silencers and silencer ownership, so we were happy to share these facts with folks.

  • You don’t need a license to own a silencer! That’s right, the myth of the “class 3 license to buy” is just that. Anyone who can legally own a gun can buy a silencer with no special licenses or permits required.
  • Silencers are not whisper quiet like in the movies. Hollywood, and the same people who would just as soon see the free spirit of Sturgis go away, wants you to think the only use for silencers is to promote mayhem. The truth is that these are hearing safety tools that only take the edge off the sound of a gunshot while making firing your gun hearing safe.
  • Silencers are not just for tactical guns. Brandon Maddox founded Silencer Central as Dakota Silencer, and our visit to Sturgis was a return to our regional roots. We saw that hunters weren’t getting any love from the silencer manufacturers, so we focused on getting hunters the silencer they needed to make a good hunting trip into a great one! Silencers are used on everything from tactical guns to traditional lever-action rifles. No matter what you are shooting, we’ve got a silencer for you!
  • Silencers are affordable. Gone are the days where a silencer and tax stamp could cost a working man many months of salary. Today, would-be silencer owners can choose from silencers costing just a few hundred dollars to extreme high-end units. There is a silencer for every budget, and our interest-free eZ-Pay layaway program makes it even easier to buy a silencer.
  • Almost any gun can be fitted with a silencer. Our special mail-in barrel threading program allows you to equip your favorite rifle or semi-auto pistol with a silencer. You don’t need special guns to have a silencer.

Silencers Mailed Directly to Your Doorstep!

The biggest myth we were happy to bust involves what it takes to buy a silencer. Usually, you have to buy a silencer through a dealer in your home state and make several in-person trips to handle paperwork and pickup.

Silencer Central is not only licensed in all 42 silencer-legal states, but we have a special variance from the ATF to permit the entire purchase process to be handled remotely by mail! That’s right, the days of mail-order silencers have returned, and with far more variety than Hiram Maxim could have ever dreamed of.

We’ll even set you up with a free NFA gun trust to make buying your silencer and future NFA devices as easy as possible.

Sturgis attendees were, for the first time since the passage of the National Firearms Act in 1934, able to initiate the purchase of the silencer of their choice in Sturgis regardless of which silencer-legal state they lived in! Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s Get You A Silencer

Hiram Maxim used his silencer technology to make early cars and motorcycles quiet too. We all love loud pipes and loud guns, but sometimes you want to make things a little quieter, and that’s what we’re here for. No matter if you want to make your favorite backyard plinking .22 quieter or get an all-titanium, multi-caliber BANISH Suppressor for your favorite hunting rifles, we are here to get you exactly the silencer you want.

Our expert staff is ready to help you choose your silencer and to get the purchase process started. Remember, buying a silencer can be complicated, but Silencer Central makes the entire process hassle-free, and can even send you pre-filled ATF forms for you to digitally sign and return. 2020 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the firearms industry and almost everything is in short supply. Make sure you get the silencer you want and deserve by acting now! Get started today, and we’ll get you on your way to quieter shooting!

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