The 13 Must-Follow Female Hunters & Hunting Shows

The 13 Must-Follow Female Hunters & Hunting Shows

The 13 Must-Follow Female Hunters & Hunting Shows

Female hunters are on the rise. And many women are empowering other female hunters to get outdoors with female-focused hunting shows and social media platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or an aspiring one, this list of famous female hunters will inspire you. We have something for everyone, including podcasts, educational YouTube channels, and family-oriented TV shows. Let’s dive in.

Female Hunting Show to Watch This Year

The Crush with Lee & Tiffany

Since 2008, Iowa-based couple Lee and Tiffany Lakosky have delighted viewers with their reality hunting show The Crush. Vicariously experience hunting adventures throughout North America, and learn about the joys and trials of a hunting lifestyle. The energetic couple shows you the outdoor industry with humor, honesty and grace.

The couple hunts all sorts of creatures, but whitetails are the heart of their hunting show. They plant over 1,000 acres of food and attach over a hundred cameras on trees to watch and learn about the whitetail deer. You can enjoy their live deer cam, or catch episodes on everything from hunting pheasant in South Dakota to velvet mule deer in Utah.

Check out this award-winning show on the Outdoor Channel for laughs, tears and inspiration.

Winchester Deadly Passions with Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman is the mentor figure every woman hunter needs. Hailing from Minnesota, Melissa spends over 200 days hunting all over the planet to film her show Winchester Deadly Passions. Melissa spent years carving out a hunting and fishing career for herself and started her own production company for her show.

If you need an inspiring role model who shows you true grit, you’ll love Melissa with her down-to-earth teachings and unbridled passion for the great outdoors. Be wowed by her hunt for Kodiak brown bears or polish your own skills with her coyote hunting tips.

You can watch her on the Sportsman Channel every Sunday morning or check out her YouTube channel, where she teaches fellow hunters everything from photography tips to minimizing silencer mirages. H3: Addicted to the Outdoors with Gina Brunson

Addicted to the Outdoors With Gina Brunson

Need a wholesome hunting show that the whole family can enjoy? Try Addicted to the Outdoors with Gina Brunson. She and her husband Jon are hunters who trot the globe in pursuit of adventure. From the woods to the mountains to the oceans, you’ll marvel at the gorgeous landscapes and their bow hunting and spearfishing skills.

Gina and Jon have six children and run three businesses, so they focus their show on hunts the average person can afford. The show is a celebration of family, the outdoor lifestyle, and pursuing your passion no matter the obstacles. Watch it on the Outdoor Channel or digitally on MOTV.

The Most Wanted List with Kristy Lee Cook

Many know Kristy Lee Cook as a country singer from the seventh season of American Idol, but she’s also an accomplished hunter, horseback rider and barrel racer. The Texas resident is the owner and host of the show The Most Wanted List, where she does everything from elk hunting to deep sea fishing.

Along with her two best friends Jessie Jo Stanfill and Jess Hull, Kristy takes on big-game hunting, horseback riding and even riding in jets. The show is about forming community and making memories with fellow women hunters, making this a perfect show to binge during a girls’ night in. You’ll feel uplifted by Kristy’s lighthearted humor and take-life-by-the-horns attitude.

View it on the Sportsman Channel and subscribe to her YouTube channel to catch full episodes and candid extras. H2: Other Female Hunters You Need to be Following on Social Media

Pursue the Wild With Kristi Titus

One of the biggest celebrities in the hunting world is Kristi Titus, producer and host of the digital series Pursue the Wild. Along with her husband Yogi Rausch, the Oregon-based couple pursues big game across North America.

Watching five minutes of Kristi will make you proud to be a female hunter. She stands up for women hunters everywhere, their right to carry, and encourages authenticity in everything she does. Watch her show on CarbonTV or YouTube.

Other Female Hunters You Need to be Following on Social Media

Mia Anstine

Firearms instructor, hunting guide, life coach, archery instructor, writer, keynote speaker, range safety officer—Mia Anstine does it all. Listen to her podcast MAC Outdoors for hunting tips or check out her YouTube channel for delicious recipes made from your hunting spoils. This prolific hunter from southwest Colorado will ignite your desire to live your best hunting life.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to learn about her appearances and events.

Sarah Bowmar

Highly adventurous Sarah Bowmar emboldens women bowhunters everywhere. Together with her husband Josh, she travels the world in pursuit of big game using only her bow.

You can subscribe to the couple’s YouTube channel and watch them take down all sorts of giant game, from hippos in Africa to giant Alaskan brown bears. Follow Sarah on Instagram to learn bowhunting tips and see her extensive charity work.

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell is a land specialist and hunter who grew up on a ranch in southern Montana. She has an insatiable appetite for outdoor recreation and immense respect for the natural world. Delight in her horseback riding and hunting expeditions by following her on Instagram.

Female Hunting Youtube Channels to Watch

Kaitlyn Maus Outdoors

Kaitlyn’s YouTube channel shows women what they can accomplish with perseverance and an open mind. Learn about DIY hunting on public land in her vlog style videos, or get tips on how to pack for hunting. She’ll give you an intimate look at her triumphs and obstacles, and grow your sense of camaraderie with other women hunters.

Katelyn Armstr0ng

Do you want to learn how to climb a tree for hunting? Or know how to avoid mistakes during early hunting season? Check out Katelyn Armstrong’s YouTube channel, where she passes on her wisdom to fellow women hunters with infectious joy. Katelyn is a stellar teacher, demonstrating each skill thoroughly and bringing lots of energy to every video.

Hannah Barron

Alabama native Hannah Barron shows girls they’re never too young to start hunting. Her YouTube channel has over 320,000 subscribers and showcases all her outdoor expeditions, from wild hog hunting to catfish noodling. She’s often joined by her friends and family, showing how hunting bonds people together and results in precious memories.

Podcasts by Women Hunters for Women Hunters

The Women’s Gun Show

Join Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman, and Barbara Baird, editor of Women’s Outdoor News, in this empowering resource for female gun owners. Each episode is between 20 and 60 minutes and packed with useful information and enlightening conversation. They explore everything from conceal-and-carry problems for plus-sized women to domestic violence.

Not Your Average Gun Girls

Entertaining and impactful are just a few words to describe the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast. Amy Robbins, CEO and Co-Founder of Alexo Athletica, hosts the show with Emily Valentine, Founder of Style Me Tactical. Together they staunchly advocate for women’s self-reliance, firearms education and personal safety through conversation and guest interviews.

Listen to their candid discussion with former FBI Special Agent Tracy Walder or learn about staying pain-free at the range with massage therapist Brittany Anne.

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