The Best Caliber For Bighorn Sheep Hunting

The Best Caliber For Bighorn Sheep Hunting

The Best Caliber For Bighorn Sheep Hunting

So you’re gearing up for the bighorn sheep hunt of a lifetime. Awesome! Have you picked out a caliber yet? No matter what kind of hunt you’re planning to go on, picking the right caliber is one of the most important parts of the pre-trip planning process, and a bighorn sheep hunt is no exception.

Of course, there will be plenty of differing opinions out there, and it will eventually be up to you to pick the right one.

Knowledge is key, though, so how about we give you one more opinion about the best caliber for bighorn sheep hunting? I mean, it certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

What Is The Best Caliber For Bighorn Sheep Hunting?

Asking for the best caliber for a bighorn sheep hunt is kind of a loaded question. There are a lot of different answers out there, and most of them are backed up with logical reasons for the conclusion.

The best caliber is the one where you know the capabilities and limitations of the cartridge and its load, how the cartridge and load perform in your chosen rifle, and you as a shooter.

If you’re asking our opinion on the best caliber for bighorn sheep hunting, we think it is the .270 Winchester. The reason? Jack O’Connor. He harvested more sheep than any person who has ever lived, and he took most of them with a rifle chambered for the .270 Winchester cartridge. Jack is a legend in the hunting world, and it would almost be blasphemous to overlook what he accomplished on sheep hunts with a .270 at his side.

Other Calibers For Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the .270 Winchester is the only caliber for sheep hunting. There are plenty of other great options out there. These include – but are certainly not limited to – .30-06 Government, 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Winchester Magnum, and 7mm Remington Magnum.

Any one of those calibers will get the job done so long as you’ve got the right load, the right rifle, and the right individual behind the gun.

How Does The Caliber Affect Your Shot?

Caliber selection has a big impact on your potential shot at a bighorn sheep. You’ll need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the overall caliber you choose as well as those associated with the specific bullet design and grain weight you select.

These things will help determine how far away the bighorn sheep can be for you to ethically take a shot, where exactly you need to place a shot, and what kind of tracking may be necessary after you take your shot.


Tips For Your Next Bighorn Sheep Hunting Trip

Be Patient

Not only do you need to be patient while you’re on the ground hunting, but you also need to be patient in simply being able to go on the hunt. Unless you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars to shell out on a tag and an outfitter, you’ll be relying on the luck of drawing a tag, and those odds are low. If you live in a state where bighorn sheep tags are released, the odds of a first-time resident applicant drawing a sheep tag in any one of these states is less than 1%. If you’re a non-resident, your odds are considerably lower.

Bring Good Binoculars

Bighorn sheep blend in easily among their mountainous habitat. Much of your hunt will be spent behind a pair of binoculars looking for these majestic animals, so don’t skimp on the binos. If you’re using an inferior pair, you could miss an animal that might otherwise have been a good one to go after. Beyond the binoculars, make sure your rifle’s scope is equally as good. You need to make sure that you have a solid sight picture before you pull the trigger.

Hunt Suppressed

Not only will hunting bighorn with a suppressor help you stay stealthy by reducing your sound signature, it’ll also give you the advantage of being able to hear all of the wildlife around you without having to worry about damaging your hearing when it comes time to take your shot.

Bring Plenty of Ammo

Bring more ammo than what fits in and on your gun. In a perfect world, you should only need one shot. In a not-uncommon scenario, you may need a second or third shot. When bighorn sheep hunting, you may be faced with other uncertain circumstances and situations. This could include needing to keep other hungry wild animals away from your fresh harvest. Or you just might need a few extra rounds for some other purpose, and there may not be an easy way to make a quick trip back to town for more ammo when you’re out in bighorn sheep country.

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