The Importance of Hunting Dog Ear Protection

The Importance of Hunting Dog Ear Protection

The Importance of Hunting Dog Ear Protection

There’s nothing that compares to sitting in a blind or walking in a field with your faithful hunting dog by your side. When all goes as planned and the trio of hunter, dog, and gun work in unison, it can create an experience that is without rival.

People take steps to protect their hearing by using a variety of different methods of decibel reduction, but they often forget about their dog’s ears. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the sound of gunfire without proper hearing protection can cause irreparable damage to your hearing and your hunting dog’s hearing, too.

We’ll take a look at how gunshots affect your dog and what you can do to ensure a lifetime of shooting sports enjoyment that won’t compromise the hearing of the hunter and the hunting dog.

Can Dogs Lose Their Hearing From Gunshots?

The simple answer is yes, dogs can lose their hearing from gunshots. While they may not be human (though some of them would certainly argue otherwise), their ears are still sensitive to loud noises, whether once or repetitive. A dog’s hearing is perishable, and once it’s gone, there’s no way to get it back.

What is The Decibel Limit For Hunting Dogs?

We know that the decibel limit for humans is 140. Anything above that number can cause irreparable damage. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact decibel limit for dogs. However, we do know that dog ears are more sensitive than human ears, which enables them to hear much better than we do. So, it stands to reason that their decibel limit would be lower than ours.

6 Easy Ways To Protect Your Hunting Dog With Hearing Protection

Protecting your dog’s hearing isn’t as hard as you might think it is. Here are six really easy ways that you can help your furry friend out.

Use a Suppressor

Obviously, our favorite way to protect your dog’s hearing is to use a suppressor. This allows both you and your dog to be around gunfire without the need for wearing another form of hearing protection. It helps you be in more tune with your surroundings and will help your dog hear commands more easily.

Use Hearing Protection

Ear muffs aren’t just for people. There are actually special-made shooting muffs that are designed to fit dogs. They’re called Mutt Muffs and they may be a good option if you have a dog who won’t be bothered by having something on its head. Just like not all people enjoy ear muffs, the same will be true for dogs.

Be Aware of Positioning

Keeping your dog positioned behind anyone who is shooting is a very easy way to protect its hearing. The further away they are from the gunshots, the less they’ll be impacted by the decibel levels. If the birds are coming at you in a way that would be bad for the dog’s ears, there’s no shame in passing on that shot and waiting for one that’s safer.

Use Sound Deadening Materials

If you’re shooting from a permanent blind, consider building a special dog area that separates them from the shooters. This could be as simple as wooden sheeting or as elaborate as actual acoustic materials used in recording booths. An affordable alternative would be to use old egg cartons.

Practice More

If you’re having to take multiple shots to hit a bird, then you could benefit from some more practice. That’s just the simple truth of the matter. With more practice, you can become a better shot and have more of a chance of hitting a bird with just one shot. For every extra shot that you take to hit one bird, you’re exposing both your ears and your dog’s ears to extra noise that can be eliminated by some practice.

Know Who’s Shooting

When you’re hunting with a group of people, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of seeing birds flying overhead. However, if there are more hunters than there are birds, you don’t need every person shooting at the same bird. Talk with your group so that you all know who is shooting at what and when. That cuts down on the noise level and wasted ammunition.


Typical Dog Ear Protection Scenarios

Of course, we’ve focused mainly on protecting your dog’s ears while you’re actually out hunting with them, there are other scenarios where you should be protecting their ears as well.

Part of training a hunting dog involves acclimating them to the sound of gunfire. This is a good time to get them (and you) used to ear protection for your dog. This could involve fitting them with Mutt Muffs, getting them to stay in a hearing-safe location, or training yourself to be aware of where they are when you take a shot.

Protect Your and Your Dog’s Ears Today and Give Us a Call

Dog owners of all kinds – not just hunters – are very protective of their animals. One of the best ways you can protect them is to protect their hearing. Using a suppressor has the added bonus of protecting your hearing at the same time. Like people, dogs may be prone to forgoing traditional ear protection as a matter of ease and comfort. Using a suppressor takes that out of the equation. Neither you nor your dog is subject to an external form of hearing protection when you use a suppressor. Instead, it’s “built-in” to the gun, and it doesn’t get any easier than that.

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