The Top 10 Tactical Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

The Top 10 Tactical Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

The Top 10 Tactical Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

With crime on the rise and countries going to war, being tactically prepared can give you peace of mind. What is tactical readiness? It means you have the tools and skills to defend yourself, your family, and your possessions against threats.

Fortunately, you don’t have to attend an expensive or tedious boot camp to discover how to become tactically ready. You can learn what you need by listening to tactical podcasts.

Do you need help picking the best tactical podcasts for improving your tactical skills? After listening to several different shows, we compiled a list of our favorites. Here are the top tactical podcasts that made our list and why you should try them:

1. Tactical Tangents

Tactical Tangents is a podcast hosted by tactical experts – Mike and Jim. Mike served as a K9 handler, tactical medic, and SWAT team member, while Jim is an Air Force pilot who participated in multiple air combat and search and rescue operations.

Listening to the podcast can help you learn how to gain a tactical advantage in various scenarios, including self-defense, gunfights, and home security. Tactical Tangents also frequently hosts tactical experts from other essential fields that Mike and Jim have not mastered.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

Tactical Tangents is one of the best tactical podcasts for learning how to mentally prepare to defend yourself and protect your loved ones without hesitation. It’s excellent for both civilians and law enforcement officers who want to develop tactical preparedness.

The podcast provides tips on everything, from survival and home defense to gun security and gunfighting. Tactical Tangents also offers a wealth of knowledge that can help you improve your leadership, decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Uncensored Tactical Podcast

The Uncensored Tactical Podcast is a good place to start if you are new to tactical training. Pat hosts the podcast with zero filters, allowing guests to speak freely and give listeners raw facts.

The podcast often hosts various self-defense, weapons, survival, and combat training experts and posts regularly. The Uncensored Tactical Podcast is especially popular for its lock picking tips, such as how to get into your car or escape from locked rooms with available items.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

The Uncensored Tactical Podcast is worth a listen because of its no-holds-bar content. Every episode is engaging and insightful, ensuring that you receive reliable information that can give you a tactical advantage in various scenarios. Dog owners will also appreciate the podcast’s K9 training tips for making your best friend a more obedient and better protector.

3. Family Man Tactical Show

The Family Man Tactical Show is one of the best tactical podcasts for individuals who prioritize family safety. The podcast offers 30-minute episodes that teach mental and physical preparedness to protect your loved ones and how to respond tactically in various conflict scenarios. The show even has an episode on what family protectors can do in wartime scenarios like the Ukrainian war.

However, don’t let the name fool you. The Family Man Tactical Show is for both male and FEMALE family protectors.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

The Family Man Tactical Show is worth your time because it will reveal things you didn’t know about keeping your family safe and on solid ground. The best part is the pearls of wisdom shared on the podcast are from family women and men going through the same things as you.

Each episode is short and sweet to avoid information overload. Also, you can find tips on gear for tactical family preparedness and being a good leader and team player for your family.

4. Primary & Secondary

Primary & Secondary is all about equipping yourself to be tactically ready. The podcast’s target audiences are civilians and law enforcement officers who need help picking instructors and the right firearms for their unique needs.

Matt Landfair hosts Primary & Secondary, and he regularly invites guests with law enforcement, military, firearms instruction, and weapon manufacturing backgrounds. The ever-revolving panels of guests discuss everything from combat and safety to tactics and firearm options.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

The podcast offers top-notch video and audio quality. Each episode’s high quality and engaging conversations make listening to four-hour episodes enjoyable rather than troublesome.

5. The Tactical Nutrition & Performance Podcast

Having all the tactical gear means nothing if you are not physically fit to execute tactical decisions and take necessary actions. The Tactical Nutrition & Performance Podcast teaches listeners how to eat healthily and exercise to achieve and maintain peak physical preparedness.

Depending on the guest and topic, episodes can be half an hour to over an hour long. Regardless of the length, every episode is engaging due to the knowledge provided and the uncensored delivery.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

Tactical readiness requires being fit enough to respond and protect yourself, your family, and your possessions without hesitation. The Tactical Nutrition & Performance Podcast will teach you how to improve your physique, reflexes, timing, and mental acuity. Improving these aspects of yourself can also elevate your decision-making and critical thinking skills.

6. The Colion Noir Podcast

The host of the Colion Noir Podcast does not have a military, law enforcement, survival, or tactical background, but he does have a law degree and a passion for guns. Colion’s legal knowledge and love for firearms and self-defense enable him to effectively enlighten you about the legal aspects of tactical training and preparedness. The podcast also enlightens listeners about the technologies and hunting laws that affect their rights to bear arms.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

Listening to the Colion Noir podcast will answer many of your questions regarding gun laws and property- and self-defense. While the podcast covers serious topics, the host stays entertaining to keep you engaged. The podcast regularly has reputable guest speakers from different fields, and the high audio and video quality is a plus.

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7. Larry Vickers

The Vickers Tactical Podcast hosted by Larry Vickers is an excellent place to learn about different guns and their unique features and advantages. Larry is an authority on various weapons, thanks to his stint as a Delta Force commando, Green Beret, firearms innovator, and shooting instructor. The video podcast also occasionally has guests that discuss their opinions about the best firearms for specific scenarios.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

If you are a gun enthusiast or collector, the Vickers Tactical Podcast can serve as your ultimate guide for picking the best guns and ammo for your needs. Besides helping you pick the ideal weapon, the podcast shares simple-to-follow gun cleaning and safety tips.

8. Practically Tactical Podcast

The Practically Tactical Podcast teaches listeners about self-defense and carrying and using concealed weapons. The podcast is ideal for civilians who are new to using weapons but eager to learn about self-protection.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

Each episode of Practically Tactical is typically over an hour long. The long conversations provide loads of information that you can apply to strengthen your tactical readiness. Civilians with minimal weapons experience will appreciate the lack of technical jargon and the relatable scenarios used during explanations.

9. Situational Awareness Tactics

Situational Awareness Tactics takes note of our increasingly hostile and volatile environment and provides tips that could save you from being a victim. Real field officers, criminals, and soldiers will teach you the signs to look for that indicate danger and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

The Situational Awareness Tactics podcast is excellent for vulnerable people, especially women and children in high crime areas. The tips provided on the show will help you stay alert and provide you with the tools to spot and keep danger at bay or fend off assailants in different scenarios.

10. Warrior Life – Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat Training

When law and order fall apart, what should you do? The Warrior Life podcast answers this question by teaching audiences about urban survival, escape and evasion, foraging, first aid, close-quarters combat, and self-defense. The podcast is entertaining, but most importantly, it is insightful and provides listeners with the tactical skills needed to survive when they can’t call 911.

Why It’s Worth a Listen

If you love the Second Amendment, you will love hearing the guys at Warrior Life talk about exercising your constitutional rights. New episodes come out regularly, and each one is under 30 minutes and packed with engaging, unfiltered survival and defense truths and tips.

Which Tactical Podcast Will You Try?

The best tactical podcasts to listen to are the ones that discuss the topics that matter to you. Also, the podcast host’s personality and energy should match yours. Otherwise, you could find yourself offended or put off by their comments or opinions. However, podcasts are not the only reliable sources of tactical tips. Check out the rest of the Sound Off Blog to discover more about tactical readiness and gun and ammo usage.