Top Gun Accessories for Women

Top Gun Accessories for Women

Top Gun Accessories for Women

The surge in millions of first-time gun buyers in 2020 and 2021 was made up of 40% women, meaning that we saw 3.3 million women get their first gun recently. Regardless of gender, the first thing most gun owners buy are accessories of some kind. It could be a holster, a light, a laser, etc. There’s no denying that purchasing a firearm is just the tip of the iceberg; a gateway to bins of accessories for most of us.

Even with the promising surge of new female gun owners, the gun industry as a whole is still seen as a man’s world. Thankfully, though, the industry is taking notice and making changes that actually make a difference.

In the past, guns and other shooting products that were marketed toward women were essentially just the same products but in different colors such as pink, purple, and “muddy girl camo.”

This has begun to change. A lot of companies have shifted away from the gender colors in their products and have instead begun to focus on actual user compatibility.

We’ll cover a variety of firearm accessories here, some specifically tailored towards women and some that are geared just toward gun owners of all kinds. Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover.

Holsters for Women

Traditional inside and outside of the waistband holsters are, in and of themselves, gender-neutral products. Sure, you may find them in “girl colors,” but they function just the same.

With that said, there are some holsters that are specifically geared toward women, particularly when it comes to off-body carry and carry positions that would be unconventional for men.

Natalie Concealed Carry Purse

Most women don’t go anywhere without their purses, and many of them are large enough to carry all sorts of items needed throughout the day – including a handgun. This particular purse, known as the Natalie, is a collaboration between Elegant & Armed and Cameleon Bags, which makes a wide variety of concealed carry purses.

A classic and polished bag, the Natalie is made from high-quality, smooth leather. The purse includes a secret pocket that contains a nylon holster to store your firearm. The soft lining and plastic zipper are designed for a comfortable draw and the two zippers allow for an ambidextrous draw.

The purse is strategically structured to hold its shape, so your firearm won’t shift, and you’ll always know the direction your gun is pointing. The holster pocket provides top access only, making this one of our most discreet concealed carry purses.

Athena IWB Leather Holster

No gun owner’s holster collection is truly complete without a leather inside-the-waistband option.

Leather Holster

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The Athena IWB holster is available for just about every handgun model you can think of and comes in three different leather colors. If, however, you want to add a little flair, you can choose from 24 different thread colors for some extra accent pop. Color options include coral, pink, rubytone, teal, and more.


We might be a little biased, but it’s our opinion that every gun owner should have at least one suppressor.

Banish 22

Most people start out their shooting journey with a .22-caliber rifle or handgun. If that’s the case, then our Banish 22 suppressor is a great choice. Designed for use with rimfire pistols and rifles chambered in .22 caliber and smaller, this includes .22 Hornet, .17HMR, and even 5.7×28, so you’ve got a lot of caliber options. It’s even rated for full-auto!

Tests have shown that the Banish 22 brings sound down to about 120 decibels, which is just 10 decibels more than a BB-gun. Essentially, this is as close to “Hollywood quiet” as you can get.

Banish 30 Gold

If guns and suppressors are routine to you and you’re looking to step up your game, then we’d suggest looking at our Banish 30 Gold suppressor.

An exceptionally versatile QD suppressor, the Banish 30 Gold is rated for calibers from rimfire up to 300 RUM. All of our suppressors have been designed for unmatched sound suppression, and testing shows that the Banish 30 Gold reduces the report by 36 decibels. The average sound level heard by shooters is 132.9 decibels!

Handgun Accessories for Women

All gun owners like accessories. This is a guaranteed fact, just like death and taxes. Accessories tend to be heavily weighted toward personal preference. Things like night sights, lights, lasers, etc are all very personal choices, so it’s hard to make recommendations that fit everyone’s taste. So instead of throwing out a bunch of ideas that you may have already thought about, here’s one option you might not have taken into consideration.

Slide Spider Grip Tape

Everyone can benefit from a product that gives them some extra purchase on their gun, especially when it comes to racking one into the chamber. That’s exactly what Slide Spider Grip Tape does.

Each of these grips is made from a strong, durable material that is easy to grab and hold onto, even in extremely moist conditions or extreme temperatures. They are applied to the back of the slide and provide a grip that you can trust by adding extra texture to the slide serrations that are already built into most semi-auto pistols. Since some women have a harder time racking slides or locking them to the rear due to smaller hands and/or grip strength, the grip tape could be beneficial.

Be careful, though, as the very nature of grip tape is to, well, grip things. As such, it could possibly tear up other things it comes into contact with after extended periods of time. Just make sure you are aware of whatever fabric it may be coming into contact with, as ruining a favorite cover garment could happen.

Conceal and Carry Clothing for Women

Just as there are conceal and carry clothing options designed for men, so, too, are ones specifically tailored with women in mind.

Dene Adams Phantom 2 Leggings

Looking to step up from that old pair of LuLa Roe leggings? Dene Adams might be the place to look for a more tactical pair of leggings.


Carrying while wearing leggings can be a bit of a challenge, too, but not when the leggings are purpose-built with concealed carry in mind. That’s exactly what the Phantom 2 leggings by Dene Adams were designed to do.

With a total of five different holstering options, there’s no excuse not to carry while dressing comfortably.

Concealed Carry Knit Sweater

As the weather gets cooler, guns get easier to conceal because clothing gets bigger and is worn in layers. Sweaters are the perfect cover garment, but a sweater with built-in gun access is even better!

Made of merino wool, this knit sweater from Tactica Fashion features false pockets that have a slit opening. To the outside world, it looks like a normal pocket! But little does anyone know – you can reach right through and draw your firearm from a belly band or corset holster in seconds.

With all carry options, it’s highly recommended that you do draw practice and dry fire to be sure that you build muscle memory for how to best deploy your firearm should the need arise. In a stressful situation, drawing from a holster through a hole in a sweater could be difficult. Of course, with practice, anything is possible. Just be aware that perfecting your draw with this cover garment may require some extra practice.

Dene Adams Corset Holster

Corset holsters are another popular option for women. With such a wide variety of sizes, lengths, colors, fasteners, and holsters available, we’d bet that a corset holster is a viable option for 80% of women.

Designed to provide convenient yet secure access to your firearm, Dene Adams makes a wide variety of corset holsters to fit any woman’s specific needs and body type. They offer classic and petite lengths to accommodate those with longer and shorter torsos, as well as smaller compact guns. The classic models are available in sizes ranging from XS up to 4XL.

Available in different color options and with your choice of zipper or hook-and-eye fasteners, the corsets offer ambidextrous locations for your firearm and a spare magazine. When ordering, you choose a Kydex holster that will be molded to the shape of your gun and is also specially designed for fit and retention in the corset. This is important because you’re not just sticking your gun in a fabric pouch; you’re ensuring safe (and comfortable) storage while carrying your gun.

Give a Great Gift for the Gun-Loving Woman in Your Life

Guys aren’t always the best gift-givers, but that doesn’t give you an excuse for giving bad gifts – especially when it comes to guns and gun accessories! Show the gun-loving woman in your life this list and see if anything catches her eye.

If, by chance, what catches her eye is a suppressor, that’s even better! Silencer Central has been selling silencers all day every day for more than 15 years. Give us a call and we’ll set you up with the right suppressor for the lady in your life. (And who knows, she might even let you shoot with it!)

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