The Top Tactical Gear for Men in 2024

The Top Tactical Gear for Men in 2024

The Top Tactical Gear for Men in 2024

Men of action, such as yourself, probably own at least a gun or two, but that’s not enough if you want to be tactically ready. What is tactical readiness? It means that you have everything you need to rapidly respond and defend yourself in combat or survival situations.

To become tactically ready for your next hunting outing or survival training trip, here are the top tactical gear to add to your arsenal and why you should get them.

1. Suppressors

Does recoil throw off your aim or does the sound of gunfire make your ears ring? You can easily improve these issues with a high-quality suppressor. A suppressor is a firearm accessory attached to the muzzle of a gun to reduce gunfire noise. They’re 100% legal in 42 stats, and attaching one to your weapon can significantly improve your hunting or combat training experience.

Why It’s a Must

Suppressors are one of the best pieces of tactical gear to own because they have several different benefits. For instance, using a suppressor can reduce recoil and increase your chances of hitting a target. Increasing your shooting accuracy will help you waste fewer bullets and save money, which is especially important during our current ammo scarcity.

More importantly, using a suppressor will protect the ears of you and everyone around you when you fire your weapon. Good hearing is essential for maintaining situational awareness and staying safe while hunting or training.

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2. Gun Cleaning Kit

gun cleaning kit

A tactically ready man has a weapon that is as ready to fire as he is, and the only way to keep your firearm reliable is to clean it regularly. Instead of buying several items for weapon cleaning, you can get a gun cleaning kit that contains everything you need.

The best gun cleaning kit will contain everything you need to maintain your specific weapon. For instance, if you own a rifle, a cleaning kit for pistols may not have everything you need to service your long gun. Also, if you intend on cleaning your weapon while outdoors, you should get a portable cleaning kit that you can easily whip out and use while on the move.

Why It’s a Must

A gun cleaning kit is a must-have tactical gear because, without regular cleaning, your firearm is more likely to jam, misfire, or rust. In worst-case scenarios, dirt or fouling residue may build up in the barrel and cause the gun to explode and injure you when you pull the trigger. You can find several quality gun cleaning kits at your local gun store or online.

3. Gun Sling

A gun sling is a strap that attaches to your gun to carry the weapon over your shoulder. Several gun sling types are available, but the most popular variations are single-point and two-point slings. You can get either type with leather, canvas, or nylon straps.

Single-point slings attach to one point of a gun and are suitable for pistols and long guns. Double-point slings are ideal for only long guns because they attach to two points on a weapon – the barrel and the butt.

Why It’s a Must

Gun slings are a must-have tactical gear for men who intend on walking long distances with a rifle or other firearms. Why? The sling provides a hands-free way to carry your weapon, allowing you to do other things with your hands while outdoors.

Since you only have to hold your weapon when you need to fire it, you can avoid unnecessarily stressing your arms during hikes or climbs with your gun. You can shop for gun slings at a local gun store or online retailers.


4. Magazine Pouch or Holster

If you intend on doing lots of shooting during your outing, you should consider getting a magazine pouch. A magazine pouch is a holster for your ammo. You can get a pouch that can hold as much ammo as you need, and several types are available for rifle clips, shotgun shells, and other types of ammunition.

Why It’s a Must

Instead of rummaging in your backpack for ammo or overstuffing your pockets with bullets, you can store your ammo in pouches that you can easily reach. There are ammo holsters that attach to belts and pouches you can attach to your vest.

The right magazine pouch for you will depend on your ammo type and how much ammo you need to carry. Besides providing an easy way to carry ammo, magazine pouches keep bullets dry, safe, and secure.

5. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a top tactical gear that every outdoorsman should have. However, first aid kits for outdoorsmen should contain more than a few cotton swabs and band-aids. Premium tactical first aid kits contain at least:

  • Shears
  • Emergency blanket
  • Splits
  • Bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Dressings
  • Cold pack
  • Tape
  • Emergency whistle

Some tactical first aid kits also contain guidebooks that explain how to treat specific injuries with the items in the kit. While a tactical first aid kit should have sufficient supplies to treat your injuries, the bag should not be bulky. Otherwise, you may become tempted to leave the kit at home to save space or lighten your load.

Why It’s a Must

While outdoors, you may be a long way from help if you or one of your crew becomes injured. With a first aid kit, you can clean and dress their injury pending when they can get professional help.

First-aid immediately after an injury can reduce the risk of infection and other complications that may worsen the injury. If the injury is minor, you can treat it with items from your first aid kit and finish your adventure without problems. You can buy tactical first aid kits online.

6. Tactical Boots

You might like the look and style of your fancy sneakers, but they are not appropriate tactical gear for men. Instead, opt for tactical boots built to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The best tactical boots also have outsoles that provide solid footing on various terrains and insoles that absorb shock.

If stealth is essential during your outdoor adventure, you can find tactical boots that minimize the sound of your footsteps as you approach prey or enemies. Tactical boots are available in various colors and styles, but you should always prioritize safety and comfort by buying footwear that matches your feet.

Why It’s a Must

Tactical boots will allow you to traverse various terrains with ease. The footwear will also protect your feet, reducing the risk of injury when you step on sharp objects or other items. Lastly, moisture-wicking and well-padded tactical boots can reduce the likelihood of developing blisters and foot odor or infections. Check out these tactical boots.

7. Tactical Clothing

A wife beater and cargo shorts are not tactical clothing. Appropriate tactical clothing is functional and comfortable, and you can find several options for different environments. You can opt for a tactical polo or t-shirt made with breathable materials and ripstop fabric during warm weather.

When visiting a rough terrain, opt for long sleeve combat shirts. These shirts feature durable fabrics and reinforced elbows that offer protection if you need to crawl. You can pair a tactical polo or long sleeve combat shirt with tactical pants made with durable ripstop fabric. The pants should also have pockets to hold small essentials, such as your phone and knife.

You can also add tactical gloves to protect your knuckles and fingers. If participating in weapon or combat training, add a plate carrier to your ensemble. Wearing a plate carrier during training will help you get used to its weight, so you will have less trouble coping when you need to wear the vest for protection.

Why It’s a Must

Tactical clothing will keep you comfortable, allowing you to focus on the task at hand during your hunting or combat training outing. You can also get tactical clothing with camouflage designs that hide your presence from prey or enemies. Lastly, tactical clothing typically comes with several pockets for carrying essential items. You can shop for tactical clothing at your local gun store or sporting goods store.

8. Tactical Knife

A tactical knife isn’t like a regular knife. It is sturdier and built to give you the upper hand in combat situations. Its versatility also makes it an excellent tool for cutting, whittling, prying, skinning, and performing other activities outdoors.

Several tactical knife designs are available, but we recommend choosing one with an ergonomic and anti-slip grip. Also, go for a tactical knife with a carbon steel or stainless steel blade because they are more durable.

For maximum preparedness, have a small folding knife that stays in your pocket as your backup knife, and a larger, fixed knife that serves as your primary knife. Large, fixed knives offer better control and versatility, but if you cannot reach your big knife, you can make do with a small folding knife.

Why It’s a Must

A knife is a top tactical gear that you should carry with you always. Knives do not jam or run out of bullets during a fight, and you can use one to save or protect yourself in several ways. For instance, you can use it to chop wood for a fire, cut rope for building a shelter, defend yourself, and prep food. You can shop for tactical knives online or at a sporting goods store.

9. Tactical Watch

You cannot go wrong with a tactical watch if you want to add cool tactical gear to your arsenal. The best tactical watches, such as the Suunto Core All Black, don’t just tell time. They also come with an altimeter for measuring altitude, a barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure, and a compass for navigation.

You can also find tactical watches that can monitor your vitals. Compared to civilian watches with similar features, tactical watches are typically more durable and subtle.

Why It’s a Must

A tactical watch like the Suunto Core All Black can help you monitor weather conditions and decide when to move or take shelter. The compass is also an essential feature for navigating unfamiliar terrain. Lastly, because a tactical watch is durable and highly resistant, you do not have to worry about it malfunctioning or falling apart when you take it into harsh weather and extreme terrains. Check out tactical watches here.

10. Tactical Bag

The final top tactical gear for men on our list is the tactical bag. A tactical bag offers a convenient way to carry the things you may need during a combat or hunting outing, such as water, food, GPS, ammo, weapon accessories, extra clothing, binoculars, sunscreen, and bug repellant, and more.

The right tactical bag for your expedition will depend on how much stuff you intend to carry. Besides being large enough for your load, the bag should have adjustable straps so that you can carry it with ease. Also, the bag should be weatherproof to protect its contents.

Why It’s a Must

Without a tactical bag, you may have to carry your belongings in your pockets and arms, which is impractical and inconvenient. If you have the right bag, you can safely carry everything you need to have fun or fulfill your mission outdoors. You can shop for tactical bags online or visit a sporting goods store.

Get the Best Tactical Gear for Your Next Adventure

When equipped with the top tactical gear, you are better equipped and more likely to achieve the purpose of your outing. For example, taking a suppressor with you for combat training or hunting can improve your accuracy and protect your ears. The more targets you hit during your outing, the more fun you’ll have.

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