Why All Gun-Loving Women Should Try a Female Gun Club

Why All Gun-Loving Women Should Try a Female Gun Club

Why All Gun-Loving Women Should Try a Female Gun Club

Women’s gun ownership has been steadily on the rise in the US, but it can still be an intimidating experience. When learning to use a gun, it’s important for women to feel empowered and supported.

If you’re a female who loves guns and are looking to advance your shooting skills, a female gun club can make all the difference. It’s in these clubs that women from all walks of life can build confidence with other female shooters and create shared experiences.

If you are curious about these organizations and want to grow your skills, we’ve assembled all the must-knows about joining a female gun club.

What is a Female Gun Club?

Female gun clubs provide a supportive environment for women to learn about shooting and gun safety. Women are surrounded by peers who share a common interest in firearms and participate in a wide range of programs and events.

Whether it be for sport or defense, joining an all-ladies gun club can be empowering. You get to grow in a judgment-free community that encourages learning and opens the doorway for new experiences.

What Can You Learn From a Ladies Gun Club?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, a female gun club can take your skills to the next level, even if you don’t have your own equipment.

Shooting Lessons

Gun clubs will help connect you to classes designed for your skill level. Lessons can range from classes for beginners to experienced shooters.

You get to learn a variety of skills from experienced instructors in a female-friendly environment. The type of classes depends on the specific gun club in your area, and may include the following courses:

  • Pistol training
  • Concealed carry
  • Defensive shooting
  • Rifle training
  • Shotgun training
  • Competitive Shooting

There are multitudes of courses gun owners can take to improve their skills and safety. In a female gun club, you get the added bonus of being part of a community that centers on women’s empowerment. Taking a class can result in friendships with like-minded women who support female gun ownership.

Gun Safety Courses

Any responsible gun owner will know safety is a number one priority. These classes offer the opportunity to learn all the features of your gun while learning best practices for everything from storage to shooting.

A lot of topics are covered in gun safety courses, so it’s essential to learn in a community that encourages questions. Some gun safety subjects include:

  • Basic gun safety
  • How and where to store firearms
  • Home defense training
  • Personal protection
  • Hunting safety

Shooting Competitions

Recreational shooting is a huge reason to join a women-centered gun club and is a fun way to improve your shooting skills. Even if you’re a novice, you can compete with other women from your club and gain a sense of camaraderie.

Tournaments happen all over the country in a huge variety of disciplines. Your female gun club can alert you to these opportunities, encourage you to compete, and provide you with supportive resources.

The type of competition you choose will depend on your type of firearm and the type of target. Most shooting competitions are divided into shotgun, rifle, and pistol categories.

The types of shooting competitions are endless and can include:

Skeet shooting

  • Bullseye shooting
  • Trapshooting
  • Benchrest shooting
  • Metallic silhouette shooting
  • Clay pigeon shooting

Whatever type you enroll in, you’re sure to enjoy yourself and have inspiring female friends by your side. Your gun club will even help you find female-only competitions. Even if you decide not to compete, you can attend as a spectator and be a strong cheerleader for your fellow gun club members.


How to Find a Female Gun Club Near You

Finding a female gun club is easier than you think. We have some steps you can take to easily join one.

Do a Quick Online Search

For example, you can do a quick internet search. Just type “female gun clubs near me” into your search bar. Check out what comes up and visit their websites.

Learn From Other Female Gun Owners

Maybe you already know other female gun owners and can ask them if they’re already part of a gun club. Or you can reach out to various gun organizations and ask to speak to a member or instructor to get their feedback on local gun clubs to join.

Organizations also have supportive online communities that they link from their website. Often you can find a Facebook page or group and get connected with a member.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews are available through search engines and public social media pages. Don’t be afraid to read thoroughly what members are saying. You want an organization that best fits your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Here are some key aspects to look for in a female gun club:

  • What is their mission statement and does it align with your values?
  • What is the size of the gun club? Do you prefer a bigger or small community?
  • How close are they to you? Is the location easy to access?
  • What is the schedule of classes and events, and does it fit into your calendar?
  • Who are the instructors? Do they have profiles on the website that you can read?
  • What type of classes and events do they offer? Do these classes fit into your skillset?
  • Do they offer added community value, such as online classes or resources?
  • Do they have a try-out period or a visitor’s pass?

Check Out These National Gun Clubs for Women

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of top female gun clubs to check out.

A Girl and A Gun

A Girl and a Gun is a ladies-only shooting league and is “designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish to achieve and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities.”

They offer recreational opportunities, educational classes, and have chapters all across the country. They pride themselves on educating and empowering women from all walks of life.

They also provide free instructional videos on their website, host New Shooter Meet and Greets, and have a Facebook community. Some additional membership perks include:

  • Discounts on events
  • Fitness encouragement
  • Virtual Girls Night Out
  • Shopping discounts
  • National Conference and Girls’ Getaway opportunities

Women on Target – NRA

Women on Target is perfect for beginners or shooters wanting to refresh their skills. They specialize in women who are inexperienced with shooting and don’t require you to have your own equipment.

They host clinics all across the country and it’s easy to sign up from their website. They teach firearm safety, marksmanship, and all the basics of loading and shooting a gun.

They are also very affordable, with course prices ranging from $15 to $75, depending on your equipment needs.

If you don’t own a firearm and are interested in learning about gun ownership and shooting, Women on Target is a great place to start. They are exclusive to women and offer a judgment-free and friendly environment to all-female learners.


Join a Female Gun Club Near You

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