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At Silencer Central, we aim to make a difference. We have worked purposefully to become an expert on the laws regulating our business—attending ATF compliance events, working with attorneys on firearms statutes, and gaining insight to pass on to our valuable customers. We make it our goal to be involved, to communicate our purpose, and to have a voice in terms of the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

We attend dozens of tradeshows and make it our mission to extend our findings. We rely on technology to manage the customer purchasing process and keep them apprised along the way. Our customers enjoy fee-free and interest-free services. Count on trusted services, utmost credibility, and proven tenure in the industry. Silencer Central is leading the way to support fellow outdoor enthusiasts, with every customer at the forefront.


  • White-Glove Suppressor Expert who will walk you through your setup and hunting habits to find the right suppressor for you!
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