.223 XDS Coastal Guns




.223 XDS Coastal Guns

The Xtreme Duty Supressor (XDS) is a thread mounted silencer for 5.56mm rifles and machine guns. It delivers outstanding sound suppression utilizing the Coastal Gun V-Tech baffle design.

It is so effective it can be used safely and comfortably without hearing protection. Using the standard Colt style M-4 weapons system, the Xtreme Duty Supressor gives a sound signature of about half that of an unsuppressed Ruger MK 3 22lr pistol.

The Xtreme Duty Supressor is available with a standard thread mount of 1/2-28. Like the LRT (7.62mm), the Xtreme Duty Supressor has proven itself by improving the host weapons accuracy by dampening barrel harmonics.

The Xtreme Duty Supressor is constructed entirely of 4130 chrome moly steel and is rated for semi auto and limited full auto fire. The entire unit can be disassembled for cleaning.

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