Baffle Removal Tool

$60.00 $49.99



The Silencer Central Baffle Removal Tool allows users to safely disassemble a dirty user-serviceable silencer. The Baffle Removal Tool features corrosion resistant finished alloy steel construction and a piloted brass pusher tip (for .22, .23, .308 threads) to minimize contact wear on the baffles. The baffle removal tool can be used to disassemble any .308, .223, or .22 rimfire silencer that has a removable front-end cap and 5/8-24 TPI or 1/2-28 TPI threads.

  • Made to professionally and quickly remove carbon coated baffles from your silencer.
  • Works on .223 and .308 threaded silencers (1/2 X 28 or 5/8 X 24).
  • Made for BANISH 30, BANISH 22, Varminter 4.0/3.0, Tango, Lima, & all rimfire user serviceable silencers.