Coastal Guns 30 Cal LRT




Coastal Guns 30 Cal LRT

Before the Long Range Tactical (LRT) Sound Suppressor was designed it spent a long time in development. The Coastal Gun designers knew that certain attributes must be attained if they were to produce a high powered rifle suppressor that would compete in and possibly lead the industry.

The main reason for this type of suppressor of course was noise reduction and flash suppression. However we believed that the key to making the LRT one of the best high power suppressors on the market was that it would not only be able to maintain the host rifles accuracy but also improve point of impact reliability.

Because of the added weight to assist with barrel harmonics and extremely precise new V-Tech baffle designs, we have developed a suppressor that we are proud to call the LRT. Whether the need is urban tactical or long range surgical targets, the LRT is the choice for the professional law enforcement and military alike.

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