BANISH Suppressor Cover





The BANISH Suppressor Cover protects yourself and your gear against suppressor heat. The BANISH cover also helps to mitigate optical mirage. As an added benefit, it protects your silencer from scratches and dings that come with normal use. It is easy to put on, allowing you to install or remove a suppressor while still hot. This prevents you from getting burned while letting you shoot comfortably from different positions.

The BANISH Suppressor Cover features include an industrial silica-coated, non-slip design held tight with adjustable straps. The carbon fiber felt is e-Glass 1800° F rated and a noncombustible material that is ideal for high-temperature protection. This wrap is ultra light-weight with aromatic fabric and was designed in South Dakota.

The BANISH Suppressor Cover fits suppressors up to 1.5″ in diameter and is available in 7″ or 9″ length.


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Banish 30 Wrap, Banish 223 Wrap


Black, Tan, Snow Camo


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