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Are you tired of trying to figure out how to buy a silencer in Alabama? Silencer Central is the #1 resource in Alabama for buying a suppressor online. We will help you select the silencer that meets your needs, no matter if it’s a rimfire silencer, a shotgun silencer or a high end .50 BMG, as the nation’s largest silencer dealer, we’ve got you covered. Our massive inventory and exclusive multi-caliber BANISH Suppressor line ensures you will get the silencer you want as quickly as the ATF can process your paperwork.

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Your silencer will be shipped directly to your front door once approved. There is no need to find a dealer location in your state, we are licensed in Alabama and can sell directly to you. No more searching for a gun store that happens to also sell silencers. Silencer Central has been selling silencers for nearly two decades, it’s all we do! AND…we bring you the quality and service that no other dealer can offer. We will even let you pay for it while you wait for it with 25% down and four eZ-Pay, interest-free installments.

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We make buying a silencer as easy as 1-2-3 with a simplified process that isn’t intimidating. Dealing with the government and their regulations is enough to discourage even the most savvy shooting enthusiast. Silencer Central makes it simple to own a silencer. We do all the work for you by helping you select the right silencer for you, managing all paperwork digitally and shipping to your front door once approved!

  1. Buy Online Today
    • You can select from the best suppressor brands including BANISH Suppressors, and we can help you choose the silencer that’s right for you.
  2. We Digitally Manage all the Paperwork for YOU
    • We will manage the entire buying process for you, let you pay for your silencer in four eZ-payments and even set up a free NFA Gun Trust that allows others to use your silencer.
  3. Shipped to Your Front Door Once Approved
    • Once approved, we will ship your new silencer directly to your front door.

Are Silencers Legal in Alabama?

You bet they are! Most states allow silencer ownership and use in hunting. In Alabama, you can use your silencer for target shooting, home defense, hunting, or any other legal use. Silencers are the most popular NFA item to own, and are becoming increasingly recognized as must-have equipment for polite and safe hunting, sport shooting and personal protection. Every gun owner should consider a silencer: They reduce sound and recoil, making shooting a better experience.

To own a silencer in Alabama, you can simply purchase from Silencer Central, your local licensed dealer, and we will complete the ATF registration paperwork. We even give you a free NFA gun trust (a $250 value) so you can let your family and close friends legally use your silencer too!

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Are you ready to buy a silencer? Silencer Central has simplified the buying process so all you have to do is choose the silencer that is right for you, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. Unsure of what the best silencer for your needs is? We are happy to help you select the one you want. We’ve got real world test data on dozens of different silencers, and will match up the right silencer for your gun and your needs.

Silencers are all we do. We have a full-time staff dedicated to making sure your silencer buying experience goes without a hitch. You don’t even need to leave your house. Buy online, we digitally manage the paperwork, and ship to your front door once approved. It really is that SIMPLE.

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