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Mannufacture Model
AB Suppressor F-4-BLK-1/2×28 DT
AWC Silencers Thor PSR
AWC Silencers Thor Turbodyne X 50 BMG – Titanium 7/8×14
Coastal Guns Ultima 45
Coastal Guns Ultima 9mm Ultima 9mm – 1/2×28*
Elite Iron Alpha .50 BMG 1×14
Elite Iron Sierra 375 Direct Thread 5/8×24
Elite Iron Sierra 338 5/8×24
Elite Iron Sierra 338 M18x1
Silencer Co Harvester EVO
YHM Turbo K
YHM Resonator R9 DT 1/2×28 BLK
YHM Turbo K 5.56 Stainless with 1/2-28″ QD Brake