Government Shutdown Threat Averted For Now

Government Shutdown Threat Averted For Now

Government Shutdown Threat Averted For Now

The Latest Developments and Our Ongoing Pledge to Our Customers

In a sudden turn of events, the looming threat of a federal government shutdown was lifted just hours before the midnight deadline. Congress swiftly approved a temporary funding bill to keep government agencies open, and this measure is now awaiting President Joe Biden’s signature to become law. This unexpected development brings both relief and fresh insights into the situation that we, at Silencer Central, have been closely monitoring.

A Last-Minute Reprieve

The rushed funding package, passed by Congress, notably drops aid to Ukraine, a White House priority that had faced opposition from an increasing number of GOP lawmakers. However, it includes a significant increase in federal disaster assistance, totaling $16 billion, which meets President Biden’s full request. This funding bill is set to keep the government operational until November 17.

Our Ongoing Commitment

While the immediate threat of a government shutdown has been averted, we want to reassure our customers that our commitment remains steadfast. At Silencer Central, we’ve been monitoring the situation closely, recognizing that such uncertainties can have a direct impact on your suppressor purchases.

We understand that the processing of eForms and firearms transfers may still face challenges, even in the absence of a shutdown. We want to assure you that we are fully prepared to navigate any ongoing disruptions and minimize their impact on your experience. Silencer Central will continue to monitor the situation, and we remain committed to providing timely updates and information on our website,

Your trust and support are of utmost importance to us, and we will do everything within our power to ensure a smooth and efficient process for your suppressor purchases.

Thank you for your continued trust in Silencer Central.