Guarantee, Warranty, and Cancellation Policy


We make getting a silencer simple—and we commit to doing it right, every time.

  • We guide you through every step, with expert advice from real people. We commit to responding to your questions and concerns within 2 business days.
  • We leave no detail overlooked. We commit to completing your paperwork right, the first time. If you provide accurate information and Silencer Central makes an error on your application that results in a disapproval from the ATF, we will refund your tax stamp in the form of a credit to your account and work quickly to get you resubmitted.
  • We engineer our BANISH™ Suppressors to the highest levels of quality, reliability, and performance. BANISH Suppressors ship with a warranty against defects in manufacturing, but we also guarantee satisfaction and performance. If your BANISH Suppressor does not significantly reduce the report and recoil of your firearm, we’ll buy it back. Learn more.
  • We ship with care. Our silencers are carefully packaged surrounded in durable foam and encased in a hard-sided box to prevent any damage from occurring during transit. Adult signature is required upon delivery. When shipping your barrel(s) for gunsmithing services, we commit to repairing or replacing any firearm damaged in transit, so long as all shipping specifications have been met. Learn more about our shipping policy.


If for any reason you change your mind after purchasing and wish to cancel your order, you will receive a refund for the amount paid at the time of cancellation, less a 25 percent or $200 processing fee (whichever is greater) issued in the form of a Silencer Central e-gift card. Cancellation must be within 30 days of purchase and before any ATF paperwork has been submitted for the item. Unfortunately, once application forms have been submitted to the ATF, we are unable to cancel your order. Purchase of all sale items and is final, and no cancellation or refund will be issued. Applications that are self-withdrawn from the ATF e-Forms portal are not eligible for refund.

ACCount Inactivity Policy

Silencer Central makes buying silencers simple, but our process requires your active participation and attention to detail to help ensure a timely and accurate submission to the ATF. We will communicate with you throughout the process by email and SMS text message (to the email address and phone number you provided at the time of purchase) with requests for information, digital signature, or other action on your part. If we are unable to move your application forward because we have not received a response to our requests, your order may be subject to cancellation, in Silencer Central’s sole discretion. In this event, you will receive a refund for the amount paid at the time of cancellation, less a 25 percent or $200 processing fee (whichever is greater) issued in the form of a Silencer Central e-gift card.


Silencer Central will accept returns for all accessory items within 30 days of delivery, provided the accessories are unused and received in the original packaging. Returns are honored in the form of a Silencer Central e-gift card or replacement product for defective or damaged items. Note: customers are responsible for all shipping fees on returns. Purchase of all sale items is final and cannot be returned.


If your application is denied due to your ineligibility to own a silencer, you will receive the full cost of purchase back, including your tax stamp, less a 25 percent processing fee. If your application is returned without action (RWA), we will resubmit your application after you resolve your record at no additional cost. Should you choose not to resubmit your application, you will receive your full cost of purchase back, including your tax stamp, less a 25 percent processing fee. Refunds for ATF denials or RWA are issued in the form of a check. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

Silencer Central Guarantee

Silencer Central commits to completing your eForm 4 right, the first time. If you provide accurate information and we make an error that results in a disapproval from the ATF, we will refund your tax stamp ($200) in the form of a Silencer Central e-gift card and work quickly to get you resubmitted.


If your BANISH™ Suppressor doesn’t significantly reduce the noise of your firearm, as well as recoil, we’ll buy it back within 30 days of your ATF approval. If performance concerns are noted, you can send your BANISH™ Suppressor back to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We will field test your BANISH™ Suppressor and provide documentation of actual noise reduction and/or recoil results to satisfy our commitment to performance
satisfaction. Additionally, we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of your BANISH™ Suppressor. After you are approved and you receive your BANISH™ Suppressor, you may return your BANISH™ Suppressor to Silencer Central for a full refund in the form of a Silencer Central e-gift card (tax stamp not included). All returns must be within 30 days of delivery signature.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • This offer only applies after the Form 4 is approved by the ATF. Banish™ Suppressor orders cannot be canceled or refunded while the Form 4 is pending.
  • Tax stamp payments will not be refunded.
  • The value of any promotional items earned as part of the original purchase will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • To process a return, you must first contact Silencer Central to receive a return authorization number and begin the Form 4 submission process to transfer the silencer(s) back. At that time, you will receive instructions on how and when to return the Banish™ Suppressor. Following these instructions is required.
  • ATF approval is required before the Banish™ Suppressor can be returned to Silencer Central. Silencer Central is not responsible for any delays caused by the ATF.
  • The refund will be given once Silencer Central receives said Banish™ Suppressor back into our NFA inventory.
  • To receive a full refund, all respective accessories, cases, manuals, and original packaging must accompany your returned Banish™ Suppressor. Your original approved Form 4 is also required.
  • All refunds will be in the form of a Silencer Central Gift Certificate, which is transferrable but not redeemable for cash.
  • Please Note: Silencer Central reserves the right to modify this guarantee at any time without notice. Moreover, Silencer Central reserves the right to refuse specific cases deemed fraudulent.


Silencer Central provides a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and damage caused by the normal use of our products. We will repair or replace free of charge any suppressor manufactured by, or at the direction of, Silencer Central. The product is sold “as is” with no further implied contractual rights or warranties beyond those expressly stated herein.

The lifetime warranty does not apply to certain conditions or acts. It is at the sole discretion and determination of Silencer Central if a defect or condition is covered by this warranty. Conditions not covered include, but are not limited to: modifications, abuse, neglect, use of defective ammunition, use of improperly sized ammunition, and criminal conduct. Silencer Central assumes no liability for damages or bodily injury caused by such acts or omissions as previously described. Abuse and neglect are defined as usage outside of the reasonable scope for which the product is intended, thus contributing to the accelerated and unreasonable premature wear of the suppressor itself.

For warranty repair or replacement requests, please contact customer service at or 888.781.8778.

Please do not ship a suppressor to Silencer Central for a warranty repair or replacement without first contacting Customer Service.


Silencer Central does not warranty, or guarantee, any product performance or claims by the original manufacturer. We do not offer warranty and/or repair services for non-BANISH items. Any complaints or warranty issues must be issued directly to the original manufacturer.


Should you choose to purchase any of our products through the use of a gun trust, Silencer Central may supply you with a free gun trust. Silencer Central is not a law firm, does not provide legal advice to any of its customers, and does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the gun trust provided will meet the legal requirements for establishing a trust under the laws of your jurisdiction. The gun trust is provided for informational purposes only. Should you choose to establish a gun trust, you should contact a local attorney, licensed in your jurisdiction, to assist you. Silencer Central disclaims all liability for any and all uses of the gun trust.