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Hunting with a silencer is more popular than it’s ever been before. How did such a simple tool become a favorite of firearm and outdoor enthusiasts alike? It makes your hunt enjoyable, safe, and effective.

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Benefits of Hunting Suppressed

Benefits of Hunting Suppressed


Reduce Recoil

Silencers help minimize your anticipation of recoil, increasing accuracy even when you’re shooting larger calibers.


Hear Your Surroundings

No need to fumble with earmuffs before your shot. Silencers let you enjoy the full outdoor experience and hear game, other hunters or nearby threats.


Protect Hearing

Many hunters forgo hearing protection, making hearing loss a major issue. Silencers bring the sound of your shot down to a hearing-safe level for you and your hunting companions (including your dog).


Don’t Disturb Game

Avoid scaring unseen game, and allow yourself and others in your group to keep hunting even after hitting your mark. And on the rare chance you miss a tough shot, you may even get a second chance.


Reduce Noise Complaints

Noise complaints are a major factor in losing public hunting ground. Hunting suppressed isn’t just kind to your neighbors — it helps public lands and protects hunter rights.

The Right Silencer
For Every Hunt

Big Game

Hunts for larger game like sheep, deer, bear, and elk often require the use of higher-power, longer-range calibers. Silencers help increase accuracy by reducing the amount of recoil you’re anticipating.

Explore silencers that work well for big game hunting.


Predators like coyotes and wolves are smart, have excellent hearing and are often pretty good at sensing when humans are near. Since hunting them often requires a lot of distance, it’s especially important to make the most of every shot.

Explore silencers that work well for predator hunting.

Varmint Hunting

From prairie dogs to feral hogs, hunting suppressed as a means of pest control is extremely popular. Using a silencer greatly increases your ability to hunt from a single location for a longer duration, leading to more successful hunts.

Explore silencers that work well for big varmint hunting.

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Hunting with a Silencer
is Now Legal in 41 States

How NFA Gun Trusts Work

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  • We also help ensure you completed the gun trust correctly so the ATF doesn’t reject it.
  • We’ve performed over 15,000 Gun Trust Silencer Transfers and counting.
  • We’re the only silencer reseller on the ATF advisory board, which means we not only know the rules and the ropes — we influence them, too.
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