Love the way you pay

Silencer Central offers a no-interest payment plan on all silencers PLUS we ship directly to your front door once approved.

4 equal payments

Pay with four interest-free installments (due every 30 days). First installment due at the time of purchase, and the remainder over time. No application or credit check required.

No fees, ever

Always zero interest, never additional fees period. We’ll email your payment schedule and send notifications so there are no surprises.

ATF Paperwork

Let us handle the paperwork! Once your eZ-Pay Plan is set up and we have your information, we start on your application and trust documents. Our eForms accuracy rate is nearly five times higher than the industry average.

How eZ-Pay works

Here’s how to buy with ez-pay

  • SELECT YOUR SILENCER – Choose your favorite silencer and select “eZ-Pay Plan” before you add the item to your cart. Your down payment will be made by credit card.
  • ATF PAPERWORK – Let us handle the paperwork! Once your eZ-Pay Plan is set up and we have your information, we start on your application and trust documents. Our eForms accuracy rate is nearly five times higher than the industry average.
  • EZ MONTHLY PAYMENTS – We automatically setup recurring payments through your credit card.
  • FRONT DOOR DELIVERY – Once your balance is paid in full and your transfer is approved by the ATF, we will ship right to your front door.

Featured silencer & NFA Gun Trust bundle

Banish 30

Banish 30

or $249.75 with an eZ-Pay Plan

The most versatile suppressor in the Banish line, the Banish 30 works with all of your rifle calibers from .17 to .30 caliber magnums.

  • Modular Suppressor ( 7″ or 9″)
  • Below hearing safe
  • Multi-Caliber .17 to .300 WBY
Length: 7” or 9”
Weight: 11.2 or 14.3 oz
Material: Titanium
Self-Service: Yes
Federal Tax Stamp

All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.

NFA Gun Trust

NFA Gun Trust

Original price was: $249.Current price is: Free.

FREE with every silencer purchase! Silencer Central provides a FREE NFA Trust with the purchase of each silencer.

Total Price: $1,205

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eZ-Pay Plan FAQs

The application process will begin immediately after you complete your purchase. Once we have your fingerprints, passport-style photo, and completed application, we will submit it to the ATF.

Yes, all silencer purchases qualify for a free NFA Gun Trust generated by Silencer Central, individualized and specific to your state.

No, we offer four interest-free, eZ-Pay payments. No fees ever.

Other companies are charging over 15% in fees for this type of payment plan. We buy in large volumes directly from the manufacturer, which eliminates the middleman, allowing us to provide this payment plan to you at no additional cost.

Yes! You will even find a couple SBR’s on our website available with the eZ-Pay option. Our website will always note which products are eligible.

The eZ-Pay Plan was designed for customers in our licensed states (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.) who are filing a Form 4 transfer, which typically takes 12 months for ATF approval.

All customers are welcome to use the eZ-Pay Plan, but please keep in mind that the we do not ship eZ-Pay Plan orders until the order is paid in full. Form 3 transfers (dealer to dealer) are significantly shorter than in-state Form 4 transfers, so your order must be paid in full prior to shipment to your local dealer. Most Non- FFL residents who consider using eZ-Pay Plan elect to pay in full upon Form 3 approval to their local dealer or shortly thereafter.

After your initial down payment you will make three equal payments over the next 90 days (one payment due each month) to pay off your eZ-Pay Plan balance. You will receive an email 5 days prior to your next payment, reminding you that you have a payment coming out.

If you used a credit card for the initial down payment, our system will set up recurring payments automatically. You will receive an invoice via email five days before your payment is due. Recurring payments will be made by credit card; however, you can choose to make a payment by cash or check at least 14 days prior to your monthly recurring payment date.

Yes. You can pay your entire balance at any time during the 90-day period without incurring any penalty.

You will have three equal payments due on the same day each month. If you fail to make any of your monthly payments, your order will be cancelled and all products will be returned to stock. If eZ-Pay Plan products are returned to stock for delinquency of payment, all money you have paid towards your eZ-Pay Plan balance is non-refundable.

If for any reason you change your mind after purchasing and wish to cancel your order, you will receive your full cost of purchase back, including your tax stamp, less a 25 percent processing fee which will be issued in the form of a credit to be applied to a future purchase within one calendar year of cancellation. Please note: If you cancel prior to paying your eZ-Pay Plan in full, refunds from cancellations are based on full cost of purchase–not by percentage of what has been paid to date. Cancellation must be within 30 days of purchase and before any ATF paperwork has been submitted for the item. Unfortunately, once application forms have been submitted to the ATF, we are unable to cancel your order. Purchase of all sale items is final and no cancellation or refund can be issued. See more details about our guarantee, warranty, and cancellation policy.

No. Since your paperwork is specific to you, your trust, or your local dealer, once submitted to the ATF, no changes can be made. Once your purchase has been paid in full and you have received approval from the ATF, you can transfer your silencer to another person, however they will incur an additional $200 fee for another tax stamp and will be subject to current ATF wait times.

Your free ez-pay plan awaits.
Yes, free as in free.