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Fingerprint Card FD-258 Kit

Our Silencers Made Simple process continues with our at-home “Fingerprint Kit” using FD-258 fingerprint cards.


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Federal Tax Stamp

All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.

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NFA Gun Trust

NFA Gun Trust

Original price was: $249.Current price is: Free.

FREE with every silencer purchase! Silencer Central provides a FREE NFA Trust with the purchase of each silencer.

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Silencers for every need and budget

Along with our true multi-caliber, all-titanium BANISH Suppressors, we carry an assortment of the most popular silencers on the market today. This means that no matter what firearm you’re packing, from a sleek .22 pistol to a modern sporting carbine, we have a suppressor for you and your budget. We match that suppressor with a free NFA trust to make sure your silencer stays with the people that care about it. Our range and free trusts are just two reasons we are America’s #1 silencer dealer!

If you already have an NFA trust, you can easily add your suppressor to it. Otherwise, Silencer Central can help you set up a free NFA gun trust. NFA trusts are popular for buying silencers since they are more efficient if you’re going to buy and own multiple NFA items.

One of the primary advantages of an NFA trust is that it allows for multiple people to legally use your suppressor. In addition, they make it easier to transfer ownership after you die.

Plus, they’re relatively quick and easy to process, especially if you’re considering buying a suppressor kit at some point and making your own. Yes, we’d prefer you invest in one of our high-quality, all-titanium BANISH suppressors, but we know that that’s not always realistic. Some of you may want to try your hand at the DIY approach. The e-filed Form 1 and trust paperwork is one of the fastest ways to get your suppressor approved and processed by the ATF if you’re going the DIY route.

For more information on NFA gun trusts, see our full article on how NFA trusts work.

There are several important reasons why you’d want to opt for an NFA trust. One is estate planning. NFA items are notoriously hard to pass down, but a trust allows for the seamless transfer of your silencer to your heir.

Another good reason is that the ATF processes registrations in the name of trusts faster. Like most bureaucratic government processes, we don’t really know why. But we know those silencer registrations made with trusts are processed faster.

Unlike individual ownership, a trust also allows friends and family members to use your silencer if they are part of the trust.

NFA gun trusts vary in price from free to several hundred dollars or more. If you hire a lawyer to draft a gun trust, you’ll likely find yourself paying a fairly steep price. Being all too familiar with the hassle and costs that can come along with obtaining an NFA trust, we decided to offer them to our customers for free.

Generally speaking, there are a few different ways to go about getting an NFA trust: NFA dealers and manufacturers that either sell or offer a free trust with the purchase of a product, lower-priced trusts that are typically more boilerplate, and super expensive (and predatory) boilerplate trusts.

We offer our customers a free trust with the purchase of a suppressor and will take care of the annoying paperwork so you don’t have to. For more information, check out our article on how NFA trusts work.

Yes! Gun trusts are still very much legal and are a popular option for buying and owning a suppressor or other NFA items.