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Barrel Threading

We thread rifles for suppressors or muzzle brakes using a single point threading on a HAAS II commercial lathe (CNC).

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Muzzle Brake - BANISH 46 - 46 caliber maximum

This muzzle brake also works with our Banish 30 Gold.

*Note: Other thread options available upon request. Please call our sales team for details.

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Thread Adapter M13x0.75 RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter M13x0.75 RH to 5/8×24

Product details
Thread Adapter M13x1.25 RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter M13x1.25 RH to 5/8×24

Product details
Thread Adapter M18x1.5 RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter M18x1.5 RH to 5/8×24

Product details
1/2x20 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter 1/2×20 to 1/2×28

Product details
1/2x24 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – 1/2×24 to 5/8×24

Product details
1/2x32 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter 1/2×32 to 5/8×24

Product details
1/2x36 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter 1/2×36 to 5/8×24

Product details
11/16x24 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – 11/16×24 to 5/8×24

Product details
3/4x20 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – 3/4×20 to 5/8×24

Product details
5/8x24 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter 5/8×24 to 1/2×28

Product details
5/8x24 to 11/16x24

Thread Adapter – 5/8×24 to 11/16×24

Product details
5/8x24 to 3/4x24

Thread Adapter – 5/8×24 to 3/4×24

Product details
5/8x32 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – 5/8×32 to 5/8×24

Product details
9/16x24 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter -9/16×24 to 1/2×28

Product details
9/16x24 to 3/4x24

Thread Adapter 9/16×24 to 3/4×24

Product details
9/16x28 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter – 9/16×28 to 1/2×28

Product details
9/16x28 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – 9/16×28 to 5/8×24

Product details
M&P 22 - 3/8x24 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter M&P 22 – 3/8×24 to 1/2×28

Product details
M13x1 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – M13x1 to 5/8×24

Product details
M15x1RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – M15x1RH to 5/8×24

Product details
M18x1.5RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – M18x1.5RH to 5/8×24

Product details
M18x1RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – M18x1RH to 5/8×24

Product details
M24x1.5 to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter – M24x1.5 to 5/8×24

Product details
Sig Mosquito - M9x.75 to 1/2x28

Thread Adapter Sig Mosquito – M9x.75 to 1/2×28

Product details
Thread Adapter 3/4x24 RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter 3/4×24 RH to 5/8×24

Product details
Thread Adapter 9/16x24 RH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter 9/16×24 RH to 5/8×24

Product details
Thread Adapter M14x1 LH to 5/8x24

Thread Adapter M14x1 LH to 5/8×24

Product details
Thread Adapter GSG 1911

.22LR thread adapter 1/2X28 with thread protector

Product details
Pistons - BANISH 45 / 46

The BANISH 45 silencer can be used on a variety of host firearms with different barrel threads by quickly and easily swapping out the piston in the rear of the silencer.

Product details
.223 & .308 mm Rifle Thread Protectors

These thread protectors will prevent damage to the threads of your rifle barrel when a muzzle device is not installed.

Product details
Salvo Choke Adapter

Choke adapters for mounting the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor. Select the choke and spread listed below.

Product details
Thread Adapter : M14x1LH to 5/8x24

M14x1LH to 5/8×24 Thread Adapter

Product details
Adapter 1/2x28 to 5/8x24

These 30 Cal Thread Adapter for AR-15 Barrel Threads are made on CNC equipment and designed to ensure highest level of tolerance to eliminate alignment issues.

Product details
Fixed Barrel Spacer (Ti-RANT 45)

This OEM Fixed Barrel Spacer enables the owner of a AAC Ti-RANT 45 silencer to use it on firearms with non-moving barrels.

Product details
Fixed Barrel Spacer BANISH 45

The BANISH 45 Fixed Barrel Spacer enables the owner of a BANISH 45 multi-caliber suppressor to use it on firearms with non-moving barrels.

Product details
Piston Housing Kit - Banish 46

Piston housing for the Banish 46

Product details
Piston (made for Ti-Rant 45)

The pistons feature heat-treated stainless steel construction and are engraved to identify the thread. Compatible with Ti-RANT 45.

Product details
Walther P-22 Silencer Thread Adapter

This P22 adapter is designed for the Walther P22 and replaces your standard barrel nut.

Product details
Flash Hider - AAC 51T

AAC 51T Flash Hider

Product details
Flash Hider - BANISH 30 GOLD

Flash Hider for the BANISH 30 GOLD

Product details
Muzzle Brake - BANISH 30 GOLD

Muzzle brake for the BANISH 30 GOLD

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Silencers for every need and budget

We carry silencers for anything from rifles, to shotguns, to SBR, to pistols. We have a range of the best silencers for every caliber and barrel length on the market. If your barrel is unthreaded, we even offer our Threading Central services, so you can send it in to be threaded by the fastest rifle threading service out there, using a precise CNC Lathe. It’s just one reason we are America’s #1 silencer dealer!

The benefit of a threaded barrel is that it makes it possible to mount direct-thread suppressors and muzzle brakes. That’s the biggest benefit! A threaded barrel allows you to change out those suppressors and use them on other guns since you don’t have to permanently mount one.

With our own threading service, Threading Central, it’s never been easier or cheaper to get your barrel safely threaded. It’s only $39.99 to send in your barrel with our 360 Mailing Program, and then $99.99 to get it threaded.

Our 360 Mailing Program allows you to get your barrels threaded from anywhere in the country. Using our single point HAAS threading machine, we can thread your barrel with greater precision than is possible using a manual technique.

Yes, you can. We recommend threading your barrel to attach your suppressor. Threading an unthreaded barrel is super easy with our Threading Central HAAS single point threading machine. You can send us your barrel safely, from anywhere in the country, and we will return it expertly threaded.

Threading your barrel or shooting with a threaded barrel should not negatively impact your accuracy at all if it’s done correctly. If you get your barrel threaded through Threading Central, you can send it to us from anywhere in the country and have it returned to you, as accurate as ever.

A threaded barrel is not only worth it but is required if you want to equip your gun with a suppressor or muzzle brake. While there are a few exceptions to this requirement, it’s generally the safest, most common, and most reliable way to attach your can.  

A fixed barrel space and fixed mount are similar, but a little different. A fixed barrel spacer is more universal, as you can use it regardless of your piston’s thread pitch. It’s also generally less expensive than a fixed mount. Mechanically, it replaces only the spring your suppressor’s booster.

A fixed mount replaces the whole booster system inside the suppressor. The biggest downside is that it makes it harder to replace or clean the piston and that it has only a single thread pitch, so can’t be used more universally.

No, a piston and a fixed barrel spacer are two separate accessories. However, they are both part of a suppressor’s booster system, and critical to attaching your silencer to your host firearm.

A piston is the part of the recoil booster that has the threads to actually attach the suppressor to your weapon.

A fixed barrel spacer replaces the spring in the silencer’s recoil booster system and is used with the piston, to attach the suppressor to your firearm.

Yes, barrel spacers are worth the money if the barrel of your gun moves, like in most pistols. A spacer will keep the suppressor from pounding the barrel as it moves, and from damaging either the gun or the silencer.

If you are shooting a rifle with a fixed barrel that does not move, you probably don’t need a spacer for your suppressor mount.