What people are saying:

With my Banish 30 Gold, I have been able to get my kids more into shooting with less recoil and noise, they are asking every weekend. I now have 4 suppressors with quick mounts on 8 rifles and 2 handguns. My Banish 30 gold has enhanced and merged my love for guns and my love for my children.

– Aaron M

I run this on my 17wsm rimfire and the firing pin is louder then the gun. Very nice combo

– Alan M

The Banish 30 was my first suppressor, and I own 2 now. It has dramatically changed my hunting and shooting. I coyote hunt a lot, and the Banish 30 has been a game changer for hunting coyotes as well.

– Albert M

With my Banish 30 on Remington 700 308 , easily hit a 4 inch target at 300 yards. Absolutely love my Banish 30!

– Alex S

Just received my Banish 30 and poor weather couldn’t keep me off the range for a test run. Loved it. Shooting is going to be so much more enjoyable and my accuracy improved with the recoil reduction.

– Amos H

I bought two Banish .223 suppressors for my wife and my AR-15s. We love them, and recently had a great hog hunt in South FL. She dropped two nice hogs, and was very pleased with the stark difference in the reduced noise level with the Banish 223 from Silencer central!

– Anthony P

The Banish 30 has been a great addition to my rifles and is very user friendly. The Banish 30 is very easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. There’s a reason why I have more than just one of them.

– Anthony P
First and for most , Silencer Central deserves #1 in customer service,
From starting the process to getting your first silencer, till the very end when it arrives – like they said ,
on your front door hand delivered.
Buying my first silencer was a huge step for me only because i didn’t really understand the process / paperwork of buying one , but once I made a call to @silenercentral I felt at ease with my customer support agent , he walked me through step by step throughout the entire process, then just waited in the mail for my step by step instructions and honestly it was very easy:
from taking a selfie from your cell phone make sure you follow the instructions. to doing my own finger prints with a complete finger print packet they send to you via mail. When I save up a bit more money I will definitely purchase another silencer from @silencercentral note: I’ve shot my silencer on the range many times with family and friends they can’t believe the difference my Banish 45 is from .22 cal to .45 ACP definitely the best gun accessory purchase i ever made.
– Augusto M

This last fall I was able to tag my very first whitetail at 27yo. And thanks to the Banish 30 my hearing was not effected. An amazing product which has lead to multiple more orders

– Austin D

The Banish 30 is a great way to get youth into shooting. My daughter was a bit apprehensive due to the loud noise from the rifle, but using the Banish30, the noise and recoil were tamed to the point she was more than comfortable shooting. After a little shooting practice, she was able to fill her mentor doe tag.

– Austin F

I used the Banish on a Glock 17, UZI, MP5 and it had excellent sound reduction.

– Austin M

I was able to take my banish backcountry coyote hunting for the first time. The way the coyotes react to a suppressed shot compared to a unpressed shot is truly baffling (punny!) We were able to harvest multiple pairs of dogs, and I will never hunt without my suppressor again. The coyote simply didn’t react the same way they would have prior to shooting suppressed. My Banish Backcountry has proven itself! Thanks silencer, Central for making a fantastic produce and for changing the game in predator control.

– Barrett R

A pair of custom built 22 Nosler Rifles. With the help of a Banish 30 and a Varminter 2.0 these rifles took down a pile of coyotes in ND. They do an amazing job of keeping the noise down. Allowing better follow up shots and the ability to extend the time on a stand. Resulting in more coyotes.

– Ben O

Got to send some lead down range on a gorgeous spring day in Wisconsin with my daughter, and a newly acquired Banish 223. Not having to search for ear protection, just grabbing some ammo and a rifle is awesome!!

– Benjamin R

My banish 30 gave me the opportunity to take two nebraska coyotes! Without it I probably would’ve only been able to take one!

– Bill F