What people are saying:

I run this on my 17wsm rimfire and the firing pin is louder then the gun. Very nice combo

– Alan M

The Banish 30 has been a great addition to my rifles and is very user friendly. The Banish 30 is very easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. There’s a reason why I have more than just one of them.

– Anthony P

I used the Banish on a Glock 17, UZI, MP5 and it had excellent sound reduction.

– Austin M

I use it on a Ruger 10/22 and a Ruger Mark IV target pistol and it is performs excellent and both guns and they cycle fine running subsonic ammo through it, basically like a loud pellet gun. Light and easy to clean.

– Bill V

This silencer works great! I have used it on my .22lr, 9mm, and .45ACP all of them just as quiet as the other. Cleaning is a very easy with instructions if you have never had one before also. Very much worth the money.

– Brandon R

The process to order my suppressor was made super easy by the people at Silencer Central. Great people to work with and they don’t take much of your time to do it. Thanks again.

– Bruce A

Very quiet and light wieght on my 22-250. Great product, i would recommend this to anyone looking for a 556 size suppressor.

– Casey J

Awesome customer service from the original purchase all the way through the entire process. This is my first trust and it went very smoothly. Having someone set up a call and virtually help you step by step, was huge. Can’t wait to get my new suppressor. Thanks for the great service and products.

– Charles B

This suppressor is incredible. I have used it on .17 hmr, .22LR, 5.7×28 AR Pistol, 5.56 AR, and my 22-250 bolt gun. I had zero impact shift on any of my rifles. The suppressor coating stays intact through sonic cleaners as well.

– Chris R

Here is where you go to purchase your next can! No hassle, no red tape, they cut through all of it! They have the best and easiest process for you and they know what they are doing. It would have taken me a long time to research what I needed to do and even more time to get everything together that the government required. Thank you Silencer Central!!

– Cindy N

Love it! Banish 22 has been a great addition to my 22 pistol. Enjoy shooting it with the banish 22 suppressor it’s fantastic, excellent results

– Clifford W

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! oooo boy was that a breeze to get set up and save my ears! Big thanks to Devon G he made the process as easy as pie! I will definitely be using them and buying more ear-saving devices with silencer central in the future. The process literally was no different than buying a gun, simple questions and whatnot to again keep my ears from being destroyed whilst exercising my god-given right to bear arms! Thank you again!

– Clint K

This is an amazing little silencer. Makes subsonic 22 extremely quiet. Semi-auto rifles and pistols run flawlessly with this also. Cleans easier than expected shooting rimfire ammo.

– Cody R

When I called Silencer Central I told the salesman that I wasn’t sure which suppressor I wanted and he went over the pro’s and con’s of the three I was interested in. He asked a few questions and recommended the Banish 30 which is a mid priced suppressor when he could have easily talked me into the higher priced ones real easy.

– Cole P

I like the size of my Banish 22 and it works as well as I hoped it would. I would and have recommended it to others.

– Daniel B