What people are saying:

I use it on a Ruger 10/22 and a Ruger Mark IV target pistol and it is performs excellent and both guns and they cycle fine running subsonic ammo through it, basically like a loud pellet gun. Light and easy to clean.

– Bill V

I love my banish suppressors. Perfect additions to my shooting setups. I love shooting 300 Blackout and 308 Winchester with my Banish 30 Gold. My Banish 223 sits comfortably on my do-everything AR-15. Both suppressors do everything I need while being everything I need, lightweight and quiet!

– Bill W

With my Banish 30 gold I was able to get my daughter in to both shooting and hunting this year. She does not love the noise and flash of rifles and has been too nervous to shoot at a target much less a game animal. With my new Banish 30 gold I was able to get her behind a rifle to fire many rounds with a smile on her face. She now loves to go to the range and field with me and I’m so excited that this suppressor has given us a shared hobby and more opportunities for quality time together. I also love the versatility of the Banish 30 Gold and being able to put it on multiple rifles so that she can try different guns of mine. I purchased this suppressor to make range days more enjoyable and it has delivered on that expectation fully.

– Blake C

Silencer Central and specifically Matthew Hoines my Sales guru has guided me through 4 purchases now with the team. I bought the Banish Gold, Two Banish 22 and a Surefire Mini. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in customer service. My Cans are nothing short of amazing. They allow me to train and introduce new people to the 2A community that would be intimidated without this equipment. Even better I’m able to train more effectively with my daughter. She is at the Virginia Military Institute paving the way to become an army officer. I’m so proud of her and cherish every time I get to shoot with her. Silencer Central has made that time with her even more special. Thank you Matt and the rest of your team for putting out such great tools for us to use! God Bless

– Bradford H

I have shot many coyotes to help local ranchers and wildlife. Running a 6mm creedmoor and a 22-250. Banish 30 and yhm r2. The hearing protection provided with these suppressor I purchased from silencer central is such a game changer. So nice to not ring your ears in all situations. Won’t go back to bare muzzle!

– Braidyn B

Hunting in unfavorable conditions in East Texas for wild hogs with the Banish 30. I have it mounted on a Browning BAR MK3 DBM. With the suppressed recoil and sound I was able to make a quick follow up shot on a second hog. Both ended up being quality boars, 176 lb and 210 lb.

– Brian C

I was the first person in my family to buy a suppressor. I took out my brother, Greg to use my Banish 30 on a 300 blackout at out shooting range. He is a senior chief in the United States navy and I only get to shoot with him maybe once a year if we’re lucky. It was absolutely wonderful to see him shoot suppressed for the first time and the huge smile it brought to his face.

– Brian S

My son was always scared to shoot guns because of the “loud noises” but because of the banish suppressor line I was able to go out and shoot with him with no “loud noises” and now he’s gotten over the fear of the noise. I’ve the banish 30 gold with him and the 45 and the 22

– Brandon P

This silencer works great! I have used it on my .22lr, 9mm, and .45ACP all of them just as quiet as the other. Cleaning is a very easy with instructions if you have never had one before also. Very much worth the money.

– Brandon R

With my Banish 30, I try to do my part to eliminate the scourge of feral hogs destroying farmland all across Texas. My Banish keeps the noise level down so my neighbors can enjoy their sweet tea and their gossip while I ventilate pigs.

– Brain W

The process to order my suppressor was made super easy by the people at Silencer Central. Great people to work with and they don’t take much of your time to do it. Thanks again.

– Bruce A

It was my first year hunting with a suppressor. Hunting with a suppressor is a game changer. After 10 years of running heavy equipment I have terrible hearing. Anything that saves my hearing is worth every penny. I have the Banish series and the Banish 30 I keep on my 7mm PRC and 6.5. The Banish 22 stays on my 17 and 22-250. I am a huge fan.

– Bryce B

Running the banish 30 on a 6mm creedmoor. Game changer on calling in coyotes live the feeling of little recoil and not hurting your ears of you or your hunting partners. Best of all doesn’t make your decoy dogs gun shy.

– Bryce C

This was my first time getting a deer. And being able to shoot surpressed made this hunt so much more comfortable. I was picky and my dad got to come with me which made it better. Banish 30 made the difference when I missed the first shot and took it on the next.

– Calvin D

With my banish 45 I have been shooting with my 1911 and it’s whisper quite easy to clean literally 10 minutes all around a amazing product that any gun lover should have

– Cameron D