What people are saying:

Received my Banish 223 earlier this year and absolutely love it. Quiet, light and well made. Can’t wait to get another ordered here soon. Also, had them thread the barrel. Great people to deal with.

– David F

I shoot consistent 2″ groups at 100 yds with my Henry Frontier model threaded 24″ barrel with the Banish 22 suppressor mounted. That’s using Norma subsonic 1100 fps rounds and the only sound you hear is the action of the hammer. Literally quieter than a mouse fart or with indigestion.

– David P

It’s awesome on my ruger mkIV. Easy to take apart and pretty quiet

– Grady

Can has worked fantastic for me. No issues whatsoever. Use it on everything from .223 up to .308.

– Jay B

Love the size and the ability to disassemble for cleaning.

– Jeff G

1st time using it was on a raccoon. Used it on my .22 rifle, at night. My wife says it sounded like a small whoosh when I shot. More than impressed, they handled everything. Great company.

– Jeffrey S

Kudos to Silencer Central, from beginning to filing the entire process was seamless. It did take a little while to get it all completed, but given the workload that they are dealing with, no complaints. They guided you through the process and made it easy.

– John N

This is an awesome suppressor!! I absolutely love it on my Beretta M9!!

– Justin

Seamless process with Silencer Central. Easy pay is the way to go. Get ALL of your paper work done ASAP and hopefully, the ATF will get their act together. I started the process last May and am just being notified it will be shipped. JUST BE PATIENT

– Justin C

Out in the woods on a hunt or at the range my Banish 45 is the lightest and quietest can in my arsenal, love my Banish suppressor.

– Keith A

I love this suppressor. My daughter is now shooting my 300 and is comfortable with the noise and recoil.

– Kevin K

Amazing suppressor. Very well made and easy to service. I have used it on .22LR, 22WMR and even on an AR platform rifle chambered in 5.7×28! Couldn’t be happier!

– Mark R

Great silencer, really makes range time with a 300WM fun again. For anyone wanting just ONE can to cover most of their rifle calibers, this is it.

– MT

Very impressive! Light weight and significantly dropped noise levels!

– Nate C

Knowledgeable and friendly staff every time you call. I’ve bought multiple cans from them now. I think the Banish line sells itself. The fact that you can self-service them, and with such ease; just separate them from the rest. The great customer service they provide, a far superior product, all while helping with the ATF paperwork; sets Silencer Central apart from everyone else.

– Nate G