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Our Lineup of The Quietest 450 Bushmaster Suppressors

Our Lineup of The Quietest 450 Bushmaster Suppressors

Our Lineup of The Quietest 450 Bushmaster Suppressors

For the shooter who wants to step it up to a cartridge that’s larger than the standard .30-caliber offerings while still using an AR-15 lower, look no further than the 450 Bushmaster. This unique cartridge provides exceptional performance that is only enhanced when paired with a quality suppressor.

If that sounds like you, then read on!

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Understanding the 450 Bushmaster
  • Benefits of Using a Suppressor with the 450 Bushmaster
  • Considerations for Choosing the Best Suppressor
  • Top Suppressor Models for the 450 Bushmaster
  • The Importance of Sound Mitigation in Shooting
  • Legal Implications of Owning a Suppressor
  • Suppressors are NFA Items
  • The Suppressor Buying Process
  • Invest in a Quality 450 Bushmaster Suppressor Today!

Understanding the 450 Bushmaster

Noted gun writer and founder of Gunsite, Jeff Cooper, is due some of the credit for the existence of the 450 Bushmaster. His desire for a .40+ caliber cartridge fired from a rifle that was capable of taking down game out to 250 yards led to the development of the .45 Professional cartridge.

In order to accommodate an existing bullet manufactured by Hornady, they shortened the case length and the overall length so that this new cartridge would fit in the AR-15, which was more popular than the AR-10. With development complete, the name 450 Bushmaster was adopted and the rest is history.

Benefits of Using a Suppressor with the 450 Bushmaster

There’s no denying that the 450 Bushmaster is a stout cartridge. As a result, there are some things that are just a given when shooting it: noise and recoil. Both can be significant if you’re only accustomed to shooting regular 5.56 or .223 ammo. Thankfully, using a quality suppressor can help with both of those things.

If you’re shooting heavy, subsonic ammo through a silencer, you’ll notice a much quieter shooting experience with the 450 Bushmaster because it is traveling slower than the speed of sound, so there’s no supersonic crack, and there’s better gas dissipation. Even when shooting faster supersonic ammo, you’ll notice (and appreciate) the decibel reduction.

Equally important to reduced decibels is the reduced felt recoil you’ll experience when using a silencer. Shooting the 450 Bushmaster through a suppressor will help mitigate some of the felt recoil you’ll experience. Given the physical size of the cartridge, you’ll be glad to have that reduction if you plan on shooting a large quantity of 450 Bushmaster in one session.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Suppressor

There are a number of things that come into play when choosing a suppressor, and they’re just as important whether you’re looking to suppress something as small as .22LR or as large as 450 Bushmaster. Here’s what we think are most important:

  • Sound Reduction
    • The whole point of using a suppressor is to drop the decibels, so be sure to look at test specs to see what kind of decibel reduction a given suppressor offers for the caliber you’ll be shooting – in this case, 450 Bushmaster.
  • Recoil Management
    • One of the best extra benefits of using a suppressor is that it helps reduce recoil. This is especially helpful on larger calibers like the 450 Bushmaster. If you’re planning on a full day of shooting, the less recoil you experience, the better. Plus, less recoil can help make you a better shot.
  • Weight
    • Big bore suppressors can be heavy, and adding a suppressor to the end of your barrel will change the balance of the gun. Be sure to consider how much weight you’ll be adding and whether or not it’s an amount that you can live with long term in multiple situations.
  • Length
    • Putting a suppressor on your gun makes it longer. If you’re running an already long barrel, you want to make sure that the extra suppressor length isn’t going to make the gun unwieldy.
  • Durability

Suppressors are expensive and take awhile to get, but the wait times are trending down overall. Therefore, whatever suppressor you choose to buy is a long term investment. Take into consideration how the suppressor is made and how that will translate into durability and longevity.

Best OverallBANISH 46.46016.3 oz or 20.4 oz7.9" or 10"$1,249
LightestSilencerCo Hybrid 46M.46012.2 oz or 14.9 oz5.78" or 7.72"$1,169
Most AffordableCoastal Gun Model X 458/450.45829 oz8.75"$675
Most VersatileGriffin Bushwhacker 46.46015.8 oz or 17.6 oz7.75"$999
Best Big BoreBowers VERS 50.51020 oz20 oz$895-$995

Top Suppressor Models for the 450 Bushmaster

There are more suppressors on the market today than ever before. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that it’s truly a buyer’s marker. The bad news is that it can make picking the right one a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of what we consider to be the best 450 Bushmaster suppressors available today.

Best Overall: BANISH 46 Banish 46 woo thread down

We admit that we’re probably a little biased, but we truly do believe that the BANISH 46 is the best overall suppressor for use with 450 Bushmaster. Modular in design, it can be used with a wide assortment of rifle calibers including .458 SOCOM and up to the mighty .45-70 Government.

Mounting options abound, including direct thread, a Nielsen Device, or a QD muzzle brake. Modular in design, you can run this can in a short 7.9″ size or a larger 10″ size. Weight is 16.3 oz and 20.4 oz, respective of size. Because the BANISH 46 is made of a combination of titanium and Inconel, it’s incredibly durable without weighing too much.

This user-serviceable suppressor can be easily disassembled for configuration changes and cleaning. Since it’s made of titanium, you can easily clean the baffles in a tumbler, ultrasonic cleaner, or by hand with a brush and solvent.


  • Durable yet lightweight titanium construction
  • Modular design for different lengths
  • User-serviceable for easy cleaning


  • Price may put it out of reach for some people

BANISH 46 Specs

  • Caliber: .460
  • Weight: 16.3 oz or 20.4 oz
  • Length: 7.9″ or 10″
  • Price: $1,249

Lightest: SilencerCo Hybrid 46M

The Hybrid 46M is a modular centerfire rifle suppressor that allows for the removal of a front module which provides the shooter with a shorter and lighter suppressor body still capable of effectively suppressing all centerfire pistol cartridges as well as rifle offerings as large as .45-70 Govt and .458 SOCOM, so it will easily handle the 450 Bushmaster. It weighs less than one pound even in its longest configuration.

The Hybrid 46M is rated up to .460 Weatherby Magnum, and both long and short configurations are full-auto-rated.


  • Even in its full configuration, it’s still the lightest suppressor on this list
  • Shortest on the list in its small configuration and on par with others in full configuration
  • Comes with multiple caliber front caps


  • Fully welded, so user-serviceability is limited

SilencerCo Hybrid 46M Specs

  • Caliber: .460
  • Weight: 12.2 oz or 14.9 oz
  • Length: 5.7″ or 7.7″
  • Price: $1,169

Most Affordable: Coastal Gun Model X 458/450 Coastal Gun Model X 458-450

The X Model 458/450 from Coastal Gun is perfect for the budget-conscious big bore suppressor buyer. By taking a solid piece of aircraft-grade billet stainless steel and machining a silencer, it means that there’s no entrance cap – it is an integral part of the suppressor – and no spacers – they are machined into the suppressor body.



Spiral flutes on the exterior aid in cooling, which is important when you’re shooting such large calibers. This suppressor is built like an absolute tank, so you can be sure that it will last a very long time no matter how much 450 Bushmaster you put through it.


  • Price point makes it very affordable even with the tax stamp cost
  • It’s not sealed, which makes it user-serviceable
  • Being made from one solid billet makes it very durable


  • It’s the heaviest suppressor on the list

Coastal Gun Model X 458/450 Specs

  • Caliber: .458
  • Weight: 29 oz
  • Length: 8.75″
  • Price: $675

Most Versatile: Griffin Bushwhacker 46

Versatility is the name of the game with the Griffin Bushwhacker 46, making it a great option for the 450 Bushmaster. Engineered to be more compact, more durable, with higher performance, and more mounting options than any other, the Bushwhacker 46 is the class leader in the most versatile category.

This more updated version provides better sound reduction, stronger construction, reduced backpressure, and higher heat resistance. This all adds up to a suppressor that will take whatever you throw at it, no matter the caliber or what firearm and mounting option of choice that you use as your host.


  • User-serviceable for easy maintenance
  • The newer Gen 2 version offers even more decibel reduction
  • Compatible with a wide variety of mounting options, pistons, and end caps for optimum versatility with multiple calibers


  • Not modular in design

Griffin Bushwhacker 46 Specs

  • Caliber: .460
  • Weight: 15.8 oz or 17.6 oz
  • Length: 7.7″
  • Price: $999

Best Big Bore: Bowers VERS 50

For the big bore shooter who wants just one suppressor to do it all, this is it. If you want to up your big bore game beyond 450 Bushmaster and step into the world of .50 caliber, then the Bowers VERS 50 has got you covered. Rated for everything up to .510 Beowulf (bet you didn’t even know that existed!), the VERS 50 weighs just 20 ounces – pretty darn light for what this suppressor is capable of taming.


  • Since it’s a .50 caliber can, you get even more options in terms of calibers
  • A variety of mounting thread inserts are available for your preferred form of attachment
  • Can be ordered with an optional all-stainless baffle stack, which changes the rating to 2,650 FPS


  • Not user-serviceable

Bowers VERS 50 Specs

  • Caliber: .510
  • Weight: 20 oz
  • Length: 11.2″
  • Price: $895-$995

The Importance of Sound Mitigation in Shooting

Shooting suppressed isn’t just beneficial for you as the shooter. It’s also beneficial to those around you. Whether that’s the person in the next bay at the indoor range, people in nearby houses at an outdoor range, or residents on neighboring properties when you’re hunting, the sound mitigation provided by a suppressor makes you a more polite shooter, as it were. Being aware of the implications of the sound of gunfire for those around you can help maintain good relationships with the non-shooters in your area.

Legal Implications of Owning a Suppressor

It is absolutely paramount that you understand and follow all of the federal and state laws that surround suppressor ownership. Failure to do so can result in steep fines and even time behind bars.

In addition to understanding and abiding by federal and state laws, it’s also important to check with your local government and make sure that owning a suppressor is legal in the specific area where you live. While rare, there are some cities and counties that place restrictions on suppressor ownership.

Suppressors are NFA Items

Suppressors fall under the regulations set out in the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. This makes them NFA items, which is probably a term you’ve heard before even if you’re brand new to the world of suppressors.

Being classified as an NFA item groups suppressors together in the same category as short-barrel rifles (SBR), short-barrel shotguns (SBS), and even machine guns. Yes, machine guns. If that sounds silly, well, that’s it’s because it is. Like it or not, it’s the law and we must abide by it. Because suppressors NFA items, there’s a bit more involvement in the buying process.

The Suppressor Buying Process

At Silencer Central, we revolutionized the suppressor world and made the buying process easier than ever before. Our staff will guide you through the entire process, handle all of the paperwork, and send your suppressor to your front doos. Here’s a brief rundown of how it works:

1. Find out whether silencers are legal to own in your state.

As of 2023, suppressors are legal in 42 of the 50 states. The eight that do not are California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island – and the District of Columbia.

2. Pick the suppressor that’s right for you.

Silencer Central has an excellent, knowledgeable team who know suppressors forwards and backwards, allowing them to easily help you pick the right suppressor for your needs. We’ve helped more customers than we can count find the right suppressor, and we can help you, too.

3. Buy your silencer and tax stamp.

Buying a silencer also involves buying a $200 Federal tax stamp as required by the Federal government and the NFA.

4. Silencer Central handles all the paperwork.

After we gather all of your necessary information, we will email you your application, already pre-filled with your info in all the right spots, ready for you to review and digitally sign. After you sign everything, we forward your application to the ATF. Once your background check is completed by the FBI and the ATF issues your tax stamp, we can mail your new 450 Bushmaster suppressor right to your front door.

5. eZ-Pay: Pay while you wait.

Suppressors are expensive and the wait time is a bummer, but at Silencer Central, we’ve made paying for your suppressor easy, too. Just pay 25 percent down, and 25 percent a month for the next three months, and pay your silencer off while you wait for ATF approval. There’s also no waiting for application submission. We submit your ATF paperwork as soon as your first payment is made. Best of all, it’s completely interest free.

Invest in a Quality 450 Bushmaster Suppressor Today!

The staff at Silencer Central has been shooting and selling suppressors for more than 15 years. Suffice it to say that we’ve got a pretty good idea which silencers pair best with certain guns and calibers, like the 450 Bushmaster cartridge. If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll happily talk you through the options and then, when you’re ready, get you on your way to silencer ownership and suppressed shooting!