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Banish 46 Baffle Removal Tool Adapter


The Banish 46 Adapter is made to attach to your Baffle Removal Tool to safely disassemble a dirty user-serveable silencer.

30-Day Guaran­tee

30-Day Guaran­tee

If you don’t love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund – just contact us and we’ll take care of you. Note, reimbursement cannot exceed amount paid.

Description & specs

The Banish 46 Baffle Removal Adapter connects directly to your existing Silencer Central Baffle Removal Tool. This will allow users to disassemble a dirty user-serviceable silencer safely.

  • Made to professionally and quickly remove carbon-coated baffles from your silencer
  • Will covert your Silencer Central Baffle Removal Tool to work with the Banish 46

Get a Baffle Removal Tool for only 49.99



Baffle Removal Videos

Using the Baffle Removal Tool for Suppressor Cleaning
BANISH 30 Suppressor: Disassemble and Reassemble
BANISH 45 Suppressor: Disassemble and Reassemble
Teardown of BANISH 223 Multi-Caliber Suppressor
Blindfolded Take-down BANISH 30 multi-caliber suppressor
Teardown of the Banish 22 Suppressor