10 Gifts Any Deer Hunter Will Fawn Over

10 Gifts Any Deer Hunter Will Fawn Over

10 Gifts Any Deer Hunter Will Fawn Over

Buying gifts for deer hunters can be a nightmare, especially if you are a hunting novice. If every year, you struggle with what to buy your deer-hunting-loving friend or family, your troubles are over. We’ve compiled ten fantastic deer hunter gifts that will blow anyone’s mind (metaphorically, of course) and leave them itching to hunt. Here are the gift ideas that made our list:

Banish 30 Gold Silencer

It’s not an actual gold silencer, so your wallet is safe. Instead, the Banish 30 Gold silencer has a durable titanium alloy build with a Cerakote finish that protects it from the elements.

The suppressor is the perfect gift for hunters because it makes a hunting rifle look more tactical and reduces gunfire noise (by over 30 decibels) to protect your ears. It also minimizes recoil to make hunting more enjoyable, and you can further reduce the recoil with one of the two muzzle brakes that come with the suppressor.

The easy-to-clean premium components ensure that your loved one will enjoy this gift for a long time. Lastly, since the Banish 30 Gold works with various popular hunting calibers (rimfire to .300 RUM), you don’t have to worry about the suppressor fitting the recipient’s firearm.

Hunter’s Specialties Drury Outdoors Rack Jack Rattle Device Deer Call

Does your friend complain about having trouble finding deer during hunts? Make their life better by gifting them the Rack Jack Rattle Device. It’s a deer call that mimics the sound of two fighting bucks. The sound can lure deer out of hiding and close enough to take a shot, making tracking prey much easier.

Unlike similar deer calls, the Rack Jack Rattle Device is compact and easy to carry. Also, since it’s affordable, the device is the perfect deer hunter gift if you are on a budget.

Moultrie Edge Trail Camera

Do you know an old-school hunter who believes modern hunting gear are pointless toys? Change their mind by gifting them the Moultrie Edge Trail Camera.

The cellular trail camera allows you to monitor deer trails remotely from the comfort of your mobile device. You can learn when deer use specific paths and use the information to scout the best areas to set up hunting blinds or stands.

The Moultrie Edge Trail Camera is the perfect trail camera because it provides clear images during the day and night and has long-lasting batteries. Also, setting it up is easy, and the design ensures its presence won’t spook passing prey.

LEM Big Bite 1 HP Electric Meat Grinder

The LEM Big Bite 1 HP Electric Meat Grinder is an excellent gift for deer hunters who love venison. The heavy-duty grinder is perfect for grinding deer meat to make burger patties, sausages, and other recipes.

Besides deer meat, you can use the grinder for other types of meat, including traditional options like beef. Also, the grinder comes with extras like a stainless steel knife, a large meat pan, stuffing tubes, and more, making it the complete package for venison lovers.

Coastal Guns XDS

If your friend prefers hunting with a fully automatic rifle, make their day by gifting them the Xtreme Duty Suppressor (XDS). The thread-mounted suppressor works with 5.56mm rifles and machine guns to deliver impressive gunfire noise suppression. The noise suppression is so effective that your friend can go on mag dump sprees without worrying about hearing loss.

Buck 110 Hunting Knife

You cannot go wrong with the Buck 100 hunting knife if you want customizable deer hunter gifts. The beautiful folding knife has a keen blade for field dressing kills and an authentic ebony handle. A hunter can also use it as a secondary weapon.

Personalize the Buck 110 hunting knife and make it a more valuable gift by asking the seller to laser engrave the recipient’s name or a greeting into the blade. The knife also comes with a genuine leather sheath and a forever warranty that guarantees the owner will enjoy it for life.

Darn Tough Hunting Socks

Hunting is much more fun when you are comfortable. Improve the hunting life of your loved ones by gifting them Darn Tough Hunting Socks. These Merino wool socks are breathable to prevent sweaty feet and thick to protect against chafing and sores.

The thick socks can also insulate your feet and keep your toes warm if hunting during cold weather. You can get these socks in various colors and sizes to fit the style and comfort needs of whoever you buy them for.

Garmin Outdoor Watch with GPS

A hunter does not need a fancy gold watch while hunting prey. Instead, a hunter needs a stealthy watch that can stay comfortable, withstand the elements, and show the time in different lighting conditions. A Garmin Outdoor Watch with GPS checks all these boxes and more.

Whether you choose one with a nylon, rubber, or silicone strap, you will end up with a watch that offers accurate GPS and various health monitoring features. Options are available for different budgets and lifestyles, and you can get a Garmin Outdoor Watch in various tactical colors.

Scent Crusher Ozone Go Max

Transporting deer meat from the woods to the house can leave your vehicle with a smell. Help your hunting buddy keep their vehicle smelling fresh by gifting them the Scent Crusher Ozone Go Max. The maintenance-free device uses ozone technology to eliminate strong odors.

Installation only requires plugging the system into the cigarette lighter outlet. Within 30 minutes of plugging the Scent Crusher Ozone Go Max, the smell of dead deer will be no more.

Vortex Viper HD 10×42 Hunting Binoculars

Last but not least on our list of the best deer hunter gifts is the Vortex Viper HD 10×42 Hunting Binoculars. With these binoculars, hunters can clearly see up to 1,000 yards, making the binocs perfect for tracking and spotting far-off prey.

You can zoom up to 10x without losing clarity or color fidelity, and the lightweight build makes carrying the binoculars hassle-free. It even comes with a chest harness that keeps the binoculars easily reachable. Lastly, the Vortex Viper Binoculars have a durable coating that keeps the lenses scratch and dirt-free.

Give the Gift of Silence

Hunting is fun, but the sound of deafening gunfire isn’t. Suppressors make the perfect gift for hunters because they take the noise out of hunting, and you can buy one for friends, family, or even yourself.

Are you hesitant about buying one because of the price? If so, remember that a suppressor will always cost less than the emotional and financial cost of going deaf from loud gunfire. Investing in a suppressor will also make you a better shooter because it reduces felt recoil.

Besides the Banish 30 Gold silencer, there are other suppressors you can choose from to gift a hunter, including less expensive ones like the:

Banish 30

The Banish 30 is a highly versatile suppressor that works with many calibers hunters use, including .17 to .30 caliber magnums. The suppressor is also modular, meaning you can easily adjust it to be seven or nine inches long. When it comes to gunfire noise reduction, the Banish 30 gets top scores with its ability to lower gun reports by up to 34 decibels.

Banish 22

The Banish 22 is a high-quality product built for suppressing rimfire rifles and pistols that shoot .22 caliber or smaller rounds. It’s arguably the quietest rimfire suppressor on the market, making it perfect for protecting your hearing.

The full titanium construction makes the silencer highly durable even when shooting full-auto firearms. Lastly, since the suppressor weighs roughly four ounces, you will hardly notice its weight on your gun.

Salvo™ 12G Silencer

Contrary to what you might have heard, you can suppress a shotgun. The Salvo™ 12G silencer is a highly effective noise and recoil suppressor for 12-gauge shotguns, including pump-action and semi-auto variants. It can lower gunfire noise to about 136 decibels – far quieter than many handguns.

Since the suppressor is modular, you can easily adjust its weight and length to meet your shooting needs. Also, attaching the Salvo™ 12G silencer to a shotgun is hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly choke mount.

Looking to Spend Some Doe? Buy a Silencer Today!

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