15 Gift Ideas for Gun-Loving Guys

15 Gift Ideas for Gun-Loving Guys

15 Gift Ideas for Gun-Loving Guys

If you’ve got a gun guy in your life, getting them something related to guns is always a great idea for a gift, but what if you’re not a gun person yourself? It can make gun-related gift-giving a little tricky if you’re not savvy about all the options out there from which you can choose. Fear not: we’re here to help! We’ll go over a wide variety of items you can get that don’t involve needing to know much of anything about guns yourself!

Without further ado, let’s get you set to be the best secret Santa for the gun guy in your life!

Accessories for Their Guns

The only thing gun guys love more than guns are gun accessories. Seriously, most gun guys are like most women when it comes to shoes. The gun guy in your life probably has boxes and bags full of gun-related items stashed throughout the house, garage, or shed. Still, one can never have too many accessories, so let’s take a look at some good options.

Gun Cases

Gun Case

Most gun guys have far more guns than they do gun cases. Whether you decide to go with a hard case like the ones from Pelican or a soft sleeve, they’ll be tickled pink to have another way to safely transport their guns.

Gun Scopes

If the gun guy in your life is a hunter or a long-range shooter, then a new scope is a great idea. Find out their favorite brand (like Vortex or Leupold) and get them a gift card so that they can pick out the exact model that fits their needs.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit

Guns get dirty when you shoot them. That’s just a simple fact. Getting someone a cleaning kit is always a solid choice because it’s something they’ll always need! (It’s kind of like buying socks – but way better.)

Attachable Flashlight

There are a ton of options for gun-mounted lights, so if you’re going this route, it’s best to find out the exact make andRemove featured image model gun they own before deciding on a light.


Handguns equipped with the new flashlight you just bought will need a new holster to go with it, too, because the overall shape of the gun has now changed. Find out if they like shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, etc., and go from there.

Gun Lock or Safe

New guns come with standard gun cable locks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy another type of gun safety device as all gun locks are not created equal. A quick-deploy pistol safe or even a full-size gun safe are both solid choices at opposite ends of the budget spectrum.


Gift Card

Nothing says you care about someone like wanting to protect their hearing, and there’s no better way to do that than with a BANISH suppressor. Since they’ll need to get with us to do paperwork, give them a gift card for a new suppressor this year.

Give the Gift of Silence!

A Reason to Go Shoot

Sometimes it can be hard to carve out the time to actually go shooting. It could be for any number of reasons: not enough ammo, range time is expensive, free time is scarce, or punching holes in paper isn’t cutting it anymore.

A trip to the gun range

Whether the issue is that range time is expensive or they just can’t find the time to go, if you pre-pay for a range membership or even just a couple hours of shooting time, then there’s more incentive to actually go get some trigger time.

A case of clay pigeons

If your gun guy is a shotgunner, chances are good that they shoot at clay pigeons. These can be bought by the case and are an inexpensive way to keep your shotgunner out on the range and well-stocked with targets.

A case of ammo

Guns are useless without ammo. No gun guy has ever balked at being given ammo. Find out their favorite caliber and grab them a box or two – or really show the love and buy a case of 1,000 rounds!

Shooting events at ranges

If punching holes in paper isn’t exciting anymore, see if any of your local ranges have special events coming up that they could try out. It could be a defensive class, an intro to 3-Gun shooting, a bowling pin shoot, or maybe even a .50-cal or machine gun event. Those will all shake your gun guy out of their funk and get them into something new and fun.

Gifts That Aren’t Guns

If you’re not a gun person, then you might not be comfortable buying something that is actually related to guns, and that’s OK. We’ve got you covered with some great “gun-adjacent” gift options.

Shotgun Shell Coasters


If you’re having a hard time getting someone to use coasters, grab these ones that look like shotgun shells. It’s a win-win: they get to have something that’s gun-related in an unobtrusive way in their everyday life and you can keep condensation rings off the coffee table!

Bullet Shaped Bottle Opener

Of course, the coasters don’t do any good without something to set on them, so grab one of these bullet bottle openers so that can crack open a cold one and set it on their new shotgun coaster.

Shooting Safety Kit

First aid is essential when it comes to shooting sports. Sure, your gun guy is super careful, but the people around them on the range might not be. Plus, accidents do happen. A safety kit with bandages, gauze, a tourniquet, and more is a very thoughtful gift.

AR Mag Replica Flask


We don’t condone drinking on the range, so stashing a flask that’s shaped like a gun magazine in their range bag is a bad idea. However, it will make them the life of the party around their gun friends when they pull out a magazine and take a shot of whiskey!

Find Exactly What Your Gun Lover Wants this Year

Everyone wants the gifts they give to be a surprise, but sometimes, that can lead to getting an unwanted gift. You can’t go wrong with any of the items on this list, but really, it doesn’t hurt to ask some more pointed questions. Just because you enquire about their favorite scope brand or the exact make and model of their concealed carry gun doesn’t mean you’re giving away the element of surprise. There are countless options out there that you can choose from that will keep them guessing until the moment they rip the wrapping paper.

Buy the perfect gift today!