Barrel Threading
Why Precise Barrel Threading is So Important

Why Precise Barrel Threading is So Important

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Because silencers still aren’t as common as we’d like them to be in the United States, and because they are still so heavily regulated (though we aim to make buying a silencer as easy as possible), many hunting rifles do not have threaded barrels to allow the use of silencers.

Recognizing that many of our customers own hunting rifles that can’t mount a suppressor, we decided to do something about it. We scoured the globe for the best CNC precision machines to cut only the most precise barrel threads possible for our customers.

We were happy to find that Haas Automation in California had just the machine we needed. Billed as the largest machine tool builder in the Western Hemisphere, Haas Automation has a reputation for quality and precision that can’t be had anywhere else.

The Threading Central Advantage: Haas TL-2 System

Once we’d found the machines we needed, we quickly invested in a brand new Haas TL-2 CNC lathe. Gone are the days of using clunky, noncomputerized lathes or even hand tools to cut barrel threads. Today’s barrel threading calls for the kind of superior precision that only a CNC machine controlled by a trained and certified operator can do.

Fortunately, we have the machine and the operator right here to do your barrel threading work. But why should you send your valuable rifle to us to cut threads for a silencer? Well, the short answer is because we literally have the best system in the country for cutting your barrel threads. But don’t take our word for it…

The heart and soul of our barrel threading center is the Haas TL-2 Toolroom Series lathe. Fully computer controlled, this lathe delivers precision that few barrel threading operations can offer. This American-made beauty uses precise computer programs to cut absolutely perfect threads again and again, something that is beyond the reach of most gunsmiths.

Of course, as they say on TV, “but wait, there’s more!” and that more is our trained CNC operation staff. Our staff don’t just load a program and push buttons, but oversee the entire operation and make sure each barrel is threaded exactly how it should be. We figured if we were going to run a precision machine, we shouldn’t cut costs when it came to operating it.

CNC Barrel Threading vs. Manual Barrel Threading

Many barrels are threaded using hand operated tap and die systems. While this works, it is a technology that goes back centuries, and relies heavily on a skilled hand and carefully made tooling – both of which require careful interaction to get a properly cut thread, and even then, it can never be cut as perfectly as by machine.

Even when cut on a lathe, your precision is only as good as the settings that were done for that job. But with CNC machining, we can cut the exact same threads each and every time. Then, we can make any adjustments needed for your particular barrel and cut them in a way not possible with the more primitive tools used by many shops.

When threading a barrel for a silencer, you want to make sure the threads are perfectly concentric to the bore. If they are off by even a small fraction of an inch, you can get baffle strikes in your silencer, which is a real expensive way to ruin your day.

But with our CNC controlled Haas TL-2, poorly-threaded barrels are a thing of the past. Our expert staff carefully measures each barrel and ensures that your threads are cut perfectly to avoid baffle strikes.

Other Reasons To Get Your Barrel Threaded

Even if you don’t own a silencer or don’t plan to get one, there are still plenty of good reasons to thread your barrel. Even bolt action rifles benefit from a good muzzle brake, something competitive shooters and hunters are quickly learning. These devices aren’t just for tactical rifles anymore, they are for anyone who wants to tame recoil and have a chance for a quicker follow-up shot. And of course that means a threaded barrel.

And many popular muzzle brakes share the same thread pitch as common silencers, so you can easily switch from one to the other should you choose.

Our Barrel Threading Service is Easy and Painless

We offer a unique barrel threading service where you can ship the gun directly to us, or drop it off at any gun show we attend. Simply strip your rifle down to a barreled action for easy handling, and we’ll do the rest.

We want to make sure getting your barrel threaded is as easy and painless as possible, so we’ve put a lot of time and energy into making our barrel threading program the best in the country. Even if you didn’t buy a silencer from us, we are happy to thread your barrel because every gun owner deserves the best for their rifle.

Get Your Barrel Threaded Now

The time to get your barrel threaded is now, rather than later. The sooner we get it, the sooner we can get it back to you.

Our Haas TL-2 is a highly advanced CNC machining system from one of the largest machine tool companies on the planet, and is American made to boot. You won’t find a better barrel threading shop run by trained experts who know and love guns. We knew many of our customers would need barrel threading, and we just couldn’t send them some place else.

No matter if it is a common hunting rifle or a custom match grade piece, we’re ready to take on your barrel threading project and give it all the attention to detail and care that Silencer Central is famous for.